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We're getting the New Year's Eve party started on our homepage. Have a safe and happy New Year!
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Happy new year from Sydney Australia. Be kind to each other this year. 
Killer dance moves! Happy New Year Everyone!
Thanks Google+ and I wish everyone a happy New Year!
"HAPPY NEW YEAR",from Sacramento,California
Thanks Google Happy New Year from Miami...
Let's make this year a good one...Blessings to all(^_^)
happy new year google LOL..............
Este año que se va le deseo nunca buelva porque me dejo muy amargas experiencias pero que la lucha sige pero espero qye este que viene no sea igual de amargo y egoista porque soy una mama olvidada pir los seres que trajo a este pais queriendo darles un futuro mejor pero me duele saber que no fue la mejor deciccion y me arrepiento de aberlo echo pero yo luchare asta el final siempre con la verdad y sacar la cara por los que amo y si alguien les esta causando dolor de la manera que sea y estan sufriendo en silencio yo y ka justicia divina.los atrapara tarde o tenprano los alcanzará y no servirán ni para pedir perdon .por dañar a personas inocentes. Lo juro yo tengo fe y en mi corazón esta fiel a dios todopoderoso. 
Happy New Year +Google looking forward. 2014 here we come! from Texas 
Have a safe and happy new year :-)
నూతన ఆంగ్ల సంవత్సర శుభాకాంక్షలు ! From Bhagyanagar (Hyderabad), India
This new year I want to have a loyal girlfriend
Celebrating my birthday today (which original is in 1. January so... Why not? Lol)

Happy New Year everybody! :D
새해 복 많이 받으세요! 대한민국(South Korea) 에서!!!!!♥!!!!!
Great, can't wait to see the 4 take the 3's place. :)
Must be that the 3 is announcing he's leaving the band to pursue other avenues. 
Have been waiting for "3" to be kicked out
I absolutely love this. Really made me smile when I saw it.
หายใจอยู่***รักเธอ ประเทศไทย 
Wishing you a very very Happy New Year to all the viewers of this
Let the new year 2014 bring joy, peace and happiness to all.
Let us say what Google thinks today others guess tomorrow .
#Namaste :
Dear friends a humble request please don't drink and drive, you’re going to make someone cry ? please someone is waiting for you at home think about them ? a relax mind, a peacefully soul, a healthy body & heart full of love, all these are my prayers for you, wish you all  HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014
Happy NewYear !!! Looking forward to a very productive and happy new year.
Goodbye 2013. Hello 2014! Happy New Year to all!
hello new year and may you be a great new year......
Que este 2014 sea el año de la paz la.concordia para el mundo y en especial para Colombia que Dios nos bendiga

Happy new Yerar from Slovenija
Love more, stress less.
Happy New Year!!!
Dear all, wish you very pleasant and progressive new year.
Happy New Year from Slovenia uncle Google :)
Just had NY here in Aust. Spectacular as usual. Great NY wishes to all.
Happy new year hopefully 2014 will be better than 2013!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy new year to everyone. May the. Peace of God Almighty be with us and keep USA safe in 2014 Calendar. Amen!
Me Be
Happy New Year to all.
Happy new year for everyone 
Happy New Year +Google Thanks for an inspired and innovative 2013. Here's to more of that in '14
3 looks quite happy considering he's going to get told to clear off at midnight.
I get it the 4 doesn't dance until 12:00 am :) (took me a while XD)
Happy new year everyone!!! Holiday kisses and best wishes for the upcoming year. May you have peace, health, and happiness.♡
Happy New Years to Google America , who have been so good to me . Dave From Downunder Australia God Bless you all . See you tomorrow . God Willing .★★★★★
I am the 2013 + on this post...I feel special! LOL
Wait just one metric minute. I thought April 1 was the New Year.
Happy New Year from Taiwan!
40 minutes to go in Phuket, Thailand
Happy New Year ! Love your humour ! 2013 dancing whilst 04 is waiting to come in x
Happy Years/ Eve Google! Its been a wonderful year! And next year will be even be better:)
Was thinking that 3 will walk down when its 12:00am but that didn't happen 😕
Besh sundor,,,,,, Notun Bosorer Suvesha To Gooogle Family :D +Google frm India
I like the doodle but I cannot find a way to hear the sound. Does it have sound?
Google, I have a New Years resolution for you. I love play music, but hate the unedited songs. I want to use play more, but i would like a clean or explicit option. Thanks.
Happy 2014, and we can see even more sophisticated and innovative products in this new year of 2014 will start, where peace be upon all people of the world.
Have a blessed and happy new year! from Rick in beeyooteefil downtown Wonder Lake, Illinois. On an uplifting note (considering the snow that's on the way) is, the long-range forecast is "Spring". yay!
สวัสดีปีใหม่ที่ไทย ครับ^^ >>>
Happy New Year At Thailand.
Niyas C
Happy New Year  to All !
☄ ☀ Happy, Healthy, Prosperous, and Fun New Year to you all ☄ ☀
Happy New Year! Good luck in 2014
Happy New Year +Google ! This one was an awesome Google year, thanks for the Search update in September, thanks for ChromeCast, Nexus 7 and Android 4.4 Kitkat and all its transparency! I wish a very good year for You Google for 2014 too! :)
happy new year from bashikpur ... bd :-)
Joey Hu
Wish U all a happy new year 0f 2014
Great creative - Googlers are just better 
Happy New Year mg Google geeks. Love Google!!!!
Have very happy new NSA, ASIS, GCHQ scam while restricting technology for a profit from people who are in simple terms 'made to die'. Perhaps those who will be targets for 'terrorists' in 2014 so the NSA, ASIS and GCHQ can get funding should live it up like it was 1999 while those who were criminally attacked while NSA, ASIS and GCHQ watched on contemplate suicide as no life is better then living one without a quality of life.
 PS: feel free to have a medical drone deliver this message to the whitehouse after its read by the NSA.
Happy new years everybody it is already 2014! Let all celebrate by leaving 2013 behind with all the good and bad thing with it.
Carino e buon Anno ormai siamo tutti nel 2014 spero
happy new year google
Happy New Year from Canton China!

It's too late...
Party like there is literally no tomorrow!
jejejeej el cuatro feliz y el tre echo xuxa

feliz 2014 para toda a gente até para o google e para os desconhecidos
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