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Alright, cricket fans—we heard you. Starting today—just in time for the upcoming ICC World T20 in Bangladesh—Google Now supports cricket. You can get live updates on your favorite national teams’ runs and wickets, as well as checking their upcoming fixtures. Just open Google Now, add your team to your settings by tapping on the “magic wand,” and you’ll never miss a wicket again. (Make sure you have the updated app: and have your language set to English.) Of course, it’s not just the Now cards; you can always ask Google for the latest scores, too. Even if you can’t watch your team’s match, you can still get all the latest live results, on your mobile devices and on desktop. Try “Bangladesh vs. Afghanistan” to see if your team’s up or down. Howzat! #T20WC2014 #GoogleNowUpdate
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What about national teams for football?
What about F-1? Or 2014 Fifa World Cup?
USA cricket team is missing and I know we have one. Also missing: Tulsa Oilers hockey, Tulsa 66ers basketball, Tulsa Drillers baseball, Portland Winterhawks hockey. 
Auto Racing please. Nascar, formula 1. 
No Joey
National rugby teams are missing. At least you can follow rabo direct and stuff teams
It even not supporting all soccer teams!!!!
finally!  need IPL support too 
We going to get around to cycling? Because I'm that weird guy who likes it. :)
Australian Rules AFL is a must. The most popular sport across Australia has been totally ignored by google. 
Won't you all run out of battery before you get the final score anyway, though?
+Google let me know if any Googlers from Bangladesh worked on this update ;)
Ban Afghanistan?  Sounds good to me!
Cool..afghanistan beat bangladesh in an odi recently...hopefully they can have same success in shortest format of the game
That's cool and all, but one would be super inclined to ask why +Googledoesn't support national teams for the upcoming World Cup...
International Rugby Union would be good... Maybe in time for next years Six Nation?
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Australian Rules Football started last night but still no teams! With the minor Rugby codes supported here surly AFL support is an over sight unless there is a licencing issue! 
+Brian Luna can't believe we even have to ask for this. World cup around the corner and all.
International rugby teams please
Sweet!  Just added the West Indies Cricket Team here in Toronto, ON, Canada.
Really? Cricket? When are we getting Rugby?....
Cricket? That's funny for the rest of the world! I mean, cricket is not really sports! It's more like darts or chess...
+AFL would be nice also to be added to Google Now
Looks like the Indians at the helm of affairs at Google is paying off 
Ray Du
Please allow me to use Google now in China!!!!!!
This is awesome, I was waiting for this. Thank you Google:)
This is great. I hope the scores are not 15 minutes delayed
Thanks for this. Enjoying the cricket updates already. 
How bout formula 1 support
Need national football and rugby for the world cups 
Aleague surely should be added
Would love to see the logos for the EPL teams
Hopefully you will do the same for World Championship in Soccer and to follow Tennis players and other individual sports... 
It supports all IPL teams :)
Great! I've been waiting for cricket since I first used Now. Now I just want domestic cricket support for Australia, Rugby scores, AFL scores, and hot word support for Australia. 
Formula 1, World Rally Championship, etc. There are a lot of motorsport fans! 
its good function, but we need to add all team in cricket option.  There must me option for live cricket which running worldwide or tournament name, like T20 worldcup, 20-20, IPL2014, etc...  +Google  #googlenow  
Thank you Google... Thank you very much..
Love from India..
I was like waiting for this update from the beginning
Thanks for this. But I was looking forward to add Sri Lankan cricket team in google now settings as my teams. I see all the major cricket teams but not Sri Lanka. 
My bad. When a team is already added search results doesn't show that team. 
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