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Grab your car, top hat, shoe, thimble or Scottie dog, skip jail, and head straight pass "GO" to order the new Alan Turing edition of Monopoly. A mathematician and codebreaker who laid the foundation for today’s computing age, Turing is one of technology's heroes, and the board helps to tell the story of his life. This box set was developed by Winning Moves and Bletchley Park in collaboration with the Newman and Turing families. Order it here:, read our blog post for more and don't miss your "Chance" to own the coolest Monopoly board in town.
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Wonder what Google will do with the 1000 board games (MTV bound?)
(too bad this doesn't go towards posthumously pardoning him)
Who want give me this amazing monopoly?
shame our government practically disowned him and destroyed his life 4 being gay, when this man single handedly won the massive war of intelligence in the second world war,in fact with out him i very much doubt we would of won, we would all be speaking German and jews  would would literally be a thing of the past, we all have opinions on homosexuality, but whether right or wrong we all owe our freedom to this man. A TRUE 20TH CENTURY HERO         
+George Ito they apologized true, but apology or not he saved 100,000's of life's with his amazing ideas, and as a reward they disowned him pushing him to suicide, i  am ashamed to be british when his name comes up, he should get a VC not told  sorry      
I found out from his papers at Bletchley park that Turing was a notorious cheat; his fellow players invented a new board with a diagonal band of properties.
After watching the excellent docs on YouTube maybe. The Bletchley Park documentary was excellent.
Mr. Turing was one smart man. And saved many many lives.
Big "fan" of Turing, Monopoly, not so much... 
They should make one with mobsters.
"Go" = pick up.
"Jail" = Can
"Chance" card = offer can't be refused.
"Airports" = Safe houses
Etc etc etc.

"Hasbro! I want my cut from this."
+Andrew D monopoly/ airports ???????????? never seen a monopoly board with a airport 
They should make a Democrat version

Go = Get $400
Chance = Get $400
Community Chest = Get $400
Free Parking = Get $400
Go To Jail = Go To Jail, even the democrats love to put American citizens in Jail
Just Visiting = Go To Jail as they found 1 gram of Marijuana on you or in NY State, a 17 oz cup of soda
Luxury Tax = $350, can't give same as GO due to it really being a tax
Land on any property = Don't worry they are all in foreclosure

Hmmm this board can also apply to the new republicans, or atleast the post 2000 republicans.
Alan Turing is one of technology's heroes knowledge sharing. Fun Monopily Eition "GO"
If you land on jail do you get chemically castrated?
+Paul Staveley in the Europe-version of Monopoly there are airport instead of railway stations. And the streets are european states.
who choses chemical castration over two years in jail?
+Michael Seger Europe just cant help them self's but to destroy everything that's not french or German,   
+Alex Henry enlighten me, who? they must be wrong in their head, prisons in the uk would love castration, female officers wouldnt have to put all their faith in the pill then, coz they dont half put it out,.   
it wasn't a difficult question
Alan Turing was a pioneer of modern computing.
i read chooses as chose coz u spelt it wrong 
After the currancy conversion with shipping, about $60 USD.
Too bad it is monopoly instead of a game worth playing like Catan, Ticket to Ride, or Carcassonne
It's still not as good as the Sponge Bob version. My daughter loved that!
Me Be
Favourite game.
After playing other board games I conclude that Monopoly is really awful. It may be popular but it excites much more negative than positive emotions.
Not a huge fan of Monopoly, but have to admit this is truly very cool. And nice to see what you're doing with the proceeds, G.
Too bad that he was persecuted for being gay, I wonder where that homophobia came from. It couldn't have been from religion could it? (Yes, I am aware that Britain apologized, but it would have been better for it to have simply not happened)
+Miles Cotton, it happened while being homosexual was illegal, both in UK and USA, it wasn't fear, it was the law.

In UK today, same-sex couples enjoy the same rights as hetero and the Church of England is currently under pressure to allow same-sex marriages to be held, while civil partnerships already take place.

In short, while UK has made some grievous errors in the past that can't be undone, hopefully going forward, learning from these mistakes help us to forge a more equal society for all.
+Emily Dongray "it wasn't fear, it was the law." It was actually fear AND the law. People then didn't do it as much back then because out of fear for being arrested and burning in hell.
The shipping costs are calculated incorrectly at checkout and you will be charged a different amount that what is shown on the final bill. This is a bug in the shopping cart code. #FAIL
WOW! We just ordered the Enigma from them... Must have this!
Jay Tee this for real?  I'd totally order one now if it's real!!
Does the winner get chemically castrated at the end?
do you get special rules to play the game as if the board was a Turing Machine?
+Ned Pearson I'm pretty sure "those symbols" are Korean, so yeah, the author probably can say what they wrote.  o_O  Remember that this is a global network!
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