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We announced our self-driving car project in 2010 ( with a clear goal: make driving safer, more enjoyable and more efficient.

There’s much left to design and test, but we’ve now safely completed more than 200,000 miles of computer-led driving, gathering great experiences and an overwhelming number of enthusiastic supporters.

We wanted to share one of our favorite moments from some special research we conducted. Watch this video of Steve, who joined us for a drive on a carefully programmed route to experience being behind the wheel in a whole new way. We organized this test as a technical experiment outside of our core research efforts, but we think it’s also a promising look at what this kind of technology may one day deliver for society if rigorous technical and safety standards can be met.

A version of this video with audio captions is available here:
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I remember the days when Google was nothing more than a search engine. Now they are doing all of this. Way cool!
Maybe the car has "Search" written on its engine...
Dear Google,
Stop chopping onions in here.
Love, Ryan
Love it! I want one! If I blind myself, will you take me out for a spin?
Jason Meyer
This has the potential to change everything. For those of you that say autonomous vehicles will never take off because people enjoy driving obviously doesn't have a long commute to work. An hour each way commute would give me 2 extra hours a day of doing something other than worry about people who can't drive.
But can it drive itself to my workplace and do my job for me? See? That's why I prefer robot driven cars. Just for fun, I'd dress him up like a crash test dummy.
nathan, implying a trait from nothing but race is exactly the definition of racism.
Get a room you guys!
Please can we get off racism and focus on the technology, which is what the post is about?
A friend of mine said he isn't sure he could just sit there and let it drive. Unless he was drunk. In which case he'd let it get him home. Bad for taxi's but great to get drunk drivers off the road. Especially if breathalyzers were part of the ignition system.

Personally I'd use the driving time to work or chill and let it drive me everywhere. I can see cars being redesigned as flexible spaces if you don't need to worry about driving. Have your meetings on the way to the airport. It will innovate the entire industry. Can't happen soon enough in my book. Go Google!
Didn't realise he was blind. Really incredible. Hope it is available for en mass soon.
I second top gear. (make sure, top gear UK)
You know, I really love Google, but I'm becoming afraid it's only because they have really, really smart people making sure their propaganda makes everyone subconsciously attracted to them.
nearly 4 more than 8 times more reshares than comments, that's a WOW!
Wow, I'd love to see more regular updates on what they are working on as they go along in this project.
Incredible. Keep up the great work Google!
I agree with Top Gear UK. We know we have auto pilot in airplanes, but would you want to fly on a plane with no pilot? Same as cars, Would you actually trust a car without a driver? In the end humans just cannot be replaced by computers! It can assist, but not replaced! Not in the next 15 years at least.
"We already have self driving cars ages ago. They're called Taxis"~James May
Think about how many road accidents are down to human error. I'd rather trust a robot, which can calculate the probability of an event, can detect all directions simultaniously and billions of times faster then a human could, then a human. For three simple reasons:

Robots dont get distracted, tired or lazy.
Did I see the car parking on the disabled parking place? (1:43) Was that an accident or a feature?
I would buy one hands down... Whats the cost Google, just name your price!
Fei Cai
This is cool!
I don't understand how, but Google always has a way of making me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Haha.
Just curious: What part of the goal to "make driving safer, more enjoyable and more efficient" is clear?
I want to work on this team. BTW, where did you get that excellent suction cup that can hold a dslr camera? :)
That computer has more driving experience than I do.
+Arnold Adinugroho "Would you actually trust a car without a driver?" If you mean something that has more sensory apparatus than I do, pays attention to those senses every millisecond without blinking, has 100 times faster reflexes, and doesn't ever get sleepy or drunk at the wheel, then yes, I would trust it. Googles car probably isn't ready yet but I suspect we have won't have too many years to wait.
Start selling a kit and I'd be all over it.
wow no more DUIs....this truly has the biggest impact to reduce on the road fatalities
Cant wait for it! Really need it badly. When it will be available to the consumer??
This is one of the reasons that make Google special. :)
Being legally blind myself, I am very much looking forward to this technology moving forward and quickly! Please come to Maryland!
Geil! Schade nur, dass es die wenigsten von uns erleben werden, dass diese Technik allen zur Verfügung steht.
Remember when people used to joke about the braille for drive through windows?
Google car! Google world?
+Google you do so much good for the world. This is why we love Google.
Wow! I was about to make a very crude comment about blind drivers. Puts me in my place I guess... Can we get discounts for my asian mother-in-law? The roads will be so much safer. I'm kidding! Really!
I hope you foresaw how to react if he loses the GPS signal (jamming) or if it encounters police radar jamming devices.
Those interested in driverless cars will be able to follow the progress of the Google Driverless Car and that being developed by other companies @ Driverless Car HQ.

Steve Jobs spoke of changing the world... this really changes it!
Sonk Mc
I see this car on the classes of Udacity (:
If its government free then I'm all for it ("free" as in.... me going 2 miles over the speed limit manually driving, then redirected to a local prison).No thank you if that's what its going to turn into.
This is utterly revolutionary. Kudos to Google and thanks to Steve Mahan for allowing us to tag along!
Awesome ! Are you going to had a turbo boost also ? :-)
Great job! I'm glad that this will surely help those visually-impaired people with their mobility. However I think I would appreciate Google more if they have more effort to make electric cars to become more available to a wider public.
Krish S
wow! Just love the way they say "user# 00000000001". :)
Cool! Will they make some tests in Europe too?
+Antal Madincea it doesnt really use GPS much, since it isnt accurate enough. Instead it uses that for a rough guess and uses a prebuilt map with the permanent items there, so that it has the roads it needs to drive on layed out, then it used a technique called localization (thats what the lazers are for) which is to work out exactly where it is withon 1cm. So that it is safe to drive (stays within the road lines etc) so without GPS for a few minutes, as long as the car managed to initially get going, i think it would be okay.
So SkyNet can now expand beyond Mountain View... and while you sleep?
Xu Chen
Google - Human's hope
I hate driving... Wish I could buy this car =/

I've got a good 3 years left on my 2000 Camaro.... I hope this system is available by then
I cannot wait to have this technology available in a production car. At 60, I'm still doing pretty well but that won't last forever.
Wow! that's really awesome!, you are building the 21st Century!. I have a challenge for you Google guys, what about that car driving in 3rd world streets? I dream to have that technology in my car :(
Today, there are at least 2 types of people who control vehicles on the road: drivers, and people who sit in a chair while they wait for their hands and feet to get them to where they're going, annoyed they can't check into their social network, or read the paper, or put on makeup, or close the deal, or stay asleep, or ponder deep thoughts, or whatever.

The great thing about self-driving cars is that they will enhance the lives of both groups.

Once the 2nd group starts being replaced by undistracted, fully engaged robots, drivers will start to enjoy traffic that flows much more efficiently.

I can't wait.
የሶፍትዌር ቱሩፋት ወደ ሜካኒካል ኢንጅነሪንግ ሲቀዳ
THE FUTURE!!!! when the program becomes able to take commands will it be avail. to the public? along with an override? self driving cars would be BA.
How did the car know they wanted to go to the drive-through and not inside to eat? Google maps, the public edition, anyway, has no knowledge of drive-throughs. If I guessed this car could only drive on routes that had been previously plotted, would I be wrong?
if we have one do we also need that large, funny spinning thing on the roof?
+John Rogers I believe in this scenario the route was pre-plotted, or possibly using a special modified version of Google Maps (which was obviously involved in some way, shape, or form).

However, the demo and message is clear: It works. Is it ready for the public? NO, I foresee many accidents, haha. However, the concept is being worked on (by Google, no less) and they are clearly gaining headway. Once they get to the point where Google Maps is more knowledgeable and pre-plotting destinations and possible routes and all that becomes unnecessary, it's a very possible concept.

Using lasers and cameras to see stop signs, traffic lights, coordination with GPS navigation and a ton of other sensors, it's a totally practical concept that could totally be common in 10 years among new cars.
Next step- Steve can stay home and tell the car to go get the dang taco! Seriously, thanks Google for moving this technology forward. I am confident that there will be a whole generation of seniors (and fed-up-with-driving middle-aged people, like me) lining up to get these as soon as they are ready.
This is freaking awesome. I can't think of any other way to put it.
I love when he's eating the burrito on the way home. Pretty awesome and a must share.
I can't drive due to seizures and this would make my life so much easier. I take the bus for 4 hours to visit my bf in the hospital and sometimes I only stay for one hour and have to leave to catch the last bus home. This would be a life saver.
How much longer until we can drive home drunk as fuck?
take my money already.
I'm in love with technology like this. I also have visual impairments (although I'm much better off than the person in the video), and I would love to be able to try this car out. For me technically can drive (I passed the vision test), but unless the territory is very very familiar i don't feel comfortable doing it. I can't even go to the local supermarket.This kind of advances bring hope to a lot of people.
Has there been tests with the Self Driving Car? I'd love to test one in the, usually, harsh Buffalo winter and rainy spring. If these cars work well in poor weather, and not just ideal conditions then this will be seven more incredible.
+Dimi Papadopoulos hahahahahaha, would not doubt! i bet it would cost twice as much as a google car. and it would have apps and stuff. it would be interesting, but they better leave google to it.
I heard I think it was Larry Page (I get the two confused) give a speech at stanford (in a video online) and he spoke of this concept as though it was necessary for the community good because there are just so many lives lost to automobile accidents. I love that the motive is not merely profit based, but simply to find much needed solutions to very obvious problems.
Awesome!! but shot video with larry page and speed up 200km ?
One suggestion Google when driving on the freeway (even if going the speed limit) if cars are passing you on both sides, please move over if safe to do so. I saw one of your driverless cars today on Highway 85 simulating a road boulder in the center lane.
I am curious if there is a waiting list or place to track when the cars will be available. I am legally blind and would live to get my freedom back. No more asking for rides. Just get in my car and run my errands on my own. Its gives back a level of dignity in life.
Awesome. I heard about this in 2010. I thought it was just a wild rumor :)
I'm interested about this car, I'm visually impaired and would like to be independant with my guide dog. Could you please come in Switzerland ? Please contact me !
How about self-driving electric wheelchairs for disabled people, too?
So, you guys are I'm sure already thinking about this, but one necessary feature for self-driving cars... automated  maintenance.  In other words, every three months, your car schedules its own oil changes, tire rotations, tune-ups, etc..  Of course, it does need to coordinate with you on the scheduling of the maintenance, but why would I need to be with my car while it took itself to the shop for a tuneup?
I'm also interested in if there is a waiting list for volunteer test drivers and/or cars.  My husband is legally blind and would really love to be able to go places without having to rely on me (plus, he hates my driving).  Please contact me if this is possible.  Thanks.  P.S. Would you consider doing a test-drive in Chicago?
Dear Google,
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This would be cool when everyone is driving one. Then Sylvester Stalone can be re-animated, come back and show us how to drive and kick booty!
This is not the project that Steve Jobs was thinking all his life? Who is more original? ICAR with Siri rulz!
Well looks like the cops are going to have a hard time finding reasons to pull people over. What can go wrong! Super cool invention.
So i guess this means I don't really need to get a driving licence anymore? (^_^)

may be it's developed by the python language :p
e still looking for a place to drive this vehicle in snowy conditions try Upstate NY.  I would love to learn more about this vehicle.  As an individual whose vision has degraded to the point where I can no longer drive, this car offers great promise.  Great potential for freedom.
If any googlians are reading this...hear my plea(se). My grandfather is still working his electric business, but he is getting too old to drive and I.m worried for him. Please make him a self driving commercial van to take him to his job sites.
As a 50 year old who is legally blind this would be a godsend.  For the past 5 years I have depended on carpools to get to and from work.  Technology like this would give people with physical and visual disabilities freedom we despreately  miss.  As an engineer I love the concept.  Anytime you want to demonstrate the capabilities in a snowy climate, I can provide one in the Upstate NY Winter.
+Mike Goggin
Steve jobs is a hack who didnt change anything. All he did was sell overpriced, underperforming computers that didnt do anything other computers didnt already do. This? This changes things. Google is Nikola Tesla and Jobs is Thomas Edison- One is a technological visionary, one is an idea thief with little more than a very basic understanding of his field out for profit.
Most valuable? Steve jobs didn't create Microsoft.
I have a novel idea for some bickering about Apple vs other technology companies, give it a break.  Let's focus on the driverless car technology and what can be done to gain acceptance by the public.  As a person who is unable to drive due to vision loss, this technology would provide freedom.  I live in a fairly rural area of New York State with little to no access to  mass transit.    I personally would love to be apart of a beta testing team.  
Seriously, if there is a waiting list for this, put me on it. I've failed my driving test so often its not funny. To be finally offered even the hope of independence, is an amazing thing. Anyway, I'd be happy to put my money where my mouth is, whether there's a subscription, a payment plan, whatever. You need to stop sending people down single lane tracks though. We have a lot of them round here.
Dear google you are planning to make cab without drivers. I am a cab driver and I drive cab to earn my daily bread. And u r going to make us unemployed. Please stop doing such a plan.
What happens if a drunk person (say, in Atlanta) gets in the car and says "take me to Vegas" then passes out? What happens with low fuel when the passenger is unresponsive? 
+Sunny Islam Between this and things like Uber, the taxi landscape is changing. You need to evaluate your future career and consider other options. You cannot halt progress just to save jobs. If you are wise (and I'm sure you are) you will look at this and ask "what new jobs will this create and how do I get in on it?" What can you offer, say as the owner of a driverless taxi service, that current taxi services and even Uber don't offer? 
I drive about 30-35,000 miles a year covering bakersfield to nevada, if you guys need a beta tester.
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