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Welcome +Nexus!

In case you didn't get enough dirt on our two new, very different Nexus devices this week at #io12 , we've got the scoop for you. Follow the new page for ongoing news about Nexus 7, Nexus Q and to learn more about hardware from Google.
Nexus is now on Google+! Follow Nexus to learn more about hardware from Google, get an inside look at Nexus 7 and Nexus Q and stay up-to-date on launch dates and availability in your country.

If you are in the US, UK, CA or AU you can pre-order #nexus7  and #nexusq today: Check out some photos from the unveiling of Nexus 7 and Nexus Q during yesterday's #GoogleIO12 Keynote and stay tuned for more from #Nexus coming soon.
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This seems like the PERFECT division for me to be following. My favorite devices on my favorite OS.
How much will cost the next +Nexus phone? I mean the range of prices.
I plan to provide every students one NEXUS 7 and the Q  for them to use to complete projects
I followed the keynote live on The Verge. Was definitely not disappointed :)
Ordered the Nexus 7. Hope it will ship soon.
thank you google.
Every day better than yesterday
In future, I think GOOGLE will give us BETTER SERVICES .
I'm looking forward to getting the official OTA of Jelly Bean 4.1 for my Galaxy Nexus in Vancouver.
How about a statement on the 6+ months it's been in Canada for the Galaxy Nexus to get ZERO firmware updates.

It would be great to get a firm commitment/ETA as to how long after the mid-July release we will see JellyBean up here.

+Google really needs to put some pressure on +Samsung Canada to actually live up to the Nexus name and keep their latest Nexus phone up to date, this is pathetic.
Nexus 7 looks really awesome, only downside is no rear facing camera or camera app so no taking pictures.
Google Nexus 7.


Wait and see.
google you bought motorola and they go against your liberate policy!
please make them unlock our bootloaders!
I'm going to get the nexus the one that has 16 gb which is $250 and the 8 gb which is $200 nope 
Video out support? Dock, MHL, anything
please, please, please: make a 4g version of your neat nexus 7. in western europe it's pretty useless in its current form, as each city only has a handful of hotspots.
Can not wait Till angry birds
Yhea Buddy don't think its a thing Google made I don't have
If anyone is looking to get an android I recommend the nexus or if you want a little bit of a different look the HTC one X its pretty awesome lol
When will it be shipped?!! I am very anxious to get mine!:0
I will be very happy when my Nexus 7 arrives but you really should have had pre-orders arriving not shipping on the day retail outlets started selling.  I pre-ordered on the announce day and I don't even have my confirmation of shipping yet.
Nor have I received an email from ups confirming that my order has shipped, and it's bs that retailers already have them in and the people who preordered them haven't even heard a peep out of google of their devices status.
Where can I pre order the 32GB?  I don't see it.  :(
Plus why no rear facing camera?
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