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Google+ Hangouts On Air are now available to users worldwide. Now you can broadcast your conversation to the world!
a HUGE thanks to all the hangouts on air users to date who have helped us improve this feature and prepare us for today's worldwide release.

when we first envisioned on air, our vision was to enable this broadly to the public. watching the creativity and diversity for how you all have been using hangouts, i'm confident that you'll take hangouts on air to new heights. i can’t wait to see what you’ll do. we'll have to rename it “hangouts in space.” (and now you know why they don't let me near marketing).

go nuts. :)


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So does this mean all users have it or only certain ones?
Google could be said to be the best search engine
Really excited to see hangouts integrated into schools. Public school board meetings, study sessions, the list goes on and on. Thanks, Google!
"worldwide" apparently means: not in Austria, not in Germany, not in China... well, not anywhere else than in 20 selected countries. In other words: "worldwide" means "in 10% of the world".
Interesting, is it possible to make "video stream" with this thing?

Is it possible to redirect the stream from the screen?
could you do a quick how to video? I am having some issues.
Not everyone has it yet. they are rolling it out in phases
Hangouts on air can can revolutionise communication. Teacher can be globally live, expert panel on any subject can be live, people can create in crowdsource manner Live. this gonna be crazy ride google. Kudos!!!
thats really gud thing to knw but i dont hav any circle or frds to create a circle
Can't wait to start using this feature!
Wonderful news ,,,,, thanks a lot Chee ....
Great disruptive service. Everyone will be broadcast station. I'm curious about the Enterprise appliability. Can a corporation share a quarterly results internal broadcast... in a private manner? (I mean restricting the Youtube access to the Google-managed corporate domain)
Will Facebook ever match G+ Hangouts and Circles ever? Sometimes building a business thats based around freeing people is more than advertising revenue. G+ has the potential to out live FB.

Think of scaling and availability. Google is all over the world with there own infrastructure, FB is all over the internet and relies on others and locking out + spying on people.

Who will fall harder?
Liz S
I left facebook cause of all the spam I got on my wall. Facebook is dumb.Google + Rocks.
This is great news for educators, especially the ones who want to connect globally!
hey google
only persian gulf
peqsian gulf
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Unfortunately if a users wants to host a "Hangout on air" via one of their Google+ Pages they still have to upload it to their personal YouTube channel. So now users have to set up a dummy Google+ profile linked to the official YouTube/Google account for an organization, and give that "user" permission to manage the official Page.
I would love to broadcast, but I dont have the broadcast button. Are you sure you hit the "world wide" switch? I would love try it out.
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