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Here's a fun one to cap off your week: A few Googlers put together a little  video about how to use Google to get the meaning of a word when you're stuck. Maybe you can put this one to work and expand your vocabulary over the weekend!
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Didn't realize people didn't know about this. In fact if you are using chrome you can just open a new tab and type "define <word>" in the url.
use this feature all the time!
I know...too used to facebook...going to take a while.
Another 'goodle' as I call it! A google is a good google feature, something I made up.
+lianping wei I'm sort of new and have learned by doing. Click or double-click and see where things take you! Its GOOD! :~}
i keep playing this for 10 times.. really cute. 
Nice video! :D
But yeah, it's been there for a while.
I didn't know people didn't know this. So I guessed I learned something.
I swear they made this monitoring me.
That was cute. Been using Google to "define" my words for years.
Old and useful feature. However it is too bad that it has been made laborious to use for non-english speaking countries. In standard setup, it simply does not work unless I take the extra step of switching to the .com site.
I miss Google Dictionary where I could just double click and see the definition of a word.
I always use Google! My friends call me the google girl! lol
Jo també faig servir sempre Google. Em diuen la Rosa Google. Llàstima que la web no està a l'alçada de Gooogle. És una eina molt interessant però poc útil perquè no se li han posat totes les possibilitats de Google.
Been doing this for years. But most people don't know that this feature exists
Great. But in germany there is still no option to hear the definition. :-(
I like how one of the synonyms to the word is gabby, the name of the person who wrote it in the chat. 
More people need to understand the advanced features of Google Search. Their world would be enlightened!
+Shereef Marzouk  hey bro thanks for teaching me how to do this! can u believe they now have a video to explain how to search  a definition of a word :D 
Common knowledge...nice video though
Good looking girls are common enough as well. I still turn my head.
.... I was waiting for the rest of the song. :- |
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Loving the groovetunebeats. Word!
Ive used this feature for awhile as well :-)
I have the Google dictionary add-on that tells me the meaning of a word when I double click it.
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(trust me i'm a kid+girl) oh thats cool!
yeah, google has many more tricks, to search info quickly. i have conducted workshops on this topic for my students.
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