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We've just announced a new version of Google+ which is rolling out now. Get more info from +Vic Gundotra and on the Official Google Blog:
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Love the new look and feel, just waiting for it to be rolled out to the UK, so I can try it out. Keep up the good work Google!
I don't like the new Fakebook-look. Too much white space on my screen.
kinda like the new look apart from half my screen being taken up with white space from the trending on google+ bit
I don't like it very much, too much white. But some new function is useful
Looks good, be good to see it actually live on my profile.
I was half expecting from the video that I could customize the background color to be anything than white. That said, I don't like how I have to read the posts on the left side of the screen, The "trending" and "what you might like" is taking up wasted space on the right. As I scroll down, there's a gigantic space of white. Hope this is fixed soon.
I wish more software would put things on the sides rather than the top and bottom. Screens are getting wider not taller. Looking good from pics on the phone...
Kai Lim
liking the layout. definitely more intuitive from the video... just waiting for my turn :|
nice, but still a lot of wasted space ... would be better (imo) to have the option to configure it to fit wide-screen, to make elements smaller (like display density in gmail etc.) ...
I was wondering how come when the browser is a window I can collapse the chat box, but when fully maximised I cannot. Would be a nice feature to have that like in Gmail.
The max width for the stream is pretty narrow. You get a lot of white space on a 1080p monitor.
It is already better, but now it became awesome. Like it a lot.
I would love not only to see it but try it as well. For sure will be cool - new but fresh and clean. Just the way I like.
How can I see this new Interface?
Slick, just got to get the world to use it ;-)
Well, it looks great (more than great basically), but there is a lot of wasted space and it gets more on higher resolutions. Still, well done Google!
Cool. Is the Google Bar going to allow customization soon too? I want to get rid of Play (until it gets fixed so that it works like it should) and add Voice (which I use all the time).
Please, make it so that it's possible to post picture-posts/comments. Thank you!
When it will be available to Europe?
I bit of advanced notice (that was sooo good about Google products before) would have been highly appreciated. Even when they are better, nicer, easier etc. don't like FB-like ambush.
I used to praise Google for Change Management process in place...
Nice! But why do I have the new look when using Firefox, but the old look when using Chrome or Safari?
Dear Google.
You new design of plus if awful. 1/4 of the page is dedicated for chat, which i don't use (i use psi for it and it's really annoying when tons of chat popups opens on plus page), so it just big fucking white rectangle.
Moving on: another 1/4 of the page dedicated for trends and people i might wanna follow. Wellp, i don't wanna follow 'em, and i don't need trends. At least not that big. Which gives, um, about half a page wasted for nothing.
Another one killer: light gray color for comment text make my eyes bleed.
Also, there's a little bug: when i press "show comments" and somebody adds another comment button says "Hide comments11" without space, as you see. Also, stop fucking ignoring opera. It's just childish. And old top toolbar in opera overlays "start hangout" button. Sincerely, your humble user since early gmail beta.
Mine hasn't updated yet and quite frankly, I couldn't care less if it does. I access G+ from my iPhone, iPad, and desktop, in that order of frequency, with a HUGE gap between second and third place.

Instead of making the desktop version "prettier", how about making the mobiles apps more functional? How about a native iPad app? How about including some of the desktop functions in the mobile versions, such as decent video uploading? How about making it so that the iPhone version doesn't slow to a freeze if you try to + mention someone?
Just go in the Google+ site. It's already done.
Google, you are the best!!! Love You
Looks great (in video, no update here neither). Time to get rid of the game button.
Google, don't bother imitating Facebook. FB is busy alienating users by ramming Timeline down their throats. Let them have their day in the sun... they will eventually go the way of MySpace.

Meanwhile, Google is so much more than G+. Please keep Google Google, and don't bother making G+ look like FB. FB will grow, and then will shrink. G+ will be there to receive the grownups who are sick of FB's silliness.
Will other Google products be integrated into this (other products in ribbon, opening in contentpane -- and get rid of the black bar + search default all products, dropdown to select product) in the mid-long term future? That would be awesome...
This new interface is simply awful: half of my screen is left blank.
Just terrible.
It looks terrible, unfortunately. Huge dead white space on the right side (I pop out Google Chat to its own window, because I don't always have G+ live on my screen) and grey-on-white comment text is just amazingly user-unfriendly.
el mio se ve igual no veo cambios
osea q tengo q esperar haber si un dia cuando entre me salga con la nueva interfaz??'
The biggest problem is that the posts on my stream are only half the width of the main content frame. The entire right half is taken up with "trending", "invite friends", and other suggestions.

Put those elsewhere, since they only take a few inches at the top. That way all the posts can be full-width and I can see/read more posts before needing to scroll. This half-width garbage is one of the things that makes FB's timeline so annoying, and something that G+ definitely does NOT need to imitate.

If you're looking for a consistent look, my not bring in the comfortable/cozy/compact layout controls from most of the GApps?
misha adapts the resolution of your browser so that you look better
which browser are you using there are q xq brings compatibility mode and adapt themselves
Still on the old interface, so I am guessing. Zoom in to fill up your screen (Ctrl + Mouse Wheel on Windows).
They'll probably solve it in a few days anyway...
that's what q q have done to adapt the resolution in the browser window
+Misha Brianski Sure, that doesn't look so nice but (a) it could be great for some of the other pages; (b) taking into account how much fuss there is about it, it will probably be a high-priority fix; (c) if they would decide to integrate other products, which would seem to fit into their overall google+ strategy (not just another product but a better google), it will be very useful and (d) how would you suggest fixing that? Whitespace at the sides, like in the old layout? Content taking up more space (would definitely be useful for the posting bar)? Any other suggestions?
+Misha Brianski I agree. Looks like a lot of white space. It doesn't seem like the stream has narrowed though. It is not centered anymore which makes it an asymmetrical appearance and the white space more obvious. The old design just had the same amount of white space but it was on the left and right of the content, not inbetween.
So, why is my stream now forced to the left third of my screen? Its just annoying to try to look at things now. Seriously over half of the G+ page for me is now just white, feels kinds dumb.
but extensions to the browser download and adapt scripts for search pages information and thus customize googlemas different pages according to taste
Personally, i don't see a problem with the new design (watching that video), it's not like the current one has less whitespace on widescreen monitors anyway.
Seems fine to me--no immediate complaints
great new look, I like it! Need some adjusts, but it rulez! Congratulations G+
The extra white space is taken up very well if you happen to use Google's chat feature (which I do a lot). And unlike Facebook which blocks the News Feed, I can talk and browse at the same time, which I highly approve of. It's not perfect yet, but it's years beyond what Facebook has been meddling with. Simply brilliant. (Also tested on Chrome, Opera, Firefox and for giggles IE all with same degree of beauty)
+Misha Brianski I agree that an opt-in enrollment would be better. Although, I don't really think that would be good because of long term support and having to maintain different designs/front-ends. Though opt-in/phase-out with a conversion period would be a good thing. That way, they could also fix this thing before lots of people convert (and only get rid of the old one as soon as the new one is more or less stable)
Add ability to put more than 2 circles between 'All' and 'More' in the top bar.
Add ability to reorder 'Education' entries in profile to choose which one is shown in the summary.
I liked the left side menu bar, although there are a lot of blank space in the right side. I'm a Google Talk user, and this blank space is useful if you start two chats with different people... My overall impression is good, but need some improvements....
Can I make a suggestion? I would like to be able to choose which items are in the black bar at the top of my google page. Thanks.
Google, WTF? The right part of my screen is white as a fckng awalanche! -.-'.
Good products doesn't change every few weeks, so pls, stop it.
Widen and center the stream. The tabs look good. Embedded videos are bigger now, great.
Too cramped and too much white space.The right side has a huge while empty column on my 27" iMac. Would love to have a fluid design to expand with screen size.
Ok, now that i got the new design, it really needs, at least, centering of the main content/stream. :|
Like the design. However, when it will be available? I have the feeling that a lot of Google products are advertised through youtube, g+ etc but are only available in the US.
Shit...White Space...:-(
I think I still see the old look, mine doesn't exactly look like the video.
grey color comments text on grey background - it's april joke?
I like the new version except all that wasted space on the right of the stream posts
I think Google+ has lost its animated button (the plus index) and the following blue left animated line while scrolling for each post.
So cool, so clean, so Google! The +plus side of Social Networking :-)
It's a nice update, but for users with wider screens, it's get very tiring after awhile to look continuously at the left side of the screen. All the big white space it's not so pretty either. And the +1 button it's way to big now for being nice.
Anyway keep up the good work.
всё супер! но! слишком много свободного места, которое можно использовать с пользой!!!!
google+ page on google Chrome for mac (snow leopard) don't work, the page don't scroll :(
What the fuck is all this empty space for? --------->>>>>>>>
Yeah, a way to config the placement for feeds would be nice. I like the it centered.. in other case i like the changes so far.
i like the change but i think its constricting the threads too much. Is it possible for google to design a "hide" function for things like contact? maybe when you hide it it will only show the "pictures". hovering over the pictures would show the name. if people want to see the whole thing then they can click on a < arrow to expand it out?

i think there should be more room for content vs buttons/tabs. the tabs on the left side seem to be too big which takes up more real estate that we could utilize for posts and reading posts. I think it should have the same "hide" feature as the contacts except this time you would just see the smaller icons. people can expand it to see "home", "profile", "explore" and others.

i guess the best way to describe it is the Eclipse IDE.
on the game screen there are blue leters that if you clickyou will leave the game screen and you cant get rid of them

give us an otion to go back to the classic screens
Where do we post bugs now? I miss the bug reporting feature that used to be in the bottom right. Release or not, new version or not, there are still bugs.
Leave the chat bar on the right where it is, but let me colapse it. move the trending to the bottom of the left sidebar. Expand the stream so that it fills the center whitespace, and expands or contracts with the closing/opening of the chat bar.
I don't think 9 inches of dead screen space is much of an improvement, but that's just first impressions. I'm sure I'll find more things to hate just like with the recent changes to gmail and reader...
I just hope they don't try to become like Facebook. I liked Facebook because of it's uniqueness but started coming here because they kept changing things around and trying to be like other social sites. I just want Google+ to be true to who they are and not change just because someone else is doing it.
Nav H.
Posts should be centered and a option to hide the chat on the right side. That's all I dont like about it.

Edit: Also all my circles are not showing on the tab at the top. I have to click more to see my other circles.
this update made my lovely g+ soooo unconvinient, I don't like it a bit. I pray to have an old one. pleeeease give us a chance to have an old design ^(((((((((
Thx... I just love free awesome stuff...
#Ubuntu + #newgoogleplus
So who got the G+Reader Feature?
G+ on Android has a great UI. Google congratulations, and keep up the great designs under ICS.
One confusing thing Circles on the left hand column use to be my established circles. When I click on it it's now my circles for editing and adding. Now my established circles are on the bar at the top under More and my circles for editing and adding are on the side. In the older interface it was the other way around. Google's gone topsy-turvy on us!
HATE the new look! What's the point of those empty space? Very inconvenient, AND ungly, too!
It's looking good - less spartan, more usability. But one point about Facebook that you guys can learn from - involve users in the process of your revamps. Make them have buy-in to your changes. We're sick to the gills of FB's random changes and high-handedness - this time round you guys may have gotten most of the new features done well, but you can't guarantee the next round will be fine.
love it!!! except still too much blank space
The right side is completely bare..
Google already targets universities for g-mail. Try marketing Google +, g-mail, calendar, sites,etc, as an alternative to blackboard... go even further attempt to work with oracle/people soft to connect university database systems(or create your own) with a social media outlet. For example when students enroll in a class that circle automatically is created for them that circle can share a calendar, documents, email and chat. When students graduate they are added to the alumni circle. Student groups can use circles the same way classes do.
Each university has so many different software/database solutions it segments their efforts. Create a all in one solution using Google+ and Google apps as the back bone.
Apply this to a business model. support gnatt charts and project capability and your circles and hangouts can replace basecamp and other virtual solutions.
Google's strength is the diversity of apps and technology, all that needs to be done is integrate it successfully, think real world applications.
Half of my screen completely unused. Anybody fancy buying my widescreen display? I don't need it anymore...
As I write this on my Google provided Cr-48, I am wondering why the actual content of my Google+ stream is only one third the width of the screen. Nearly half the screen width is taken up by the chat window and the useless "trending" and "you may know" blocks. Trust me, I know who I know, and I don't care what's trending.
more like facebook only :\
and dont support widescreen i guess...
so much white
What about syncing and displaying our android phone screen in this bloody white space?!
Does not work for me... Please help.... I have the old preview .. :(
The grey writing on the comments is not good. Makes it very difficult to follow what is being said.
Move GChat from GMail to Google +. It's a no brainer! It's your best social tool, and it's outside of your social platform!
Please let us hide the "trending on google+" box. Let me shove it under the More button with the other things I don't care to see.
Two things.

1. Make the content/feed column resize with browser width. It looks rather silly with the amount of wasted space on a widescreen monitor with the browser maximized.

2. Move the column with "Trending" to the same column as the chat contacts, and make it a bit smaller to fit there.

I see those as the two biggest issues with the new layout. I like both the sidebar to the left and the chat contacts on the right.
Shri I
I pretty much hate the new look. A significant portion of my computer monitor is completely empty..
1. the section below the Trending Topics is completely empty - roughly a third of the screen
2. the white-space below the vertical toolbar on the left hand side is completely empty
3. the chat contacts on the right side - which I rarely use, takes up 25% of the screen with no option of hiding/resizing it
4. white-space between the "feed" column and the "vertical toolbar" on the left hand side

I wonder if there was any usablity-study on this look at all.
Hate, hate, hate, this. Light grey text hurts my eyes and I can't seem to get my browser (Chrome) to give me sharper darker text. Massive wall of white space with tiny text to the far left is painful in the most literal sense. Quit fixing what doesn't need to be fixed.
HORRIBLE. please give us options to customize it to at least make it useful and not so wasteful of screen real estate. I've actually found it harder to use this new layout and have stopped using G+ at this point.
The old one was 10 times better. This now is a complete crap. Absolutely boring and unstylish.
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