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We’ve just updated Google Goggles, adding more than 30,000 high resolution images from 150+ museums around the world as part of +Art Project powered by Google. Now you can learn more about a painting just by pointing your phone at it with Google Goggles. Whether the original in the gallery or a print you found outside, Goggles will recognize it and help you share your discovery with your friends.

We’ve also added the ability to save recognized objects in continuous mode to your Search History, and improved the speed of Barcode recognition.

Download or update Goggles in the Google Play Store:
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cool cool cool (like Abed from #Community) ;D just a joke
Just got the update. Better recognition of plants and animals would be a big help with my Boy Scout troop. Just saying.
Now find a museum where they let you pull out your phone and point at the paintings
do i care
wow that was cool but i really never seen a museum that allows you to have phones
the qr scanner of it needs alot of work... when ever i scan a qr code i get the error that my phone cannot handle the ir (what is that lol?) when i use an alternative app like barcode scanner it offers options to open qr code weblinks in an external web browser like opera etc.. plz fix :s
If my memory is good, I got this update 2 days ago
lg esteem aka lg revolution alternative for metropcs
Google, you are the bomb, keep up the great work!
I use this in downtown Washington, DC museums all the time... Great tool!
The greatest improvement is now you don't need to choose between camera and video as in the previous version. Just start Goggles and point at the thing.
my channel is not visible to sms users in SMS channel
channel name apsrtcbuses
I will try it the next time I am at the deYoung
I'd like Goggles to be able to count my pocket change, when laid flat out on the table and the picture taken from above.
and when Google Goggles will recognize animals, cars, plants?
Google Goggle's should add the ability to recognize music, and musical notes. That would make this app 10X better for me.
+Garrett Barker for that use Shazam or SoundHound both are available on iOS and Android
+ADLN NEO I know about them. I use both. Let me explain myself more. For example, I play trumpet. If I have a new piece of music in front of me, and I do not know what the fingering is for a certain note, I could open Goggles, and take a picture of it, and then it would display the correct fingering for that note for an instrument of your choice. Sound better?
i love Google Goggles..

Have it on my droid!!!
We love Goggles ! Thanx for your job.
We do all love Goggles.

But It should be renamed to "Google Eye" and then "Project Glass" should be "Google Goggles".
Probebly the best project Google has ever done. Way to go team!
Google Goggles needs to renamed to Google Eye(s) and then Project Glass to Google Goggles!
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