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Google+ is introducing more Auto Awesome features: Action, which creates a strobe-effect photo; Eraser, which erases stuff that's moving in your photo to create a cleaner image; and Movie, which produces highlight reels from your photos and videos—complete with effects, transitions and a soundtrack—automatically.
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A Morning with Google+ was awesome! Love the new features. Thanks so much, Google!
No one can tell me they're not the greatest company on this planet
+Vic Gundotra Thanks so much for the great updates! Movies blows my mind!!! Thank you +Google for all of these great additions!!! 
I wasn't expecting Kitkat or Nexus 5. It was called "A Morning with Google+" Everyone just assumed it means a new phone and new Android update.
Somebody should have auto-awesomed the audience. They were asleep. 
Very good event, really like the focus on automatic, well played :) 
My phone is too slow at taking pictures for Google+ to realise I'm trying to make an auto awesome.
This is great! I would love to be able to apply these myself though. 
Will this work on pics and vids I already uploaded?
When will Snapseed update? I don't see HDR feature yet.
GOOGLE rules !!!♡♥♡ Thank you guys !!!!!... I already shared a auto awesome picture this morning ... about 8 hours ago !!!!!!
A great day for Photos! Congrats to the whole team!
New version of Playstore is now up. version 4.4.21
Can't understand a thing... What is this Auto awesome ?
and still no Google Play Music All Access for IOS...WTF!?!
+edouard beauvais , you'll need to take that up with Apple... their 'walled garden' so controls the user experience that third parties to that platform... like Google... can't subvert Apple's store... and it speaks to the differences in architectural philosophies fundamental to Apple and Google... you're stuck having to like what's in that 'walled garden.'
+Patrick EMIN , as you load photos into G+... either on your own or through auto backup... Auto Awesome will look at those photos and piece them together into some fancy pieces...

~ Pictures of the same scene taken at different exposures will be used to create a high dynamic range (HDR) picture.

~ Pictures of an action sequence taken in rapid succession will be used to create a gif.

~ Pictures across a landscape will be assembled into a panoramic picture.

All of this is done without altering your original pictures.

Today's announcement introduces some additional features... erase and action sequence for pictures and new video treatments... cool stuff!
Fungal? I think they are powdered donuts, and yeah after watching it, it is very cool.
Hi, when is the auto awesome available for users? Thanks!
Fantastic +Google !   When will be able to choose our own pictures or now movie clips?  I like how they are automatically created, but I would love to make my own too.  :)
Too bad +HTC didn't think of this first and put it on the HTC One and call it Zoe... oh yeah...
Available in the Google+ app on certain Android 4.3+ phones. :)
Iiiiihhh,i can't drive with mushroom fingers
I'm a big fan and promoter of Google + and also a big fan of Android.
Please, this seems to me the best way to request that you add me to the list of the lucky ones to have autoawesomemovie and new hangouts for android.
if I may participate in the select group, even as a tester of these features would make me very happy and allow me to focus on my work lol
thanks for all the new features and updates to my two favorite platforms (G+ and Android).
A big hug! Mauricio Sambrenil (
Needs Android 4.3, so us Verizon HTC One users will get to use it in about 15 years :-( 
I hate you google! You are making a big shit from YT...
☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
/▌ all over youtube
/ \ so he can take over
and return the old comment section
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and return the old comment section
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and destroy google+! Death to google +!
You want to see something beautiful Google? THE OWNER OF GOOGLE'S BLOODY FACE!
☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
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☻/ This is Bob. Copy and paste him
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Get out of Youtube! You guys don't think how this affects the users!
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No one gives a shit. None of us want public profiles on Google. BRING THE OLD, PRIVATE, ACCOUNTS BACK
google just give up no one wants google+ its gay
I'd like to use the Eraser tool on Google+.
how about u stop with all of your shitty features and return youtube to the way it used to be
I'd already seen several of the photo videos, which were cool.  I actually discovered the movies today - very cool!  I just wish I had control over what set of photos/videos it decides to use for the auto awesome movies. :-)
fix YouTube... it was fine the way it was  T_T 
+devicemodder Goodluck with that. Start page actually has terrible privacy, unlike what they suggest 
I love reporting the vulgar YouTube "protest" comments.
Yeah google keep doing that awesome things that destroys youtube! I "love" Google +.. TRY to fix the old feature which destroyed the whole damn point of google and stop posting more "awesome" features. Seriously now google watch what have you done in youtube thousands of people are complaining daily and you just do NOTHING. You can delete this comment but that wont make us forget what you did!
+rubytrix0 I don't get it, what is wrong with Google bundling all their amazing services?
+1337_Vid305 suck on it. Because +rubytrix0 is bitching about Google realising he's an ass and removing his account you are willing to annoy me for days on end? Wüst is he, your GF? Get a live or GTFO
Screw you Google + lover!
+Davey Ankersmit  Do you not see what Google done to YouTube they are forcing us to delete are channel and use are real names instead are user there forcing us to give up are subscription are favorite are likes dislike all that make YouTube all  so before  you think am troll I just have say this to you Dave go f yourself because at least some are willing to take stand in what the believe in now if want smartass wanting to remove my accounting I suggest 1 thing and that is to bite me!
+rubytrix0 *Bite
I think in an internet where the line between privacy; nicknames and real names is 0% or 100% this is a decent proposal of an internet company.

You have  your ideas; well they ARE google and are bound to international laws on that sort of stuff. this is not an concept of their own.

In the youtube channel issue; everyone has the ability to slide every channel list and settings over to your real name account.
So no issue there.

I have an organisations; so I created an email address for that organisation; created a g+ account for that AND therefore I still have an independant youtube channel; with no link to my real name. Only for google insiders.

It's not my fault you are a troll and go commenting on G+ before you read anything on this matter.
Yeah and it not G+ fault to so what your getting at is I just give up Dave so your that we shouldn't have are own opinion on what happening now YouTube you know what i to say you Dave suck it.and before you have nerve to tell am troll at least I got balls unlike you stand up and NO!
So when will we be able to create these IN Google + and not on the mobile Photos app?
can we create auto awesome videos manually? i delete them but i want create again.  what can i do?
How can i use auto awesome????? Pls help...
Love this, but... can we have it on Desktop Chrome?
You scared the shit out of my mom with Hasselhoff. She thought her phone was hacked or haunted.
Not sure why you removed the ability to have original audio AND music bed. It's not one or the other Google. Please fix this, and while you are at it, put Auto-Ducking in for the original audio so that if someone speaks, the music gets lowered automatically.  You can do this, now get to it!! Thanks Auto Awesome!
Very nice feature. Congratulations and thank you.
Love the Movie features, my friend was impressed, he thought I did it on an Apple computer. LOL.
What is the name of this soundtrack ?
Curious how u add own music cuz this music it adds and random pics of hasselhoff not exactly my taste
it seems there is not way to speed up the speed of images in motion.
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