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Move over, Chrismukkah—it's all about Thanksgivukkah in 2013. This overlap of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah won't happen again for another 70,000+ years, making it a once-in-a-lifetime event. Searches for "Thanksgivukkah" spiked out of nowhere in October and have been on the rise ever since. What about you—are you going to be making sweet potato latkes and pecan pie rugelach tomorrow? (Hint: your friendly neighborhood search engine can help you find recipes.)
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70,000+ years that is crazy... WOW
Google goodevening, HAPPY HOLIDAYS TOO YOU, AN FAMILY. Thank You :-)
I guess I won't be hanging around waiting for next time...
+Jiraporn Khankaeo
It's a search engine... does not collect your data so none to give to the snoopy's. Click the link and start using a more secure search engine... dare to be different :-))
Now I understand! 

I wished my friend happy Thanksgiving, and he replied "Happy ThanksIdontgiveafukkah! LOL"

Don't feed the trolls! 
+Jiraporn Khankaeo  type into your browser "duckduckgo" (without quotations) in the search results it should offer a link to duck duck go... click that link and you will find a great, no data collecting search engine.
Glad to see you recognizing specific holidays like Hanukkah this year Google, I hope that also means we can see a "Merry Christmas" greeting on 12/25, since Hanukkah will be over by then. I much rather recognizing specific holidays than the tired, generic "happy holiday" stuff. Happy Hanukkah and Thanksgivukkah everyone!
I wonder what the world will be like the time....hmm...I wonder...
Well, Festivus and Thanksgiving will NEVER overlap.
Watch out +Jiraporn Khankaeo: that website is where Chessika sells pickled frogs to most Carribean countries. Trust me, you can find way better pickled delicacies at 😎
I shared it w my friend but instead I typed thanksgivanukka...oops : /
Es la semana ara dar gracias Dios por todas las bendiciones reducidas amen
OK but this data junkie notes there is no quantifying number to the Y axis to know the value of the spike...still, pretty cool...
I guess 1,700 was low-balling it
+Kevin W
Why yes I am. Your powers of observation are amazing
+Patrick Gallagher it's ok. I understand your reluctance to step out of the warm strangling embrace of the google world.
Monday all computershops will open with the 2014 smartphones 5S.
Huh....looks like the bitcoin price chart
Happy thanksgiving to you all, I love you. 
That is exactly what we did... BOTH at one time it was AWESOME.. Now I have to wait 70,000 more years until I can do it again..... LOL
Unless, of course, you live in Canada and are confused because we already had our turkey and you all are late to the party XD
Tan 555
It isnt thanksgivukkah it thanksakkah
This would really help me if I was Jewish... But I'm a Christian lol
If it is not your interest, then why post anything?
Thx for keeping the peace in this post
 Bob is building an army.
This tank & Bob are against Google+
Copy and Paste this all over
 YouTube if you are with us
I read through the comments and I am still trying to figure out what I missed.... Where is the question???
+William Rock The question was in the paragraph at the top of the post: "What about you—are you going to be making sweet potato latkes and pecan pie rugelach tomorrow?" I suppose that's what she was talking about.
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