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You may have seen our search story on +zack matere, a farmer in rural Kenya who is using the Internet to help people in his village and neighboring communities access information. Zack recently shared his "best ever picture," a snapshot of two of his friends, sitting in a field, a laptop in front of them on the ground, looking at the Internet for the first time. Zack is bringing the Internet to people who otherwise couldn't access it through a network of physical notice boards, where useful information from the Internet, such as farming tips and crop prices, are posted for everyone to see. The system has become a gateway to information that would otherwise remain out of reach for many of the people in this region.

Watch Zack's search story at, and add him on Google+ to follow his journey.
My best ever picture. When I share content with the people like omari in the picture , it always hits me.....the internet is just words and pictures ...and( anyone whatever level of life he she is) can learn from words and pictures. Omari can also share his thoughts in words and pictures.
How does he do this? .......thats why a network of village noticeboards known as leo pamoja that is now being set up in 5 villages in the interior of western Kenya.
The noticeboards has 'applications' a blackboard twitter ,a PayPal equivalent know as m-pesa even a pinetrest equivalent.
Omari is able to participate in the internet because he recorgnizes and can afford to use the ' words and pictures ' represented in chalkboard and paper notice board.
The digital part is in the background. On the other side of the world you want to contact omari. You do this by going to the online equivalent of the village noticeboard which is updated Daily by content posted by omari and others in the village.
Make that 100 omari's in 100 villages learning Daily in 100 village notice boards
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Brilliant and worthwhile.
while we waste our time on social networks and online games, they use internet for some better purposes. they teach us a good lesson here. well done
The guy without shoes looking like "all is amazing is a linux user", the well dressed, thinking ahead is a Windows user.
I think it's wonderful that he is doing this
Great progress, we need everybody on the earth to be connected to each other, that way we can move and debate all together for the best for all!
+Jose Carlos Canova, not enemy, just not a friend since 2006! Besides, Linux makes so much more sense in Africa, where you don't want to spend all your online time researching virus cures.... and older, or not as up-to-date systems can be as, or more useful, than the newest MS setup. Remember, Jose, everytime you use Google, purchase from Amazon, turn on your latest TV, camera or Android phone/tablet and even connect through your router to the internet - you are using Linux. Besides, Ubuntu is from Africa, so there is a great chance that that is the system being used!
Viéndo la película para descanso...
I hear something about that on NZ Windows usage is higher...

Desktop linux isn't a good experience... at least for me....

"to much, to muches" if you know what i am saying.
For servers is another history. or some company that decide to invest a lot of money to build a "high end distro">
Inspiring story. And I love that one of the guys is wearing a Minnesota Twins hat. :)
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