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Today our homepage in Turkey marks Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day, which honors Turkey’s first president, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, and commemorates the start of the Turkish War of Independence. Children throughout the country celebrate the holiday by singing and playing sports all day.
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Turkey is one of the best place to visit in this whole world!
Ah yes, when visiting Turkey some years ago I seem to remember his face on the currency.
oh didn't read it clearly
thank you google amazing pics
I like this image. Very nice
Google, make that on the search engine
Great one, but shouldn't it be more red and white, the colors of the Turkish flag?
google, you celebrate this day on our behalf. thank you very much.
wow .............nice.........................
Managua Gunn, don't you DARE talking about our precious history, today is the day that M. Kemal Atatürk gave a present to world's youth.
‘Peace At Home, Peace In The World’ M. Kemal ATATÜRK
Good National Fest, dear Murat!
Bonne fête nationale, cher Murat!
thanks google for remembering such a great leader.
ok u from gul sukhera ?...........................
Is there someone counting the number of kids ?
I love that you all share the world's wonderful history. It's a job that it's a truly important in today's global social platform, the world's wide web.

Thank you :o)
you have open the ways to learn without suffering anymore.
Hükümetin unutturmaya çalıştığını +Google hatırlatıyor, utanç verici.
+Google is not forgetting that the government makes us to efface our glorious history, what a shame...
A holiday with the focus on children, sports and singing together, NO BB-Q Drinking and Big sports or corporate sponsors It will never fly
most of chinese(main land) android phone user can't connect with your server,including map,play and plus
nice cake, looks delicious, but Damn ataturk :)
Of course the history is written by the winner... Because today is also a memory day for the Pontic genocide and the continues Greek genocide till 1923. Of course you can celebrate what ever you want. And Google will sure have a lot of business with turks...
This is garbage. I thought Google was smarter than this. For a company whos slogan is "do no evil", they sure like celebrating it. Shame on Google.
+A. Mert Kara What do you mean "with no proof"? Are you kidding me? There isn't proof about the Armenian genocide? France was the last country recognized this before the elections. You need proof for the Pontic and Greek killings? I added a link above. Aren't you still have war with Kurds at northern Iraq? Do you live in a parallel universe?
+A. Mert Kara Proud Of Your History ?
The History of killing and enslaving smaller countries. That is the history you are proud of ? Dont be a fool and open your eyes in what your country is doing !
Lot's of Greek people hating. Shame, I know for a fact that most Greek's prefer peace with Turkey.
me encanta google al q lo creo debe aber sido lo mejor q iso
Ironic, Turkish government banned May 19th celebrations earlier this year. // Thank you Google!
+Oraj Bodur It is good to know the truth and not changing the events. You can consume what ever your neo-turk "history" has taught you, this is not our problem, but honoring and distributing Kemal and his actions as good ones, I don't know it seems to me atleast ridiculous. 
+Stefanos Stavropoulos yep that's your ignorance thinking that you did not consume what you were spoonfed and I did. I'd advise you to read and learn some stuff before you talk around.
+Oraj Bodur It didn't want to use this word so I removed the last line. I don't remember the correct word right now. In any way the Pontic and Armenian genocide, persecutions of Greek people, along with the rest I mentioned to other posts is not under debate because they recognized by anyone except the Turks of course. So keep the advices about reading for yourself :-)
+Stefanos Stavropoulos I haven't said a word about genocides. I think everyone can perceive it in what way they want to, I don't care. I'm not saying it didn't happen or it did happen. Yes, something happened and it happened almost over a century ago. It doesn't matter who recognizes it, we're not living in 1900s anymore. There is only one reason this is explained as a "problem" and that is purely political. If you can't see that over the stuff you've read if you did read, then I don't know what to say. And this is the last comment I'm making about this.
Dear Google,
Thank you for helping me all those times for school work.
Yours Truly
I will ride in their dirt bike competition!
i don't know where else to write this. when I check Google Plus, it keeps trying to make me use my other email addresses to find my friends. I don't want to do this. Yet when I click "continue," the page freezes and I have to go to another page. Then when I go back to Google+ it works again. Can something be done so I don't have to do this everytime?
Don't think Armenians are so pleased by the celebration or this display by Google. Can we expect to see a Google doodle commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide in 2015? hmm....
Lepo je sto google svakoj drzavi na planeti poklanja paznju.Mene je narocito obradovalo kada je cestitao dan drzavnosti mojoj zemlji Srbiji.
+Managua Gunn Just shut your damn fucking enemy mouth up! And don't you dare about talking Turkey and our precious history w/o washing your mouth. It is not you place to ruin a day of peace. You and your allies will end up by self destroying at the end with this hostile attitude to the world and to the peole of the world. You cannot try to teach the east of Turkey to a lieutenant who fought during the last year against them. I am aware of the difference who is enemy and who is friend. You don't seem like a friend.
Thank you Google for all the proudly businesses you have done for us and Turkey.
Proudly salutes and respects from Turkey to all people and all countries.
Beautiful!! But sometime i don't understand what is the Google logo mean?
Are u own make?????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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