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Google is constantly working to prevent and remove malicious ads from showing on Google and our partner sites. This morning on the Official Google Blog you can check out the metrics behind our fight against scam ads:
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You disabled my account without any explanation... And denied my request to have it reactivated without any explanation...and I never ran scam ads or click fraud... so let's not pat ourselves on the back too much for these stats
Anch'io, come +Logan McNaughton ho avuto disattivato l'account adsense, ma con spiegazione [avevo secondo Google esercitato click fraudolenti per aumentare i ricavi, cosa non vera (ndr)] ed anch'io ho ricevuto risposta negativa al ricorso fatto, cercando di riattivare il servizio, per il motivo di cui sopra tra parentesi.
Comunque, da allora di acqua sotto i ponti n'è passata, ciononostante la mia esperienza negativa, continuo ad apprezzare il lavoro e l'efficienza che svolge Google nel mondo.
In fondo, mi sono detto, è vero che l'azienda Google è stata fin troppo scrupolosa per proteggere gli inserzionisti (almeno nel mio caso), ma faceva gli interessi degli stessi e se mi fossi trovato io dall'altra parte avrei preteso lo stesso rigore. L'unica colpa che imputo alla suddetta è l'eccessiva rigidità in questo ramo (infatti è stata una sentenza inappellabile e definitiva, non potrò più aprire un conto a mio nome); Forse la grande G dovrebbe instaurare un rapporto col cliente meno automatizzato e stabilire un dialogo con l'utente, una fidelizzazione, ne gioverebbe in servizio reso.
Capisco perfettamente che il fiume di denaro che ruota attorno a questo programma è enorme, ma oggi la differenza la fa la qualità del servizio, a mio avviso.
I wasn't even advertising anything. I was running writing prompt projects. >.<
I think I was bucketed as spam because my site (Dangerously Free Sounds) seems like it might be a source of illegal downloads (it's not, it's just reviews of truly free music). Google's approach seems to be to simply not approve questionable ads and see if you bother to complain. Not the best customer interaction, but once I did complain, they seem to have addressed it reasonably quickly.
I've reported over the last few years several malicious sites and the speed at which these were removed from search and even disabled is impressive. Thanks Google
3 fold increase year on year. I wonder if that correlates to anything? Growth of the Internet in number of pages or something? Searches?
To be fair, you removed a website of mine because one user updated his profile with a clip of an tv show episode. Although this video was on youtube, owned by google, my site got removed. So excuse me if I don't think that all those sites blocked are actually malicious.
+1 if you pee on the sides cause it makes less noise!
hi what is happening to Google Algeria these day its too slow for loading and sometimes doesn't show up
Keep up the great work Google.
For those that have had their accounts disabled, I can completely understand your frustrations.
I had a HotMail account for 20 years until my email addy got hijacked (along with millions of others). It too was locked, preventing me from doing anything (and the primary email addy used to register the HM Acct, no longer worked so I can't receive a confirmation email or change passwords etc).
Of course, MSN/Sympatico/HotMail provides NO means to contact them to correct this issue (unlike Google) so millions have had their accounts blocked without justified reasons.
love google!! add more google tricks
I am wondering how a non-person/non-page ever gets access to G+'s Chat mechanism. I've had three widely separated requests to chat by "Alani Cuddles". As one might guess from the name, a chat gets quickly turned into an offer to view her web cam which only requires 'free registration'. I can't find 'Alani' in a G+ search for people/pages and there seems to be no way to block her. Can anything be done?
That's a good way to increase the value of the ad remained on Google.
I wonder if they are offering an appeals process??
Google is da best... It's the internets superpower. If google crashed life would end too
how can i find out if the government asked google for my information, my searches etc ?
I write a letter :
Dear Larry Page, my name is ... and I was wondering if ....
+Victor Isac You would likely have to go to a Lawyer and have him/her submit a formal inquiry to learn if you are under investigation.
It is my understanding that while Google does hold your information (and everyone else's), they won't release that information without a valid Search Warrant (unless there is some life threatening or terrorist plot or whatever). So if there is a Warrant or even if you are under investigation anywhere, a Lawyer can usually find out .... for a Fee ~
Can you guys make -1 button on the Chrome app store or even better, here directly, I mean they have dislike button on Chrome store already
I still see plenty of low level display ads showing up
Aiden, Love how you gloss over the volume of review that is done! 120 million "malicious" (not poor quality ads) rejected. Perhaps Google should hire a "ad critique" committee and reject if not entertaining enough? Then Google would be accused of curbing free speech.
I think Google's goal here is to eliminate (or at least limit) the amount of Spam-like ads and hijacked accounts. Not to limit legitimate advertising.
+Victor Isac you can't know for sure. The PATRIOT act allows the U.S.government to request information about you and your behavior under a cloak of secrecy. Google cannot discuss such orders that they receive.

On the "bright" side, Google isn't the problem, since the Feds have everything they could ever want from monitoring through your ISP, which they do as a routine matter of course. :-(
Why is there an ad for a French porn site on the Google search page with pictures of naked women flashing? It is very annoying. What if kids go to that page? How do I get rid of it? I will quit using Google if this does not go away!!!!
The problem was coming from a Super Mario Bros extension. I removed the game and the porn disappeared.
I see scam and misleading ads all of the time, but there's no obvious way to report the issue to Google for investigation.
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You should also be working to prevent malicious and false feedback!
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