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Last week, Google for Entrepreneurs headed to San Diego to host a series of events focused on giving business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs from the military community the training and tools they need to take advantage of the web to build and grow businesses. Read more about how service members are proving to be a markedly entrepreneurial group on the blog ( and view the highlights video below.
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Great, wonderful, cool, etc. Please fix the notifications button. It's still getting stuck and no, I'm not switching to Chrome. Thanks in advance.
If they would fix alot of the compatibility issues with chrome, thats all i would use but i do use it for almost everything i can.. you be surprised what you can do on chrome... dont under estimate it.
+Maria Eugenia I live here in San Diego. Bob Filner is running for Mayor as a Democrat. So unless Republicans have started planting spies within the Democratic Party (Not below them, I know, but a bit outlandish) then I don't know where your comment comes from.
Google, thank you for putting some of your weight behind efforts to assist military-veteran-entrepreneurs.
Keep up the good work. Consistence in this environment is the key to a successful.
Sharing intellectual business knowledge can only lead to more successes in the America business community. Good job Google!.......
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