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Happy birthday to Gideon Sundback, father of the zipper! Unzip our homepage to find out more about him...
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Ben Sam
The Google Doodles never cease to amaze!
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Very beautiful and original desing! Congratulations Google! :)
Nice work Gideon. It's pretty amazing that he essentially nailed this and we're still using the same design almost a century later. It just works!
I used to live across the street from his factory - Lightning Fastener, in St. Catharines. Building is still there.
Ben Sam
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Buenisimo doodle, me sorprendente la creatividad de los chicos de google, siempre mejorando, sigan adelante.......
Ddy Vaz
Night all
Wanna sleepppppp
Swedish-American? More like Swedish-Canadian! haha
I have always wanted to get into Google's pants and now I can.
if it wernt for him it would be hard to get laid lol or take a piss
Beyond words!
Let thy words be few. Ecclesiastes 5:2
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
Why is official google post this news so late??...
Well, I thought it would be better. You can just click next to it and same effect appers. You don´t have to drag it to view... ):
Hmmm .. now that's one fly everyone has opened today ;) lol
These doodles always put a smile on my face. :)
+Chris Hanlon Very possible. You've got to love the shallow information available on the internet.
I like the animated zipper, i like it. . . please do it again next year with a red zipper
I even placed my second Display above the first to make it longer :)
i was thinkin of zippy. lool =)
could only +1 if a pair of boobs jumped out.
I enjoyed this immensely. Little bit of #Geek y joy on an otherwise mildly frustrating day (doing mind bending css3).
Doesn't work well on opera 11 . I just wanted to report that bug !
agha damet garm ;)
I wanted so much to be able to zip it back up, and for it to stay there. ;-(
Would have been a better doodle if there were boobies behind the zipper
The doodles are getting more and more fun, but why is google suddenly commemorating every random date in history?
why can't each doodle work this way?
damn i wish we just keep this design on out facebook lol log on nd unzip the page whew hot sauce
Im sooo playing with that over and over.
Who is the one who created this Doodle ?
Google как всегда великолепны! Так держать!
Tomorrow look was really amazing, I liked that very much
Shaka G
i played with the zipper!
One of my all time fav's second only to Pac-Man...
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