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Today, we’re introducing an updated version of A Google a Day on Google+.

A Google a Day ( is a trivia game where searching for the answer on Google is not only allowed but encouraged. Since launching A Google a Day a year ago (, millions of people have played and learned new trivia facts along with new ways to use Google search.

The improved version of A Google a Day on Google+ makes the trivia more collaborative and fun. You can now challenge your friends to a test of trivia and search speed to determine who’s the expert at discovering little-known facts about literature, history or science. Race to the top of the leaderboard and earn bragging rights for your master search skills.

Start playing A Google a Day now—access the new version of the game here: or look for A Google a Day in the Games section. The clues are currently only in English, but anyone can attempt to solve the puzzles. We hope the game triggers your imagination about all the types of questions you can ask Google.

Finally, tell us what you think—comment on this post or use the hashtag #agoogleaday to show off your skills or just give us a shout.
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MM Something else to get me utilizing the full power of Google Search I LOVE IT!!
I have a suggestion for Google search. When someone searches for a game in Google, e.g. Angry Birds, the Google search should return a result of my all my friends who have played that game, and the person who has the highest score on that game...
on every wrong answer it says i am wrong.

then it freezes on me when i typed in the right answer.

i want my points!!! >:-O
arent the question a little bit diffcult?
It's a bit slow x.X
The increased traffic might be killing some servers, so I'll try again later.
A Google a Day the irony of ironies. If +Google Search was truly an amazing service on par with human intelligence, we would be able to just pop the Google a Day question into Google Search and it would quickly be able to semantically makes sense of the complex question and return a precise answer based purely on semantics. All the work the human puzzle solver puts into finding the answer should be done by Google.
+Michael Comia The Google search engine surpasses the human mind on several things, but get a good beating on others. Why try to compare two so complex and different things?

The day will come when Google know what we are searching for before we do our self, but that day is not today. And on the other side, it don't hurt us to use our brain a bit every now and then.
how about bring back image labeler.
I hope that Google does not stick this on the home page. If they do I hope there is a way to hide it because this is something that I will not use. Just like that god awful "Trending on Google+" and Chat. I am still looking for a way to get rid of that.
+Jeff Chilton fact is that games are already on the home page, and have been for a long time. The fact that you don't know kinda answers your worries, in a good way.
+Greg Cortese , I have adjusted What's Hot to not show anything that area is gone but the "Trending on Google+" is still there.
+Ivano Forgione Yes I see the Games button on the side bar and that is a good thing. That is were games belong I am just afraid that Google would try and push this on everyone and put it on your home page.
"trending on google+" is not any more showing on the homepage than games.. IMHO! :)
+Jeff Chilton Why would they do that? That makes no sense. This is just a fun and unique trivia game that is meant to drive up searches. It has nothing to do with Google's main Search function or Google+.
+Matt Eden I never said anything about the main search function of Google. My point is that Google tends to put stuff in the Home Tab of Google+ that I will not use like "Trending on Google+", Chat, or Start a hangout that I can not remove or hide. If it is a game then keep it on the Game tab where it belongs. That is all that I ask.
I wish the world got on like folks do on G+. You almost don't begrudge them making dollar because we get some great stuff, say the same for IBM or any other computer company, you can't.
I was waiting about 5 minutes to see something else than 'loading questions' screen, but with no effect... :(
I'm finding some of the answers questionable and would like you to provide links to your sources. For instance, today I had a question about the Guinness World Record for costume changes in Evita. Most sources say Madonna changed 85 times, a few say something vague like "over 300," but the quiz says the answer is 370. Then there was a very vague one about the "mountain range between the launching and landing of mission IML-1." I assume you actually mean NASA mission STS-42, which carried the International Microgravity Laboratory (IML) into space for the first time. STS-42 launched in Florida and landed in California, so there are quite a few mountain ranges in between. Looking at a topographic map, the most logical major mountain range would seem to be the Sierra Madres, but the quiz answer was the Rockies. Please provide sources or a way to dispute answers. -- Tortured Reference Librarian :)
did you just say your grandma for what tho i mean really peoples come on....;)
Excellent game..I learned a few new things today :)
totally agree with Williams.  I am a librarian and I dispute several answers a day in the comments section.  Questions are often not specific enough and could have several answers.  "What is Pneuma?"  Well, soul, spirit, and breath didn't work as answers.  Who did Roosevelt send with Taft to the Far East?  Nicholas Longworth wasn't an acceptable answer.  

Very annoyed.
yes some answers are very questionable for example i got a question in literature section asking "What series of bills was passed in an attempt to squash the public activities of political radicals who sympathized with the French Revolution and who were critical of the president's Federalist policies?" the obvious answer is the alien and sedition act but google's answer was Watership Down. WTF
I've enjoyed A Google a day but I too must state that the answers are often really questionable.  It often feels like an employee just looked up something random and made sure it took at least 2 degrees of separation to locate.Whatever the means some questions simple require an odd degree of specificity or an equivalent answer that must be worded just perfect or it doesn't count.  As a result I get annoyed at least once a day with how arbitrary the answers often feel, despite being able to find many reasonable sources on Google that have different answers.  Having links to the sources, after you answer, and being able to review questions you have answered in the past would be nice changes.
i can't play a google a day in google+!!why!!
I discovered this today - played a game but get a 404 error when I try to collect my points. I cannot get to google a day from google+ account either. i cannot find anything on Google that says whether this has been discontinued or what. Help anyone?
I can't unlock or collect my points on google+ because they always say there's a 404 error.
Please, help me. When I go to sign in google a day with google plus it shows me 404 error....
Yep, I couldn't find any fixes for that also. Is there any place we can inform about this to google?
Same thing here. I get an error every time I try to get to Google+
I don't know why google doesn't fix this... It's so annoying..
Guys, you can't play this game because Google shut down the whole Games section of Google+ in June 2013 (+/- 1 month). Game developers were given an option to host their games themselves, but Google obviously didn't want A Google A Day to remain alive... sorry.
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