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Today, more than a billion Muslims around the world begin to observe the holy month of Ramadan, fasting from dawn to sunset. This year, we’re giving some of the most venerable Ramadan traditions a digital twist—including a live stream on YouTube of the Islamic prayers from Mecca (see below), a new channel on YouTube for people to watch special television shows produced for the holiday anytime, and a series of Google+ Hangouts on topics related to Ramadan, from food to literature.

To get more info, read our blog post: and follow +Google Arabia for a schedule of all 30 Hangouts and other updates. 
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Thank you for providing this service. It's good to see +Google open to the diversity of its users!
Mash'Allah Google is the Best and open Minded Company in the world we love you
We ll be Fasting Tomorrow Inshallah here in Morocco 
+Cody Venzke K-Mart is still in business?  I thought for sure they went under after Martha Stewart jumped ship over to Macy's.
A prayer gathering from Bethlehem would be cool around Christmas.  :)  Oh, little town of Bethlehem!
+justin wright I wouldn't know.  I'm usually too hungover and bloated to go do anything after Thanksgiving dinner.  God bless America.
+ Joe Mama all you need to do is "Read" instead "hating" without a basic knowledge 
So how does it go? Eat for 20 hours and fast for four, oh yeah while you sleep. Allah forbids!
Akhil Jaa
Good to see this in google plus.
I completly understand how christians are jealous lol
Sean Ree
Should have a live stream from the +Vatican.
A post like this is bound to bring out the trolls. Don't feed them, or call them out. Just flag them as inappropriate and move on.
@bryon letterman. The only dirty one here is you. You're closed minded, useless thoughts. Believing everything the media says. Get a life. Use your brain. Dirty religion? Yore the dirty one. Closed minded people like you. Idiot!!
Thank god today shooting was not terrorist act it was topical American white trash !! 
Ignorant people will always be led astray by evil leaders. Any movement or religion that celebrates human death is evil. Think and live free. 
+Joe Mama. No you don't hear catholic terrorists. You don't hear it because people with minds like yours create those terms. Terms that don't exist. Get a life. Open your mind a little. See what you want to see. Not what others say!
+Joe Mama yes but you hear about catholic priests drinking and raping young girls right?
'Today, more a billion Muslims around the world begin...' - Errm...BORING!!! You lost me after the first nine words!
+Samer Dawod Jim Jones was a cult leader here in the U.S. He convinced his followers to move to a commune (Jonestown) in Guyana, where they lived for awhile..until they all committed ritual suicide. The details are all on wikipedia.
This is so great :) thanks Google for opening such a discussion to the world - pretty sad some Christians are so closed minded about it, but Ramadan is quite a beautiful time of surrender and devotion! happy Ramadan (or is it a happy time?) 
holy frick 1,000,000,000?! Thats WAY more than in my town of Maineville,OH. Population by the way is an estimated 167
yes im happy to be a Muslim but they is one thing god is not giving me and i feel like dieing.....
Muslim is actually a more popular religion than Christianty +Evan Dafoe ;-)

I love that +Google is a fantastic company, with the backbone to "not be evil". Google, can you please go and join the internet defence force?
Ramadan Mubarak for every one 
Uh, no. At least not long enough to live to tell about it.
Take it easy on me :( I am Arab but all I ask a simple question golly :) 
Christianity is not popular my friend. Christianity can't be compared to other religions. Sometimes you may receive blessings in this world, but most of the blessings are supposed to be enjoyed in the next. Go figure!
سعيد رمضان

I am not Muslim, but I support my friends who are.
Happy Ramadan to everyone. Glad Google is supporting diversity. Mainstream US news ignores this every year. How is a 1 Billion person flash mob not news?
+Joe Mama That is extremely racist.  There are many devoted Muslims, some my friends, who are opposed to the works of radicals extremists.  It is unfair to pin the actions of a few on everyone else in the group.
I am haveing a Quarter pounder with cheese and a cold Budwiser. Happy Ramadan to you!
Less than 2 hours left and i crave marshmallows atm
Here is a drawing of Mohommad to celebrate your fast. <(:)-|-<
Hi everyone.
actually non muslims can enter makkah but not the boundry of the holy mosque.
Ramadan Mubarak to all...................
+Layba Zaman I am an apostate. How do you think my belief in apostasy should be respected?
By the way, that IS what he looks like.
رمضان كريم على الجميع انشالله
I stayed in a small village in Indonesia that was 50% Muslim 50% Christian and they all got along just fine. The call to prayer and the church bells rang out at different times, and I was welcomed despite my atheism and different skin. They were wonderful people, all of them. So I don't know what all the hateful/fearful people in this conversation are so worked up about. It's ridiculous.

On the bright side, this gives me a quick list of people to block from my G+ feed.
Mashallah.... A big step towards islam
I'm not Muslim but this sight always amazes me. I would love to experience it in real life.
Asslamalikum for my muslim brothers and sisters............
All i will say is, for eternities sake, you better start thinking outside of the box. Im just saying.
 i love ramadan.... god's days
I asked honestly, with me being an apostate, how should I be respected/welcomed? I appreciate the sentiment +Andrea Bhatti expressed, but it doesn't answer directly.
I know how I am supposed to treat those who think differently (i.e.- Muslims) but do I deserve the same respect?
If I am an open apostate, and draw your precious Mohommad for fun, how should I be treated?
+Joe Mama , hello , im a moslem , a "terrorist" , you might say 
gotta tell you one thing : you are too shortsighted to see only the obvious , search more and you'll get the answer .and please  check out the number of newly moslems every day , you'll understand that there is more to it than "terrorism " , there is truth .
Stop making such fuss because of a pointless conversation and let google do whatever google wants to do ...
Its the media who is putting out too much negativity
it's entertaining to see how some people are terrified of islam... ohhh and look, it's only ignorant, xenophobic people...

ramadan mubarak from bosnia
Moses(pbuh), David(pbuh) and Jesus(pbuh) is our holy prophet like Mohammad(pbuh). We respect and honor them equally. So have some respect to the people that respect your prophets this way. Allah bless you.

Ramadan Mobarak.
+Kasim Hamid, I am allowed to make fun of ALL religions. My country has freedom of speech, which is incredibly valuable. It is the root which has grown our science and technology for one...
+Layba Zaman I will draw Mohommad all I wish. Mainly because muslims were accused of becoming violent toward anyone who does draw him. I would like to disprove that. It is awful to suggest that muslims would kill over a drawing, or a cartoon.
What does 'Mubarak' mean?
+Darren Jacquard Draw an offensive picture of my mother and find out how you are respected/treated. You may not like the reaction, but you're a fool and an attention whore to whine about it and to say you're being treated unfairly when your nose starts bleeding.
Non muslims are not allowed to enter mecca and madina by saudi goverment
It would be preferable if people without the influence of any religion would consider each other as brothers and sisters and not be separated by the cocaine of "religion" which was developed by men is really sad how dumb we all are...
+J. S. Hansenius its true, non-muslims cannot go to macca, but in Islam it's forbidden only for the Masjed it self (The holy mosque) not the whole city, but they do this because it's very hard to check every one entering the Masjed, specially with the fact that thousands of peoples entering it every day specially at the five praying times
Ramadan Mobarak to all muslims and ALLAH bless you all....:D
What does "Ramadan Mubarak" mean? The only other time I've heard the word mubarak was in reference to the former president of Egypt.
When U take away dignity from anyone, or anything, U take it away from yourself!
+amin baher it's one of the best ways to search about islam , in these hangouts you actually watch the main manasek of this religion, there is no fooling at all ! ,  every body have this right to choose , or just to watch and find more information about it , or just not watch it ! no one forcing you ....
+Darren Jacquard freedom of speech is not the freedom of you to be a dick to other people. Keep up the "i make fun of and bully other cultures and later just hide behind freedom of speech because i can" and because of tools like you we will find us without any freedom of speech.
Such a thing comes with responsibilities you douchebag.
Nad Man
Your narrow minded thought process is vile jeff
And i am not a muslim but i wish all of you a great ramadan month and may all of you find the strength to grow in your spiritual life through fast and prayers :)
And my brothers don't believe 100% what media shows. Go and investigate yourself. Well you hate Islam? Ok. Then why don't you try and find more reasons to hate Islam. You are welcome to show us our faults. Find and show us. I said find, so don't show me the reasons others found or broadcasting....
Ramadan Mubarak to all... :)
no Google Doodle for the event... :(
+Achraf Toussirt we have to see how reliably GOOGLE is going to show our manasek , brother , however i agree with you ,  like google ;)
Hopefully I say this correct
شهر رمضان المبارك لجميع إخواني في أربيل
Darren Jacquard !
Muslims would not kill you on any type of Drawing but if you try to go on wrong side then it will show how much civilized are you and your country people if they don't condemn this. I wish you came in front of me if you try to do this...I will teach you how to behave and adopt manners..
During Ramadan, in ten day intervals, the holy books were revealed. The Torah, Gospel, and Quran.

Another interesting fact is that during this month Satan is chained up, and ineffective. Also this month is on the lunar calendar, so its about 10 days earlier every year.
+Philip Wright, you are a fool to suggest violence is an appropriate response to comedy. Then again, maybe you are just making a joke...
Nad Man
That would be good but christianity is always being trashed by the people that should be following it but instead they r trying to change it to suit their own indiscretions ie homosexuality
I respectfully disagree with you +Jakob Wester. Freedom of speech is the freedom to be a dick to other people. However, you should be careful doing it, because you're being a dick to human beings, and human beings tend to react poorly when you offend them on a deeply personal level. I respect somebody's right to be a dick, however that doesn't mean I respect them.
Sukur rabim sana hoosgeldin ramazan
Ramadan Mubarak .. to All Muslims here !!!!
+Jakob Wester , I expect you to respect my freedom to draw or write what I wish.
I understand if you don't join mindromp. You would need to be able to withstand true freedom of speech, which might include something you find distasteful.
+amin baher why hilarious ? is there any problem which i can't see ? so let me know it , as i can see every one is saying that we should have freedom of talking or these such thing ! and i think these program from google MIGHT be a good way to find more information , don't u agree?
Ramdan mubarak.... May Allah bless u always....take care....
Ramadan is a chance to be better people . to be good , to help other people.....God invited everybody.
Brothers and sisters in Islam, those ignorant need help. Don't curse them, they are in darkness.
i love ramen, udon is pretty good with some shrimp
Matt C
Peace be unto you. Happy holy month!
Do muslims (say, in the theocratic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) still marry girls that young? Is it okay because they are sold to their husbands by their fathers?

I understand that things were different, but those who are celebrating the 'greatness' they see in Mohommad, are celebrating in NOW.
All religions have the disease called hatred in extremely small sections of their communities', all around the world'. If these sections learned to love and care for themselves'. Then by all religious beliefs'. They will learn to love others the same.
Could everyone take a look at the heading of this title. Give your Ramadan messages only. Don't be intimidated by others and don't lower yourself for them with hate speech.
Ramadan kareem mubarak to every one
thank you google.
السلام علی الرمضان. 
The cooperation between google video streaming and the saudi ministry of culture is nice.. 

But i am sad with the level of communication among you people.. it is sad to read that people saying to others you are little devil (shaytan).. and someone has been told you have nothing to do in mecca in other words inadmissible... 

I home someday people love each other and deal with each other as brothers and sister in humanity not religion.. 

God is LOVE and these days people kick God from their life..

Anyway wish people who fast to pray for peace and love.. its not about not eating between sun rise till set and being rude to people
+Mark DeForrest why? I don't know if I want yet another commercial entity capitalizing on religious holidays. Maybe I'm cynical, but i see this just as much an exploitation of an untapped market as anything else. If Muslims see this as a positive move, then I guess that's a good thing. But I'd warn them to be careful, 'cause if there's a way to make money off of a billion people not eating for a month...someone will exploit it.
Darren Jacquard! No but i think you are scared...
By the way you used word violence so don't you think if you make painting against any religion it will create violence? 
you think just beating or killing someone is violence? Use your Art to spread love around the world don't take your freedom in negative means and respect people around the world.
Total respect is deserved for fasting. Here in Tunisia I am impressed by their discipline and strength of will. I am sad about cheap comments from "modern" people but human kind is infested by lack of education and manners and compassion. Not applicable in Wales! -:)
Any where in the world people respect to the other ideas and to the other religions even Islam but Islamic countries and specially Iran & Syria (their governments have not real Islam) don't respect to their people and freedom.
Plus this post just for respecting Ramadan and respecting the people's religion.
Thanks Google.
Happy Ramadan to all Muslims out there.
+Waqas Ahmad , Theo Van Gogh was killed for making a piece of art critical of the way Islam teaches people to treat women. Yes I am a bit scared. I will, however, assert my right to freedom of expression. If you or someone else can't handle it, you are welcome to not read.
Many critical and mocking comics have been made about all religions in the past five years. The only ones I can think of which have led to violence against the authors have been critical of Islam. 
Once again, while you ask for respect for your beliefs, can you respect my belief that Mohommad was not worthy of the smallest amount of respect? Neither was Jesus, Krishna or Zues, by the way.
Ramadhan El Mubarak to all muslim brothers & sisters around the world- greeting from Malaysia.
All the best to my muslim half-cousins through Abraham and Hagar.
Darren Jacquard i am not asking for just my belief i am using the people of world. And by the way can you give me any single name of a Muslim who made any Painting against any religion?
+Andrea Bhatti but I think he want to fuss about small things , and +Darren Jacquard if you REALLY want to know about this religion . go and as other said search about it ! no one forcing you but there is no place of righteous discussions , then if you found any problem with proof , then you can ask one of our leaders ... but these are all in case of you REALLY want to know and not just making fun ....
Nad Man
Rick stafford in your hillbilly tick town we will make an exception
I tried fasting once and lasted about half a day lol I LOVE to eat
Hi +Darren Jacquard I really appreciate your effort to learn Islam through questioning about it here. But as this post is an off-topic, please visit some top Islamic forums where you can question real Islamic scholars and there you will be able to get more help. Allah bless you my brother. Thanks
+Rick Stafford II All you have to do before throwing up Words and blaming Islam, Read the Holy Quran and prove that this Religion's perpose is Droping Bombs ,But you know what dude ,You need to take arabic Lessons Plus History/Geographic classes then you can Be able to drop allegations like that on A peaceful religion of GOD
As an Atheist I would just like to say Ramadan Mubarak! to all Muslims on G+ and I hope that at the end of Ramadan you feel spiritually refreshed and at one with your deity and for those mocking and making offensive comments Go back to Facebook where they tolerate your sort of mentality! 
Darren Jacquard! you don't know anything about Him you just know how to create negativity about religions.
Tribute to Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him is in the very well written work of Michael H. Hart, "The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History." He states that the most influential person in all history was Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him
You see author is non Muslim but he knows what is the reality.
today is the first day fasting in malaysia.. happy fasting everyone
tomorrow is our first day :) ramadan karim mobarak .
Ramadan Mubarak to all of you. Thank you Google :)
Ramadan Mubarak everyone!  I'm not a religious man but I fully support other's beliefs.  May everyone be blessed and props to the Goog.
I'm Christian, and I'm learn'd enough to know Christianity, Islam, and Judaism all are derived from the same people - Abraham's people - and the same texts. Just because peoples break separate ways, and traditions evolve, we don't have to quarrel over differences. I have Islamic friends, and I'm brutally offended by those who label them and cast judgment, blatantly not even following their own faith by doing so. Well, anyways... Happy Chrisma-Hana-Kwanza-Ramadan everybody! :D
Jackob Wester Thanks for such a nice Wish.
Hey.. many people of you are making this post a war...

yes everybody is free to say what s/he wants... if you say anything you must have a proof to back it up other wise shut-up.. this way the other side will be subjective not just like a child who defends his parents even if they are wrong.. and the point here every body who has a google id must be adult

and stop doing like our most media stations in the Middle East who lie on people.. and creating unrest and clashes between religions and nations.. we are fed-up from hearing people saying you hate Islam or you hate us the Muslims.. there is no excuse for such sick minded.. especially when i hear this from Muslims living in the west... i can tell Muslims in the west like Europe and USA have more rights than anyone in the world.. even the extreme Muslims that are rejected and transferred to the west by their countries have more rights and freedom than citizens of that country...

listen we human being have to learn to respect each other and stop telling lies about the others and stop accusing that the other people hate us because this is not true..

if a religion can not exist with other region.. this is shame.. do you think God wants this to happen.. that his children hate each other !!

anyway ... happy feast for all and wish some day people love each other dis-regarding their religion...
Taraweeh prayers just ended here in Madinah, the good feeling that you have from the start of the month untill the end is the best!! it never gets old and despite the fact that fasting isnt easy especially during summer, you still always anticipate Ramadan. Blessed Ramadan to all muslims.
Btw why are you all still feeding that troll?? He isnt here to learn . Nobody would choose a post like this and start by bashing everyone concerned with it unless he is just trolling with ears shut.
Genuinely interested, but can't really do anything or see the hangout schedule cos I don't speak Arabic, so why big it up in English only to send me there to be confused?
I love Google, and this brought the meaning of Google to a whole new level for me!
+J. S. Hansenius Speaking of personal experience. To see that black house in the middle (whatever is called), No! You are not considered clean. To the city, sure. Although I'd recommend not to take your girlfriend or wife with you.
I am commenting on posts i read..
Who can not comment on the shame of humanity.. and see that people refuse to coexist and blame the other to hate them..
+Anton Kamil Nassar i  agree that the destination of all true religions is one , and all true prophets invites for the same and only God and warned about hereafter the world and they tried to show us the best way of living included being  kind with each other , help each other and i believe every true muslim respect other true religions and our priority is to be one ...
We are all by nature separate and far off from God. Sin, like a great barrier-wall, rises between us and our Maker. The sense of guilt makes us afraid of Him. The sense of His holiness keeps us at a distance from Him. Born with a heart at enmity with God, we become more and more alienated from Him, by practice, the longer we live. The very first questions in religion that must be answered, are these–”How can I draw near to God? How can I be justified? How can a sinner like me be reconciled to my Maker?” The Lord Jesus Christ has provided an answer to these mighty questions. By His sacrifice for us on the cross, He has opened a way through the great barrier, and provided pardon and peace for sinners. J.C. Ryle
Thank you google for supporting our holy month (Ramadan)
Please try not to take away my religous freedom.  I will stay away from yours.  Have a safe and good Ramadan.
in ramadan frequently pray & ask for forgiveness.
happy ramadan to muslims
I could never worship the god of the bible(and subsequently, the koran), even if he did exist. He is an evil bloodthirsty maniac obsessed with the death penalty.
I shall soon begin my holy month of Atheism. August.
Thank you Google for bringing out that what matters. All religions in one way or another have a practice of fasting or abstaining. This practice encourages mental and physical strength. It is definitely more challenging during summer hours.
Good post! but any Chinese here?
And what will Google be doing to help Christians spread the good Word as well?! I'm so excited to find out that I can hardly wait! What a great company that Google is!
+Nichole Behling bro it's not a war. It's information sharing. If you really like to consider it a war, then don't you think like Afghanistan war, Iraq war, Palestine war this war was also forced upon us?
+Andréa Fontenot While believe that Islam is a beautiful religion, and I agree with nearly every single thing you said, it is in now way true that non-muslims are not allowed inside Mecca.
Most Excellent....Thanking ya'll, as I too respect all Faiths. We are all God's Creations....HIS CHILDREN. I Pray Daily for Christ to Guide me. As I strive to become Christ-like. CARING...AND LOVING ALL PEOPLE, ANIMALS, NATURE ; BLESSINGS OF OUR FATHER. Treat others as you wish to be treated.
Hope everyone participating in HONOR of this Spiritual Heritage receives many many Blessings.
The arrogance of humans to delude themselves into thinking they are deserve the attention of some mythical being.
They don't respect mine I don't respect theirs. It would be nice is Muslims could coexist with other religions, but that will never happen.
If you wish to have freedom to have beliefs (such as your faith) and express them, then it is in your interest to defend freedom of speech.
Even when it offends you.
I think people should be free to celebrate their religious beliefs, but if the celebration is public, then you must accept public comments, participation and yes, even criticism.

Serious question, since fasting is dictated by sunrise/sunset times, what is done in the far northern regions, where the sunset and sunrise can overlap?
لا اله الا الله محمد الرسول االله
Thank to google company and specialy Ramadan Mubarak to all
I think religion is for fearful, simple minds brainwashed by social indoctrination. Think about it. What chance does a person born in Tehran have  to become a Catholic. Probably close to 0.000005%
Ramadan Mubarak to all brothers & sisters who are/will be fasting during the holy month. May Allah give us strength & make it easy for us - as always (ameen).
Thanks Google - for being the one who cares about all of its users. I really really appreciate it :-)
Very True. and RAMDHAN KAREEM all of you
If more people lived by the core message of whatever religion they belonged to the world would be a better place
why is it necessary that u have to criticize everything a muslim does......please be open minded....peace 
Imti B
Great to see a well known brand, open to Islam and Ramadan. Should be an interesting month and the YouTube channel. 
+Umer Naeem , I might say the same to you. Can you be open-minded to the fact that there is no evidence for your god, the 'soul' or the efficacy of prayer?

And actions should certainly be open to criticism, shouldn't they?
Alhamdulillah, the people at +Google have big hearts. Thank you and Ramadan Mubarak to you all.
Will you make a similar post on December 25th or ignore us like usual?
+KL Bhatt except for the whole chopping off of a ladies head for "adultery" or the mutilation of girls genitals, or the restriction of woman's participation in society....
In general i find the dicussion , with a few exceptions, much more interesting and adult then found in other forums. Thanks google. Just the fact that people are talking about this religious issue ,although sometimes disrespectfully, is good.
Ramadan mubarak brothers and sisters, be good :-), really rate +google for this. Big up
Honestly, I wish Google (and others) would make more information on Islam available. I would personally love to learn biblical Arabic or Farsi. I have a PDF copy of the Holy Qur'an translated into English; but I always feel like I am missing something in the translation.
That is just wonderful and grateful
+David Purcell please aknowledge, that some countries/cultures are not that progressed in terms of human rights/emanzipation etc. E.G. take the christian crusades. Today we are much further developed. Give the muslim countries time and dont try to force them into other believes. Sure, from our pov they lack behind but thank god the internet can not only show us how bad certain aspects are but show them in which direction to go (or not to go)... and please also think back in time, in medieval times everyone slaughter everybody and womens rights were only introduced a long time later. peace bros.
To me all faiths deserve criticism. Faith by definition is the belief in the absence of evidence. I don't see why we should respect that mentality?

That being said I think it is important to recognize and understand other cultures and points of view. Creation myths played a huge role in shaping the world we live in.
And what has Google done for Christianity lately?
+Benjammin Miller The Quran is NOT holy. It promotes killing all non-Muslims. If you want to learn Farsi, try Rosetta Stone.
+Rob Creamer Ramadan Mubarak is a way of saying congradulations, Ramadan is here. People usually use the word ''mubarak'' as the word congradulations.
So I'm guessing there's no need to share my lunch of baby back ribs...

Hock'em Menachem!
+Mo vom Wunnenstein if only those regimes shared your optimism. I agree with your point, I also think it is important to continue to call them out for human rights issues and work to improve. Just as it is important to remain diligent about human rights in the West, as we are far from perfect.
I am starving already.
+David Purcell just wanted to add. Change doenst happen over night and most certainly not by forcing. It is a slow transition in state of mind of a whole culture/millions of people. I am very careful not to jump to fast conclusions when thinking or reading about what western media write about islam or any other religion for that matter.
Happy sahur to all muslims in the world.
Get your facts straight people! Everyone is allowed in the city of Mecca but not into the premise of the holy mosque which is what you see on TV. Mecca is a whole city but the holy mosque is just a part of it and only Muslims are allowed there.
Thats billions of people still worshiping a dead prophet that still in a grave we christians worship a risen God prophet the Christ !!" and we don't look at the vatigan in rome thats pagan !! But we look at a God that is ALIVE in us!! Thats the real christian!!
That's nice to hear the east accepted something from the west even if it is mere digital technology. Happy Ramadan
+Patton Gunn while I agree that the Quran is a deplorable book to use as a moral standard (most religious texts are). It is still important to at least read the key passages, as it plays such a significant role in society, just as it is important to understand the bible, Buddhism, Max Weber, the Wealth of Nations, Confucianism, etc.

The key thing is to not hold it to some "higher" standard, but to recognize it as a great literature, and a document of human mythology.
Can someone answer about fasting times and sunset/sunrise times in the far north?
I believe I have the right to worship a goat if i choose to, but a case where Muslims in Nigeria attack churches in the name of fighting for Allah speaks volume about the Islamic faith, worst of it if these unpovoked attacks occur on Ramadan day, Islam may be said to be a peaceful religion, but here in my country Nigeria, it definately isn't, after all said, I wish all Muslims a wonderfull Ramadan out of respect to religious affiliations, not cost am a fan of Islam, asalamu alaikum
+Darren Jacquard might I tell you sir, as a muslim teenager living in the United States, the very country where 9/11 occured, I have endured much dislike. Now, I was born in the States and have lived here all my life. The beauty of this country is that though there are people who accuse me of being a terrorist, there are people who greet me with open arms and judge be based on my character. As you have the right to speech,as well as I, we muslims have a right to religion. With that being said, let us practice what we practice in peace. Please understand that as a child I have been hurt by the little things people say, the whispers as I walk in a store with a hijab on after Friday prayer, the glares and then, the looks of pity. The land I live in is the land of the free, so I look you in the eye and ask, where is my freedom?
I hope everyone have a happy Ramadan and thanks for non Muslims for there greetings
+Darren Jacquard deary, there is a difference between freedom of speech and freedom of offence and abuse. If you don't respect others, there's no question that you will be respected, so talk sense. We can openly make fun of our friends who won't mind it, but if I publicly displayed obscene drawings of your mother, you'd be abnormal to not get offended or to not react.
+Philip Wright I wish there were more people like you!!!!!!
Anyway, Assalamualaikum and Ramadhan mubarak to all my fellow Muslims out there, as well as my non Muslim G+ buddies, have a good time!
Google, thank you for such a humble action :)
*May Peace Be Upon you* 
Don't force us infidels, kiffars to observe your fasting.  WE will still eat lunch at high noon.  and sometimes we might evern have a ham sandwich.   Weather you like it or not.  You're not better than us.
I think google did a great thing to adress ramadhan like this. I dont think such a vivid discussion would be possible on any other social network. Thanks for giving the world google+ may g+ help for making it a better place.