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For Macedonia's Independence Day Saturday, a serene doodle depicting Lake Ohrid and the Church of St. John at Kaneo. 
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Me Be
Just magnificent.
Wonderful! That was very nice indeed. I love it very much. 
+Indigo Mertel  of course +Damien Atanassov  shouldn't ask you! It would be a much better idea for all of us to learn our history through a variety of scientific sources to formulate integrated and objective view ...respect the history and civilization of other countries too...
Happy independence to Macedonia and all of the Macedonians all around the world!
+Andreas Petridis  προφανώς ναι!! αλλά αυτό δεν καθιστά την ονομασία ενός κράτους ασήμαντη ειδικότερα όταν παίζονται παιχνίδια εξωτερικής πολιτικής από εγχώριες και μη ηγεσίες....
+ioulios joullion Συμφωνώ! Αλλά ας αφήσουμε την πολιτική στους πολιτικούς. Χρονια πολλα της γειτονικής μας χώρα!
Happy Birthday our northern neighbor! Let the both countries improve their relations in the following years, only together we can get better! 
happy independence day to all Macedonians Makedonija Vecna
ps. the word Macedonia was forbiden in greece prior to 1980 which is when greece renamed the occupied teritory of "northern greece" in to Macedonia hows that for a fact !
Chuck Norris doesn't care about the Macedonia War
why doesnt google force people to make a google+ account if they have an android? that would probably get the site going
+Indigo Mertel and the rest of the stupid comments, is there really a need for your comments? Happy independence day Macedonia. Good on you Google. 
Happy Independance Day Macedonia!!!!
And once again, butt-frustrated greeks start spoiling everything
Don't you have a debt to pay?
we have a debt to pay because we have oil
we have a debt to pay because we have gold....
wake up people
Ignorance about history? History can be shaped in any way and any form. Unlike you who lives for the past I live for the now. Europe is getting sick of you, and when you get kicked no one will give a damn about your "history"
@Michail Vardakis Even a content in a book that is printed 50-60 years ago about a history that spans millenia can be changed.
And without history, there is no future? Give me a break, all that history brought up are conflicts and nothing more.
Before travelling to your country for the first time I went to change tyres on my car.   The salesperson said "oh no!   They will tear them up if they see Greek license plates!"   Of course nothing of the kind happened.   Only very warm and loving people, many of whom spoke Greek to me when they saw the car.   One evening I was having dinner at Skopje and the conversation turned to holidays.   "We used to come to Chalkidiki all the time", my friend said, "but now they say that if Greeks see our license plates they will tear up our tyres!"

We laughed.   As people - who really have nothing to fight about - should laugh together.
Michail Vardakis I am not just emotional attached by your so called "pseudo-macedonians" (Which I am surprised really that you call them that). I just can't stand people who come and degrade other people. And about your writings yes I know that the Hellenistic alphabet is one of the oldest alphabets in the world.
But then again, there are other alphabets too. Take the Scandinavian runes for example. Why aren't they prominant in modern languages today? Because the Scandinavian lands were conquered and converted by Christians who used Latin. Today's America uses English as well. If by your logic that everyone has the right to rule by their roots then the Native Americans should've controlled America, not the English. Maybe the Ancient Macedonian writing suffered the same fate as well, and that's why no one knows it today (or maybe some do I have no idea)
What I try to say is that everyone with power can change anything as they wish.
@Michail Vardakis  yep :))) dont be sad and frustrated :)))))
+Nick Tupanceski, I think you miss a detail: I made a light-hearted comment. I merely pointed out a fact. I am not arguing anything or with anybody and not making any political statement. And, frankly, defining comments by other people who may have reasons to say what they say as stupid is far less sensible than any comment I have made.

I remember well when the issue with the name arose in the '90s and that is what I pointed out. In my humble opinion, a multinational company like Google should stay clear of controversial matters such as nationalities and people's identity because the chance of offending some is rather high. The coming comments were to be expected and certainly did not need my input. This is not my turf war, you fight it if you want but don't chastise me for mentioning a fact that was historically controversial.
Just want to point out that is impossible to "stay out" of such an issue.   Whichever position Google takes (or doesn't take) somebody will be offended.   The solution is not with Google (or any of the other countries which have gone ahead with the "Macedonia" name) but with us:  don't get so easily offended!  ; )
Are you kidding me? Macedonia is one and it has been, is and will always be Greek-ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ! Stop the propaganda! history is made through the centuries not in the offices and minds of oportunists...
Yes, I know where Macedonia is.   I come from a village just outside Ptolemaida.   And exactly because we have known what it feels like to be persecuted, what a refugee feels like, what war and civil war does to a country, we should be more careful I think.

Hate breeds hate.   Love tends to have the opposite effect.   Don't fall prey to politicians.   Travel more.   I know where Macedonia is, and so do the other people in this thread.   On both sides of the border.   And no amount of capitalised swearing will change that.
do y know what y said victor opotunists :(((( isn it what was taken to be given back :))) shut upp !!!!! bai whatever  dont put funny comments :)))
+Indigo Mertel Google is a business and is here to make money, not to please everyone. And sorry, the stupid comments referred to comments by others. 
; )   Great point!   I really don't understand why Greeks are so fearful of your country.   It is not as if you don't have enough problems of your own...  or intend to make a military invasion southwards!

I was hoping that the economic crisis would help put things in perspective but unfortunately the nationalistic propaganda has worked for too long....

All I can do is to emphasize that not all Greeks are so blinded as not to see that we are neighbors and it is in everyone's best interest to work together as best we can.
And here is a logical test:   what if in the year 2030, Alexandria (in Egypt) decides to break away as a separate state.  (They never liked Cairo much anyway!)   The most logical name for this country would also be "Macedonia", their flag would have symbols similar to those of Alexander the Great and their history would be written accordingly.   Would we all protest in the streets then?
Happy Birthday FYROM.
Google, please read some intl agreements, don't take part to politics.
We love your OS, your engines, your servers
please don't get into politics!
The lack of history knowledge and facts may lead to offensive and misleading conclusions. Google personnel should study the Greek history carefully before launching such a post, especially when this post is dealing with such delicate National matters !
Macedonia was and always be part of the Greek state. And that is a fact ! Two words for you at Google :  STUDY HISTORY  
george add your comments on some other wall ((((: sorry we celebrate  Macedonian Independence Day :)))) 
133 countries use the name "Republic of Macedonia".  You are obviously referring selectively to whichever international agreements do not.   ; )   Google is a private company, not a country.   And it is in the US which uses "Republic of Macedonia"... ; )
@Michail Vardakis You say you don't degrade but you like a comment that calls people monkeys?
Now you are just condradictoring yourself. I haven't seen any Macedonian here or in your protest facebook page that calls you something degrading like that. Which proves that you are the first that throws the punch. If Alexander Chalkidis (who seems to be a Greek) had a good experience with Macedonians and they didn't do anything bad to him while you tear up tires of cars from Macedonians (wut?) then I guess that you are really mean people.
I saw one video where the Macedonian contestant from this year's Eurovision where a Greek reporter called her "Why are you calling yourself Macedonian when you are Skopian?" The only thing that she said is that she loves Greece. Admirable. If Greece had a nuclear rocket it would drop it on Macedonia anytime, considering how you are reacting here.
Maybe you have a history. Maybe you have heritage. Maybe the Hellenistic culture brought up many things. But the way you are acting right now is beyond ridiculous and childish. Maybe that's why you are in a crisis now. "Karma's a b***h." As they would say.
Beautiful doodle of lake Ohrid. Happy Birthday Macedonia!
Just to be clear yes I am Greek.   My grandfather's village is near Ptolemaida and he defined himself as "Macedonian".  And you are absolutely right, most Greeks behave terribly in this particular issue, forgetting all good manners or even looking out for their own interest.  If I could, I would apologize on their behalf.   Knowing the climate, they will accuse me of being a national traitor for doing so, but here is my best effort!  ; )

We are both small countries in a very big, aggressive and dangerous world.  If we only travel more to each other's countries we would all see that we are very, very similar.

Every human being has the absolute right to believe whatever he/she wants.   I can consider myself part Turkish if I want (my grandfather was originally from Asia Minor like many other "Greeks") or part English (studied there) or part anything I want.   Much like religion, national identity in this modern globalized world is a personal choice.

Let's focus on PRACTICAL issues.   Names are not one of them.   Countries could have numbers for diplomatic purposes for all I care.   Can we all get some business going now?
There is no country called macedonia...only a region in is the same as if someone called Lazio a country..get serious..and for our slavic neibours why can't they understand that there is no name like pegroVIC boroVIC and so in books writgen 2000 years ago mentioning macedonia as part of Greece...
Happy birthday!!
+ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΙΑ ΕΛΛΑΣ is hard to believe that someone with so big history and culture do not understand that should not add these type of comments :)))) are you okay......
Many greetings from Drama City east Macedonia Greece .
Thanks Google! I was born Macedonian, raised Macedonian. My grandma's name was Makedonka. The rest is just history.
+ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΙΑ ΕΛΛΑΣ okay please take the remote and change the channel, that will means that you are more okay that i'm expecting :)
I'm done here. I just wish to all Macedonians having a great holiday!
LazateVSKI bykovSKI LazaREV..can't u see the obvious difference between ur names and ours? ALEXANDER OR ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ? Are u blind? I don't say u r bad and this and that..U ARE JUST A SLABIC COUNTRY WITH SLABIC NAMES WICH HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH GREECE AND GREEKS..
he will not get it; i try few times hopeless case :)))
Olivera this +1 was wrong i just tried to andwer to u...we have a life..we do not need anything from fyrom..but if marocco tried to say that portugal is a morrocan region then u would for sure defend ur country...ok?the rest is mere details..
Dejan open the books i recommed below and try to find ur surename somewhere in them...ready for the challenge? Shall i send them?
Its name is FYROM, not Macedonia
filozofy started from ancient greeks (((: you will not ruin my holiday, lets say will talk some other time ok :)
Macedonia is and was Greek. The games the Americans are trying to play in the region are well known
Attention to all that are trying to type F or G as a first letter of their words today we re not using those letters in this conversation so gents please leave :)))
Thank You GOOGLE, once again google shows us the international values of understanding and respecting everybody's rights and identity. There is no place for nationalism and Nazi ideology in the free world! 
Η Μακεδονία είναι μόνο μια και είναι ελληνική !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Macedonia.
There is no such thing as ''indipendent Macedonia''
It's FYROM and Makedonia is in Hellas
Happy Independence Day Republic of Macedonia!!!  To all the Athenians of the Former Ottoman Province of Yunanistan (FOPOY) full of negative energy, that find it necessary to comment whenever the Republic of Macedonia is mentioned:  I feel sorry for you, lighten up, it's bad for your health to have such a great amount of negative energy.  Peace, and respect to all friends of Macedonia.
Για ποια independence of MACEDONIA μιλάμε ;;; Η Μακεδονία είναι γεογραφικό διαμέρισμα της ΕΛΛΑΔΑΣ ! Δεν υπάρχει χώρα Μακεδονία ! Και στη google όλοι αγράμματοι είναι !
Ouch, +Google !  It looks like you opened a can of political worms without realizing it.  
apo pou kai os pou exoun ta skopia thalassa 
ρε παιδια..αν ειναι δυνατον!..αυτοι μας κατακλεβουν!...
Alexander Chalkidis: I  am sure that you attended a private American College, school in Greece... No my friend you are not Greek, you are as you mentioned A Tourkish Macedonian!

If you think that you are Turksih because you ancestor's land was conquered by Othoman Turks then you have a serious problem!

I am from Mani, that means that I am not Greek?

The same stands for Macedonians... The people in Skopia were  raised as Macedonias not Macedonians Greek, because back in 1830 to 1913 Othomman Empire wanted to confront the Greek Macedonians in order not to be liberaated and United with the rest just free Greeks.

At the same time Bulgaria who wanted an exit to Agean sea also raised the issue and financed the Bulgarian - Macedonian Liberation Army

Serbs also wanted the same and acted accordingly. As far as the language issue this is a dialect of Bulgarian mixed with some Ancient Greek dialects.

Yes your Grandfather was Macedonian and Greek origin mixed with Bulgarians and Slavs, as are the FYROM people now! Bulgarians used the "paidomazoma" (child-kidnapping) as it was also used by Turks to create the Macedonians (or Neo-Turks for kids kidnapped by Turks) and the leftist party during the civil war in Greece. Actually I jeopardize to say that FYROM's "Macedonians" are mostly communist people that fled Greece during the civil war!

I have an ant from Promahoi who speaks the dialect and knows the region history from grandfather to grandfther, also if you study some foreign books, except the ones financed by George Soros and FYROM, old interantional newspapers, US ambassador's letters / reports and maps of the period,  you will find the truth!

You definetly need to study some history and do your research and realise that Macedonians are Greeks and Macedonia is a Greek territory and that the current people of FYRO "Macedonia" are mostly Slavs peoples and

they should be called SlavoMacedonians,

their language SlavoMacedonian

and their country SlavoMacedonia!

That then will be the truth!
+Andreas Petridis  Ναι δεν θα ήθελα ούτε εγώ να δώσω άλλη έκταση.. αρκετή πόλωση έχει ήδη προκληθεί....αν και δεν μπορώ να συμφωνήσω με την άποψη "να αφήνουμε την πολιτική στους πολιτικούς" πρέπει να ασκούμε πολιτική και να ενδιαφερόμαστε για αυτήν αέναα, καθώς είναι άρρηκτα συνδεδεμένη με κάθε πτυχή της ζωής μας....είναι αυτό που λέμε πως οφείλουμε να ασχολούμαστε με "τα κοινά".  
Macedonia is a part of Greece where Alexander the Great Hellene was born and raised.  I do not recognize any other nation as Macedonian than Greek one, and it's outrageous to propagandize global lies through the web just because you need to adopt our glory history as your own just because you don't have one.  Shame on you! No matter what you do you cannot change the truth, the history and the facts! Macedonia is Greece!
εεεε ρε ανιστόρητα όντα! MACEDONIA IS GREEK AND ONLY GREEK!!!
Macedonia Forever!! Greeks go bankrupt and eat shit! 
The modern "philosophy" of Nations was invented in US state who wanted to assimilate people from diferent nations and cultures from all over the World. I can accept and buy it.

They choose their Nationalit by EARTH whilst the rest of the world was for thousands of years using BLOOD to choose Nationality!

Other Country-States (like Canada, Australia, New Zeland, etc) that formed mainly by immigrants followed their example to maintain their stability, cohesiviness and internal social piece adn growth. That is understable and acceptable.

However this does not mean that we will forget what the word NATION means! or that the rest of ancient NATIONS like Greeks, Egyptians, Persians, Judish, etc should they change our way of defining NATIONS!
Google should be ashamed to change historic facts in such way! and all you people "declaring" you are from macedonia i say this one thing: I don't know (care) the name of your country, but there is only one Macedonia, and is in Greece! Άντε πια...
Όταν οι Έλληνες ανακαλύπταμε τον πολιτισμό εσείς κυνηγούσατε βίσονες! μπετόβλακες!!! 
Vasilleios, Should I talked to you?

I was talking to Alexander Chalkidis, who has this Great Greek-Macedonian historic Name and does not feel GreeK!
 history is propaganda, genetics is science... See the results from iGenea... All Hail Macedonia!! May the Greeks go even more  bankrupt
And despite all of the haters on all sides, more than 500.000 Macedonians from Macedonia go to Greece on summer vacations. Haters will always hate, let the world progress and don't live in a nationalistic reality. BRAVO GOOGLE and thank you for the good wishes. 
Οταν εμεις οι Ελληνες χτιζαμε Παρθενωνες,αυτα τα..ανθρωποειδη τοτε, τρωγανε  βελανιδια πανω στα δεντρα,οι ανιστοριτοι-παραμυθατζηδες!!!Ας μου βρουν μια αλλη,πλην ελληνικης γραφης,πανω σε μνημεια η σε κειμενα ιστορικα οι τριμαλακες!!!!
sumfwnw apoluta me esena Baggelh!!!
Happy Independence Day to Macedonia and to all of the Macedonians all around the world!
Let's celebrate the Free, Sovereign and Independent Macedonia tonight in Arena Philip II and all around the World!
Shame on Google! Macedonia is one and it' s GREEK
Dear Google,

Thank you very much for your congratulations and posting this beautiful serene doodle depicting Lake Ohrid and the Church of St. John at Kaneo for the Independence Day of Macedonia.

Best wishes to all of you from Macedonia
Happy Independence Day from your Turkish friends. 
Thank you Google for your regards for our Independence Day!Happy Birthday dear Republic of Macedonia!Long live Republic of Macedonia!

To all Greeks with fascist ideas:Can't you see while you try to deny as 133 countries have recognized us by our constitutional name Republic of Macedonia among them USA,Russia,China and Japan.Can't you see that your politicians wash your brains while they put your country in bankrot and they get rich while Greek people suffer.You are not spoiled child for EU anymore,Germany will not help you cause Germans must work double while your politicians enjoy of your brain  washing.Germans soon will banned you from Eu so instead denying us be prepared for social fight against EU cause soon you will be their slaves 
there is no such a thing as macedonia independence day. Learn history Google. Macedonia was, is and will be GREEK.
+Manthos Koutalas Please be cool ok ? Macedonia was until 1913 never a part of Greek. Why do you posting things like a child without shool? So be cool and read some history Book I think you have books in Greece. So mean real History Books not propaganda Books. So best greetings to you. And if u have time take a look in a Museum of Krete i am shure you will found something very interesting about the Minoan Culture. If u cant read whats stay there than ask a Macedonian they can translate you. ;-)) Please be serios and in nice relation ... we are friendly to you so do not make hate and propaganda ... Thanks a lot.
Υπάρχει μόνο μια μακεδονία και αυτή είναι ελληνική.Τέλος μάγκες η ιστορία γράφει δεν ξεγραφει
Poor,ignorant people arguing about things,regions and places that existed hundreds of years ago. All of you should understand that a good percentage of your blood lines on both sides, whether Greek or Macedonian or fyrom or whatever you want to call yourselves, is actually, wait for it, Turkish!!!!!!!! The Ottoman empire raped, plundered and pillaged the whole region for years!!!!! So snap out of it and allow Macedonia some peace and quiet and its own identity, you ignorant haters.
For Macedonia's Independence Day Congratulations ... with Love and all the Best wishes to all Macedonians. 
Don't forget half of Macedonia belong to albania ,in future should be macealbania
Such a beautiful area, I remember visiting as a little girl. The beauty and spirituality of it, is still etched in my memory. Happy Independence Day Macedonia!
Haters haters I Am Macedonian like my father before me like his father before him and so on and so forth im still surprised that greeks have money to pay their internet bill or they probably stole their neighbours wifi password like they do with everything else them and the albanian jihadis in this day and age they still live with their heads burried in 1913 but unfortunately for u We are still here alive and well so get off line and learn how to work and as for the albmujahedins time will come for u to face ur lord and we Will arange that meating !
Very nice indeed, love the soft tone in the colors
etymology of word  "Macedone"
Macedone, from L. Macedonius "Macedonian," from Gk. Makedones "the Macedonians," lit. "highlanders" or "the tall ones," related to makednos "long, tall," makros "long, large" (see macro-). French Macédoine "mixed cut fruit or vegetables" is early 19c., said to be a reference to the diversity of people in Alexander's empire.

even the word Macedonia is GREEK!!!

chose another word you history-thiefs!
angie t
HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY MAKEDONIJAAA! VECNA MAKEDONIJA! all the haters should shut their mouths and leave. You don't except Macedonia, that is your problem. Now go find something better to do and stop trying to prove a fake and stupid point because honestly you are wrong and you know it. Don't FYROM us, call us by our name MAKEDONIJAAAAAAAAAA!  
angie t
Macedonia doesn't belong to greece or albania.. It's one of a kind and its Makedonija... it's own wonderful country so stop talking. Happy independence day MAKEDONIJA! 
And please stop trying to be macedones.because you can't
Been here! The lake is absolutely breathtaking!
@Petros Linakos  I am as Greek as you are.  I went to Greek public school (as if that makes any difference - yes, at least I don't make spelling and grammar mistakes like you do in English though ; ) and I feel as Greek as any other Greek.   I am pretty sure I know Greek history better than you and just FYI I probably speak and understand ancient Greek better than you.   WHICH IS EXACTLY WHY I am taking a different route than you are on this issue.

What we know call "Macedonia" in Greece has always been a melting pot of civilizations.   Very few villages had less than two different ethnic groups.   In our village (not very far from Pella BTW ; ) the river was the border; on one side were the Greeks, on the other the people of Bulgarian descent.   Other villages had 3 "maxalades" others had 4.   (Gypsies, Muslims or other groups based on language, religion or whatever else.)

If you decided that I am not "Greek" enough, then I am afraid I can (using the same logic) decide that YOU are not Greek enough either!   Either through DNA studies (NONE of which prove any sort of ethnic clarity) or through selective historic data.   You are probably a descendant of pirates in fact...  you see how hate and discrimination breed...well, more hate and discrimination!

No, we are both Greeks.  I am pretty sure I have travelled this beautiful country, walked more of its mountains and seen more of it's villages than most Greeks.   I love it and simply looking at our flag brings me to tears.   But guess what?   Our neighboors writing above this post probably feel the same about their country!   Can we focus on these positive emotions now to actually produce something great instead of simply shooting indiscriminately at each other?
iam trying to do my family tree and i am very stuck with my grandpa rudys side of the family i need help i know nothing but his mom use to be the house keeper for his dads family i know that he has looked for my grandfather in the pass but that is all and that his name might be frank cervantes if youmore please help
After decades of witnessing the Greek hysteria over the legitimate name of my country - The Republic of Macedonia (Republic - mind you, thus exckluding any strong reference to ancient Macedonia) - I wonder how it hasn`t dawned on them that in all these years the ratio of Greek propaganda web sites and overall efforts to their Macedonian counterpart is 15 to 1 - and without much yield for the Greek propaganda efforts...

Otherwise, I guess, it wouldn`t be necessary for the Greek chauvinists (not every proud Greek belongs to this category, mind you) to jump on people in every corner and bullyingly propagate their hypotheses...

Anyway, happy Independence day Macedonia!
My father was born in Struga, a town on Lake Ochrid, in 1906.  He came to the United States in 1923.
He would have been highly insulted and offended to have been called Greek. 
He was Yugoslav, specifically Macedonian; and in his opinion, a culture far superior to the Greeks.
yup those macedonians have a long history.
If by barbarian u mean not greek I AM proud to be one !
+Sase Janeski no, i don't mean something like that. King Alexandros said "i don't distinguish people into civilized and barbarians.". that's the Hellenic spirit. wherever  he passed, he dissolved the ignorance and tyranny, spreading the Hellenic language and culture to the ends of the earth.
Our land divided...Our homes burned...The heroes killed and the living exiled....For thousands of years we fight and resist... Refusing to surrender... Who we are? WE ARE MACEDONIANS!!! MACEDONIA ABOVE ALL!
The origin of greeks is from Africa, that's the truth. With this greek propaganda, stealing macedonian history, the greeks want to prove that the North part of Greece or Aegean Macedonia is greek. But., NO! Greece occupated that part with the Bucurest agreement back in 1913. So, we will discuss about that more in future. How Greece got that land over there, where macedonians lived and macedonian language was/is spoken? Just to mention GENOCIDE AGAINST MACEDONIANS in Aegean part of Macedonia (today in Greece) back in 1948. Did you know that greeks were fasists? Even today we are witnesses of nazi politic parties in Greece, like White Dawn. Look what happend on the streets of Athens yesterday, they are nazi, fasists, rasists... Wake up Europe! Does human rights in Europe worths for everyone, doesn't matter of the ethnicity, colour of their skin, religion?
This is what happens when people run out of money they start doing and saying stupid things this is the 21 century if i feel like Macedonian than god damn it I AM Macedonian i can be Martian if I feel like it and u or anyone else don't have a thing to say about it. U cry about hellenistic times mean while u don't even understand the stupid ancient "greek" show me one artifact where the word "greece" is mentioned before 1824 and i will shit up but u are just a romantic creation of Great Britain. If Alexander the Great was "greek" why would his kingdom be named Macedonia its like me selling ice cream and calling it beer ! 
The hellenic spirit was that no person that was not of hellenic origin could participate in the olympics
+Sase Janeski  Hellas comprised by autonomous city-states.

the artifacts have greek words and letters, they don't have to write "Hellas" on them, like a "made in".

"i feel like something" is so different from "i am something".

stop talking with arbitrary examples and show us facts and evidence. stop talking about racism, cause if a bulagian says that he is bulgarian in skopje, will be prosecuted.

about the olympics: we saw what happened to their spirit when all the countries organized them; money and doping... in 2004 we showed history and in 2012 they showed satanic and masonic symbols.

and don't forget to say thanks to tito...

and something about your "flag", from the Olympics of 1896:
Google, muy ingenioso como siempre. Genial.
All i said is that i know what i am i dont need u to tell me what i am !
+Joao M. Gomes The Macedonian nation was always a Slavic nation. It is a other Story that someone mean that the Slavic population comes to the Balkan region in the 6th century ... This Theorie is the result of new age propaganda. It is known that the Mycenian and Minoan language are the simelar language to the language of today used by the Macedonians. So this is why the Macedonians know his routs and the are more than 2700 Yeras old. With other Words - The Macedonians are the Proto-Slavic Nation. This is the Problem for many missunderstandings. Greetings to Portugal 
May the people prosper, but the fact still remains that Macedonia was and still is Greek. If only by legal terms, your current state name is FYROM.
+GEORGIOS TSAMATROPOULOS The Name of Macedonia is and was from 800 BC until today Macedonia. The Fact that the hellenic Republic vote with his Veto against the Name is nothing other than a bilateral Boykot. So it is actually not importent for Macedonia what Greece called the Macedonians how they want. Important is that more than 130 Countries accept Macedonia as Name. USA, JAPAN, and many many others so the Question is why Greece do not rename Greece in Former hellenic Republik now named in south Macedonian Republik ? ;-)) Becouse the Greeks are Greeks and not Macedonians. Ur Country is Hellas not Macedonia. Sorry guys. Keep peace and be cool you have your own history and own culture u do not need Macedonians culture ;-) ... Greetings to all ...
greece is democracy only on paper and their strenght is only on paper so Paper tiger if you will
Great Alexander is ilyrian he speak ilyrian .ILyrians was old Albanian who lives in balkan before Slavic came to Balkan stop playing with our history. For now in Macedonia lives 40% Albanian 40% slavic Macedonian and 20% others. Macedonia should be in future Macealbania god bles america
Osman maybe he was muslim to and take ur head out of ur ass and check ur stats dumb ass 15% thats it !
@ Mr. Chalkidis: Great to be informed about your Greek public school attendance and about your open mind especially confronting other Greeks about their spell mistakes in a foreign language! (as well as their history and ancient Greek language knowledge)

HA, did not cross your mind that I don't care about it?
I have spell checker it was so easy to correct it but I did not care.

Did not cross your mind that I was outrageous because  of you?

Did not cross your mind that I may have "dyslexia"?

Don't you get that Geo-political games do not permit us to be so liberal, especially neo-liberal or communists?

My "personal" attack to you had to do with the expressed idea that you are Turkish because you were born in area occupied by Turkey... so if Kurds occupy in a few years Smirna or Minor Asia then you will change and you will become Kurd ?

You responded to my comment about the attendance of a foreign school with attack on my history knowledge and Greek ancient language? Where are you coming from? My comment was related to modern Nationality theory that is taught to such schools and had nothing to do to insult you. Your life for so many years abroad probably influenced the way off thinking (to the extent my life in Greece and abroad did the same)

By the way I don't feel that I am a sheep or a victim of propaganda (as you may be) since 1992 I have study almost all the FYROM's claims, sites and papers and I was astonished. So well documented that I had to dig deep in newspapers of other countries, to the library of US congress, etc and study more and more to find the truth. Guess what? the truth was depicted in the next comment  of mine, about the facts that took place around 1810 - 1930 ac.  The truth is that some bilingual Greek Macedonians, where forced / convinced to believe that they are not Greeks and that they are a separate  Nation not a Greek tribe, in order to be maintained under the Othoman (don;t confuse Othoman Turks with modern Turks, to the extent that you mentioned we should not be confused with ancient Greeks)  Empire or to be annexed either to Serbia or Bulgaria!

I did not make  any insulting comment for you and you did so many, so you are real Greek my friend actually you may be "a modern Ελληναρας" and probably you get paid to do FYROM's propaganda as some other Greek "Macedonians"!

We cannot survive and prosper in a Global world where others protect their undercover Nationalism or Capitalism and  we (Greeks) think and act for the protection of Globalization.

Who issued maps including their country up to Olympus?

Whose country's Constitution asks for the liberation of occupied territory?

Whose country children are taught about the occupied Macedonian territory?
That's FYROM!!!

I can write on and on, but I am not sure if you don't know them or you pretend that you don't know?

In any case WAKE UP OR QUIT FROM  FYROM's payroll!

They are Slavo - Macedonians and as they have the 35% (that's their territory compared to total Macedonia area) right to claim the name Macedonia for their country they don;t have the right to claim the history of Ancient Macedonia! That right belongs only to Greece, my friend!

Why they refuse to be named Slavo-Macedonians?, even Kiro Gligorof proposed that back in the early 90s and there are many scholars in Skopia who still propose that. The problem is that their recent prime ministers are Nationalists and fascists! 

1. You are write... I don't know / recall any of the ancient Greek language and I personally felt that it was a waste of time to learn it! (but the word Sarissa, is not "Modern Macedonian", it may come from the Greek word "sarono", even in my village in Mani they used the world "sarothro"!)

To the contrary, I strongly believe that all the World should read and be taught Greek Ancient philosophers and historians, especially the modern Greeks!

2. I maybe don't know better English than you, does this make you a good person and me a bad one?
+Osman Qazimi now Alexandros became albanian from skopian? both of you are writing 2 new history books! but you're both wrong... he was an eskimo and eskimos were from honolulu!!!

Now l tell the truth, mother of great Alexander that time was in vacation to Albanian coast and she sleep with an Albanian and when the great alexander find reality he run to find his father he just mis the directions
All good people have my respect wherever they come from.
I respect everyone that respects me i dont hate anyone that didn't deserved it its 21st century people WAKE UP its ok to have opinions but its utterly stupid to try to force them on others live and let live i say . To all the good people from Macedonia Greece Albania or wherever they come from let us not let the idiotism of the politicians on all sides prevail !
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