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We're kicking off the 2013 Carnival celebrations with this doodle in Colombia for the Barranquilla Carnival. 
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o voces sabian que aescola desanba do rio de janeiro vaivim para sao paulo no dia do
what's the barranquilla carnival anyway
cool put it on google Ireland it would look awsome thanks : ) !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cannot believe it! There are better ways to help Barranquilla. I love Google, but this was a #fail
I disagree,  carnaval can be delightful . It was for me in the past. Eventhough I am not on the streets, it is nice to see so much energy...
That's a pretty cool doodle; how come we don't get some of these you post? They look great!
sinceridade é tudo sim Rosana  más tem gente que usa isto como mascara e se esconde atras disto 
Kick off? Carnival's been kicked off in Brazil for a bunch of days now...
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phrase "not give in pobrece" God bless you all
Me Be
It is Carnival in my country Trinidad and Tobago. It is the best, all the fetes are fun and all the Carnival are just so beautiful.
Carnival is good in brazil- just say
Festa é sempre bom em qualquer lugar, mas não tem melhor carnaval do que no Brasil o/
Carnival=Mardi Gras !! Les bon temps roulez!
Não é bem carnaval que tem lá em brasilia........lá é outra coisa !
Não To nem aí para carnaval.
Quero mesmo é ficar vendo a mulherada desfilando com seus lindos Peitos pra fora .
This is so cool! I'm originally from Barranquilla and seeing this doodle is so awesome :-) 
Ah si es muy bien !
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