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California Governor Edmund G. "Jerry" Brown Jr. is visiting Google Headquarters today to sign SB1298, a bill that creates a legal framework and operational safety standards for the testing and operation of autonomous vehicles on state roads and highways. Tune into our live stream of the event at 1pm PT on our official YouTube channel:
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Awesome,that's progress and Google in action. BTW,I love getting the scoop on things first through your channel Google.
I am horrified by the moment when Apple "reinvent the car". Their lawyers will prove that wheel is exclusively Apples design...   
First we got laws for driving and talking, then we got laws for driving and texting, and now what will we get with these vehicles, laws for driving and doing anything.
Wow, that's amazing. Something that probably wouldn't have happened without Google's efforts.
guy in the back ... is he wearing the google glasses?
EDIT : he is wearing them !
"This video is private.  Sorry about that."
The post is public, but the video is private?
Don HO
Private video. The video is only for usa citizens?
The vedeo is privet And The Posts is puplice
how about a follow up video of el goog's testing vehicle?
David B
It says video not available.
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