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Take a (virtual) trip through some of California’s most breathtaking national parks. We’ve added Yosemite, Redwood, Sequoia & Kings Canyon, Death Valley and Joshua Tree National Parks to Street View. Make John Muir proud and check it out at
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Awww it would be an amazing Trip Google :) wish am go wit u...lolz
Amazing. I love shipping cars to/from California because of all the great places to stop along the way!
I want to go to Yosemite one day...
Would like to visit these places some day.
Yosemite's "Tunnel View" is one of the most amazing things.
Was just in Redwood and Yosemite last week.  Both are great; however, I preferred the Redwoods because there were less crowds and you actually felt like you could enjoy mother nature.
i was just at yosemite
I was like standing at this exact spot last year... sooo beautiful
Just last week I was walking the streets of Japan. Love Google maps street view. 
If you want to get away from the crowds just hike 8 miles post Half Dome, BAM!! No crowds.
Kings & Inyo BC crew!
I wouldnt mind taking this virtual trip on my Nexus 7! please ship soon =)
Park Ranger: "Blonde hottie in black shirt, please do not approach the d-bag's, they are only to be observed from a safe distance."
i looked up my house and it was a pic from 2004!!! u need to update alot of places, just sayin.
I hope I have the opportunity to go to CA one day.
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For a second there I thought this was a map embedded in my G+ page! O_O
Google, you can do it - add the posibility to embed maps in G+ pages! 
Can I shoot pictures? Would be cheaper than actually travelling to those spots :-)
hey i'm in that picture i'm the girl shielding her eyes from the sun!!!
Wow...You know it's getting "real" when you take screenshots like you had a camera with you. Thank you Google "geo" forces! Had much fun visiting Yosemite this evening, can't wait to explore on trails :)
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Great. But the 3d mode does not work very well; the pictures are not well assembled.
love it want 2 heel u love and see the real all need is a little ladada yeah need a little love
Hehe, how great he is :)))) That's why we don't want to get older. :)
just as breathe taking as the real deal 
Planning to go there someday with my family! I live in Los Angeles BTW
+Sandy Hernandez Ha! Please read the header. People here talking about the Google map technology that shows the graphic picture of the location itself. 
It doesnt work 4 me. :(
Please allow TileProxy users access to your wonderful maps again!
Look great, but it be better if we could zoom inward or created a large size. Still looks awesome from this size.
lee w
Just got bk from NM 😄
I love this place! I worked at the pizza/icecream shop in 1989.....
Amazing  how we can see before to go one day
that is pretty i will try to make it there......
ha ha ha lol!

I tried (and failed) to click the zoom button on the photo thinking it was the actual map!
simply breath taking.wanna b ter............
Been there, done that
Makes for a long ride but motorcycle is the only way to see these parks.

Naw Ing
Region between heaven and hell

I want to be the guy who walks the trails with a backpack full of tech when Google gets to trail level.
Was at yosemite in june 2011. Truly breathtaking. Cant wait to go back!
This is incredibly cool..!  I think it's even more awesome to see that even in a virtual tour you still get stuck behind a camper for miles.  I have driven these many routs into the valley so many times, it's great to go back from my leather couch. 
(Death Valley) But i don't wanna die!
No need for virtual for me! I LIVE IN CALIFORNIA!
Say the UFO landed right about here?
Fantastic, yet real, to be reborn eye is the most fundamental relation to your spirit.
thing is is that i dont have to because i have been to yosemite AND redwood. both places are really cool. i was happy to have gotten to be there. now i moved to virginia. one of the most boring states especially compared to california with everyhting that i love <3 ! :) Anyways, california is really nice!! Ohh, and i lived 10 minutes away from joshua tree. it was very hot there. sometimes reaching 120 degrees. yup, i lived in that.
Google they know more about you than you know about yourself! 
They are amazing places to visit.
The ironic part is that Google could probably make a better decision for you with the limited knowledge it has about you than you can for yourself, +Clay Freeman.
Thank you +Google for all that you do. While there are many that think you skirt the privacy line, and you may, I for one don't really care. I'm glad you make billions off the information that you gain from me using +Gmail +Google Docs and whatever else. I will say that if you ever want me to drive the #streetview   car for you I will, and I won't demand half a million a year either
that was amazing can i ask who developped it???
Thanks for making my recent vacation to Yosemite seem pointless lol
Living In big bear lake was a experience. Nice scenery every day for walking and cycling 
Moved to Arkansas from California . It is different 
Nice place to b.c.. Waiting to go there Soon enough..
Already been there and it is even better in real life. 
Doug M.
What? No Lassen Volcanic National Park?
no offence but why take a virtual tour when you could get outside drive and see it yourself 
Lack of funds to buy gas/hotels is my reason to take a virtual tour. Hopefully someday I will get to see these in person!
Tin Bui
Very nice.problem is Google charge too much for parking 
very beautyfull place
oh well herro there google! will there be mari juana on this tour ?
looks lie Yosemite valley. El Capitan on the left and half dome on the right. though I could be mistaken.
NICE. All those places virtually right in front--heck yes. Don't have to worry about gas, directions, nothin'.
What a grate transformation in keeping real .cool.
This is what Mother Nature ! Looks like and she is a Star!!!
thank you so much. enjoyed my trip. i spent about 20 min travelling .....
Так  и  кажется, что  весь  мир  летит  тебе  НАВСТРЕЧУ   !!!
 awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome
Guys, you've spoiled my future trip I've dreamed of!
hi ,
dear friends
how are you
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