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When you look up your favorite rock band or R&B diva on Google, you probably want to hear their music right away.  Now when you ask Google about a musician, all you have to do is tap the link to play their music.
For now, this feature works in the U.S. on +Android, with +iHeartRadio, +Google Play Music, +Rdio, +Spotify, +TuneIn, and +YouTube.
It’s an easy way to find your favorite tunes and discover new music— we’ll keep expanding this, so stay tuned.
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Nath Ward
Awesome work Google!
completely free? i noticed it said U.S. so never bothered trying in uk, will be great if my music tastes are there :)
Katy perry is the best♥♥♥
Figuring out which links will work in a given country and which will go to an error page because the provider doesn't have the rights to the artist's content in that country is hard :(. We're working on it, but it will take time.
Thank you! Been wanting this feature for a while now.
Only gives me YouTube, inTune, & Google Play Music but then it directs me to play store. I'm in the US. Device Nexus 5.
Now if only the "Sound Search" music recognition would bring me right to the song in All Access so I could add it to a playlist! Feature that is sorely missed...
What about the app of my choice and the music on my phone?  Will there be an API that lets existing apps tap into this?
Yeah good luck with US thing
It's only US due to rights issues. As annoying as it is, I can understand it. The feature where it confuses me is the "what song is this?" feature. You're only identifying the song and not playing it. Why on earth would that feature not be available world wide. 
+Tom Wisniewski i think it's because after showing you the result, Google Sound Search will give you option to go to Play Music to buy it and Play Music isn't a worldwide feature, so is Sound Search :) 
Fantastic! Now bring this to the rest of us. :P
I'd like this to expand into Google voice commands for 3rd party apps such as Spotify, like
" OK Google, play led Zeppelin" after setting it as the default app for music
What about a specific song or album? How hard is that? "OK Google, play Walk This Way by Aerosmith."
I am a subscriber to both Google Music and Pandora. I'm surprised Pandora isn't included.
Here's a question: I have Google Play Music and pay for All Access. When I use Google Now to listen for a song via Voice Search the result only gives me an option to buy the song on the Play Store. Why not allow All Access members to simply add it to a Play Music playlist? (Or even do it without asking, populating an auto playlist called 'Heard on Google Now'?)
Would be even cooler if it worked with Pandora. Then you have me sold.
That's cool. Now Google play all access has to incorporate music based on moods and activities like Spotify and Songza... Common Google I know you can do it. 
Ummmm what about Google music, while your at it could you please make it so you can play music straight to Google music from Google sound search, that would be helpful, some of us have bought into Google and we want to use it. Thanks
Doesn't freaking work here
+Lang Nguyen are you mentioning me regarding +Harshdeep Hura's question? If so, the team is well aware that this is being requested and understand your reasonable disappointment with the lack of international support at the present moment. Google generally does not pre-announce such things, though, and I can't comment beyond what was already stated in the official post. Sorry.
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