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The third in our series on g2g (Googler-to-Googler) courses offered at the company. Today, Adam Green from our Toronto office teaches us the art of public speaking.
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Good post, but it's missing a few key tips: you also need an adequate tone of voice, pronunciation and modulation.  If people can't hear you or understand you, your presentation will fail.  The way you present yourself, like the way your dress or the colour of your tie should you be wearing one, also has a big impact on whether people will pay attention or not.
Jay Tee
Darn, wish I could attend this class.
+Sheldon Ying i'm sure they are not answering your question. to Google Keep this, first click on the link. It will redirect you to the website on Chrome, from there press : on top right and share, choose Keep as application and Voila!

edit: you can copy all and paste it in Keep that would work better otherwise you might want to try application called Pocket on Play Store
I find public speaking terrifying.  I have been looking for a decent course, its a real gap in my skillset.
I like public speaking. Once the fear is overcome, it is quite enjoyable. 
Ask Adam why they call ham bacon
Last time I tried imagining everyone naked my throat dried up and I sounded like gramps 
I would be interested in your presentation as to why killing Google Reader is the next great idea.
Omg is binki Shapiro there too ?
A very useful and thoughtful post. Thank you for sharing. 
Thank you. Hopefully, I could implement those tips.
I apologize and thank you for the steps of everything
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