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With Google Drive, you can now do more with your stuff in the cloud—from storing to creating to collaborating. For this week’s #gonegoogle tip, we wanted to highlight a few of our favorite web apps that work with Drive.

For aspiring film makers, movie editing is a cinch with WeVideo Just drag and drop videos stored in your Google Drive right into your blockbuster hit. Or if your story is better expressed through words, Lulu One-Click Publishing lets you publish your own books with a single click from Drive.

There’s bound to be a web app that’s right for you—whether you’re a photographer, designer, planner or go-getter. Check out the Chrome Web Store for more apps: and let us know what apps you love working with in Drive in the comments!
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i don't know what half the symbols mean.. u should tag each symbol.
PDF merge from my Google Drive... What does this? #gonegoogle
Drive is great!

Couple of suggestions: I wish we could see Picasa and G+ albums in Drive, to save having to upload photos twice. Also, we need a photo viewer like G+ incorparated into Drive, that would be amazing.
Perhaps a better question would be why all the separate space? 5 GB in Gdrive, 10GB in Mail, why not just incorporate it as one big chunk of space, say 20GB for all that all Google Apps access on same account.
I tried WeVideo but you have to pay a premium if you want higher resolution than 240p and not have their logo watermarked all over your video. In other words the basic version is useless for any kind of production
Please integrate the sharing feature with Google Groups & Google Plus!
I just wish you all would slow down and more fully test these changes before releasing them. Since you changed the format of the word processing documents, I can no longer open documents updated to the new format using the +Google Docs Drive app on my +Google TV. I've tried with multiple documents on both the Logitech Revue and Sony units. They open fine in the browser, but the Google TV browser doesn't support Google Cloud Print.
i'm still waiting Drive client for linux :\
after i'll can enjoy all feature of GD
I've been having serious issues with Google Drive. I have folders that I have unsubscribed to and tried to delete, yet these things keeps showing up in my drive. I can't get rid of shared folders from my Drive. I can't figure it out. I don't like that the Shared section is so unorganized now. I've used Google Docs with a lot of colleagues and students to collaborate. This is just unorganized right now.
My first experience with Google drive was putting two files in the folder, two indie games I had purchased at work that I wanted to send home, and having Google drive flatly refuse to sync them with an 'unknown error'.. I'll give it another try a year from now.
+Aroun Amitabh Dalawat I have an sftp share on my home linux machine that's already set up for syncing. I was going to see if google drive could do it better. They can't yet.
No more premier for me! Just Google online video editing for me. Screw fcp
i need a media player for gdrive. anybody know one? i want .mp3, .flac, .avi and .mkv functionality. i'm also available for coding, but too much work for just one guy. anybody wanna give it a try?
Linux Client for GDrive please, but without WINE
there is still no GDrive for my OS! #driveforlinux ! and btw please think about #picasaforlinux
Same Windows Client is useless at the moment. #Dropbox FTW
Can't get Lulu options to come up for the life of me. Launch application in Google Chrome keeps taking me to the Lulu splash page promoting Google Drive integration instead of the wizard.
It is cool that I can do so much stuff with google drive but it it is not possible to sync with linux. #DriveForLinux
what makes dropbox better?
+Ian Neff At the moment only the client for linux, I believe. #DriveForLinux
+Ian Neff The fact that it works ALL of the time. Drive can be very fussy especially if you are logged into multiple Google Accounts at the same time.
Ubuntu one is the beest cloud storage for me but use drive for my collage work
I hope you people wanting Drive on linux are watching the github repo. Dropbox screws you on price, you go from free to $100 with nothing in between, and that sucks.
+Google sorry but for me the drive is total crap and dissapointing feature. You could do better then that. I wish you luck but in the meantime stop buzzing about that useless, ugly looking, not user friendly something you are calling Google drive.
Or maybe you stuck somewhere in 2005?
I have a Google drive folder in my documents section of my computer, do I need to make a Google drive folder for pictures and videos?
Scott B
Google drive is good but far from being complete. First and foremost, it needs better integration with its own products. Particularly with regards to photos. The fact that our media is stored in 3 different places(picasa, drive & g+) seems redundant. Should be way to have it stored in one place then shared with the other 2 google based photo programs. Also like the idea of pooling all the various available google storage sources, i.e. gmail, picasa, g+, drive, gmusic, into one massive good storage bank, so to speak with means to share with all those google apps.
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+Scott Bae exactly what I've been hoping for, just one place to store all your things and then share what you want with who on any Google program
For everyone wanting a Linux GDrive client, try +superflexiblefilemanager at It is actually better than the windows version of drive client IMHO.
I heard there would be an official client for Linux. Still waiting for it.
In the meantime I will give a try on the client mentioned by +Robbie Campbell
good but for linux i use ubuntu One!!!! it works like a charm for me!!!
If someone had an idea on how to make google better, like a suggestion does google offer any way to submit this?
An online, code editor, multi language support would be awesome feat to add for the Drive! There are some out there, but they have their hosting and paid service.
What bout the iNavigate from nigahiga
can someone tag in what all of these apps are?
I absolutely love Google Drive, I use it for everything, I keep all of my photos backed up on it which is a LIFE SAVER, I dont have to worry about losing all my important family pics, and I actually replaced Openoffice with Google Drive as well, I used to use Openoffice for all my document needs, now I use Google Drive cuz it goes everywhere you go and your documents are stored in the cloud, it just makes life so much easier, I love it :-)
G Drive is fantastic, if a little too small.
Mark O
iOS client.
What? Well SOMEONE had to say it.
Gantter is great! Why remove it from the list of Drive apps list??? I am still using it fine with Drive.

My other question will be why the Android Drive App is so slow!!! Try opening a not so large PPT file with a installed third party android app and it takes 5+ times slower than the Dropbox Android app
there is no way to listen mp3 uploaded in google drive....
why don't unify the drives? i want to share with my wife's account my uploaded personal private and homemade music... in google drive i can share everything, music too, but i can't listen. In google music i can listen but not share... so what to do?
+Omar O'Hara the interface, the extensions change.
I tought G will release something as good as dropbox. It is not and it is much worse.
i hope that someone will do an extension to listen music
Just make filehosting like mediafire
Suis d'accord avec Jeff Stokes mais avec un stockage de 25 Go gratuit comme skydrive.
Can we please get Picasa in our Google Drive!
Sorry to go against the grain, but Drive has worked flawlessly for me since launch. As has the Windows sync application. Now I only use MS Office if I am somehow without 3G signal or battery on my phone (which acts as a wifi hotspot for me netbook).
You really put a link to WeVideo with the reviews it's gotten? What are you thinking?
When will Picass work with Drive? It's a natural.
- Picasa on Google Drive (even if i have 200go for Picasa & 200go for Drive)
- An App who can display HTML page (i share Axure Prototype on Google Drive, but can't display it without download on hard drive.)
- iOS app
- Folder on Google Drive web site could be more beautifull (like Picture Album on Android 4) but, i know, it's not important.
chop chop with iOS app... you are shooting yourselves in the foot while Dropbox carries on dominating this product area.

Also I have loads of sync problems with the client crashing across all my PC's and MACs. Yes I sync A LOT of files but Dropbox never faltered once! Why do I have to restart the app!?!
My biggest problem with google drive is the space. I realize I can purchase space but I was able to work hard on referrals to get 16gigs on +Dropbox. +SkyDrive offers me 25gigs. Google needs to step it up to 15+ free gb if they ever expect me to switch. By then it may be too late.
+Todd Morgan , yes, that's is 102% correct. Probably, Dropbox and the other competitors will notice Google stepping up their space and they will follow. Monkey see, monkey do.
Google drive, no one should be using this until they change their policy on being able to USE our files and information.
Would have loved to use drive - but the lack of an official #driveforlinux was a deal breaker. Bought a paid subscription to Dropbox yesterday.
I've got all my files in Google Drive now except for PFD articles because iẗ's missing highlighting features. There's a great web-app for this #crocodoc but they don't seem do want to do a Chrome app to work with Google Drive. I think Google should just buy them.
Loving the update from Docs to Drive, but why not take it further and integrate Albums with Drive? Add the extra gig we get on Picasa Web Albums into Drive and let us drag and drop to build beautiful albums and share them quickly.
Can anyone post a list of applications on this picture:
I know
1. autodesk
2. aviary
3. hello fax
4. lucidchart
+Jeff Stokes that's what I'm seeing: just one big chunk of space for GMail, Drive, PicasaWeb. I have 30Gb as of now. However, I bought additional space two years ago... don't know it it's different now.
need it for ubuntu! please!!!
+Google i'd like to use google Drive on my Galaxy tab but it wants me login when I'm accessing a doc.

It looks like it opens a webbrowser with the login screen all wrong (it is centered but not maximised)

The keyboard just flashes for a second when I want to enter my username and password.

I've tried to send a feedback submission but it won't take a screenshot of the login screen as there isn't a feedback button on that part.

has anyone else had this problem?
So, like, is there a Linux client on the way still? Has that fallen through? I need to know so I can decide whether or not to move my movie collection to Dropbox.
I know this is kinda old, but it was just re-shared by someone in my circles. Has anyone tried Pixlr photo editor? You can open and edit files directly from Picasa, Facebook and Flickr. As well as that, you can launch any photo that is in Google Drive straight into it. Then any editing can be saved back into drive. Hopefully it won't be long till it has G+ sync. 
Could someone please share some info in regards to the google drive and lulu integration. 
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