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Doesn’t the stuff you keep online deserve the same protection as the stuff you keep offline? Under a law called ECPA, government agencies in the U.S. can see what you’ve written and stored online without a warrant. Sign this petition to the White House and tell the government to get a warrant! 
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I went to sign it and apparently I had already signed it a month ago.
+Janos Zakarias You don't have one already? It takes less than 30 seconds to make one and is one of the only ways, other than picking up the phone and calling your rep/senator (they don't pay attention to emails/letters), that the government actually pays attention to what the general populace cares about. It is probably the single best thing this administration has done, and every US citizen should have an account and check the site on a regular basis. Then again, you can only lead a horse to water, you can't force them to drink it.
+John Livingston im not a us citizen. but the nsa lurking around everyones data is my problem too, as i do use the internet. but i really dont want to create a .gov account for signing a petition against the government spying on me, i think thats reasonable.
As a private investigator, I value my privacy and my clients privacy.  Imagine not having privileged communication between family, friends or your attorney?!?! 
+Janos Zakarias Oh, I tried to look at your profile and see whether you were a US citizen, but you have your profile set to restrict information, so I couldn't tell either way.

Yeah if you're not a US Citizen, I'm not sure you can create an account on there. Plus I don't think our government is going to listen to what citizens of other countries think about US-only law. We have a hard enough time getting them to listen to US, much less people outside the US.
+John Livingston i see your point. but again, us-only laws affect companies like google, apple, microsoft, etc., which have millions of peoples private info. that makes us kind of involved. so this petition should also be somewhere else besides
+Ken Childs To be a little blunt, email was NEVER designed to be secure from its invention and if you're using email to transmit sensitive information you have to encrypt it before it even leaves your machine. I personally set up OpenPGP using GNU Privacy guard (and there's a Gmail plugin that once you set up is super easy to use), unfortunately I'm the only person I know that uses it, so I can't send any protected email.

I don't have any real privileged communications right now, but if I ever need a lawyer I'm either going to insist on OpenPGP or tell them I simply can't email them. If I were to hire a PI such as yourself, I probably would insist on the same thing. Even if they pass a law that doesn't let the government look at email without a warrant, that still doesn't change the fact that email is inherently insecure, and if you're sending anything unencrypted (I'm talking contents encrypted, not SSL) it's in the open anyway.
+Armin Schneider es gibt ein großes unterschied zwischen die firmen wie google, apple usw. und das NSA. es ist garnicht egal, wer zugriff auf unsere daten hat.
+Patrick René you really should watch this:
and yes, every nation has something like the nsa. but the us is really overreacting. and keep in mind, that without privacy there is no democracy, and more importantly, there is no freedom. and as far as i know, the one thing the usa is the most proud of is its citizens freedom.
Recent events suggests that the data should still be encrypted anyways.
Why yes. We should block toll tags. We are already paying for road taxes, just that money is not used appropriately 
More snooping and more government.
yes ban toll tags    you can turn off GPS on your phone in the settings menu 
From the company that supported CISPA:
"What, it isn't OK to share your data with the government?  We thought that was cool.  Well, than, if it may cost us business, then I guess we had better act outraged."
thanks goofle.
The amount of pure stupidity in the comments here is astounding and very sad.
Again with the "nothing to hide" argument. It doesn't matter if I have anything to hide, I still don't want people looking.

I don't have anything to hide in my bedroom either, but I still shut the blinds so the neighbors don't see in. I don't have anything to hide in the bathroom, but I still close the stall.

Furthermore, the argument presumes that those doing the watching would never use that data inappropriatly. What if the government decides it doesn't like ruritans and begins rounding up all those who went to any ruritan functions? Or political rallies, or religious meetings?

If they collect the data the potential for abuse exists. If they don't have it, they can't abuse it.
Heck, I hate when people read over my shoulder and this is much worse, in my opinion.
This is so crazy.... I read today by German news NSA checking daily over 5 Billion Phones... I guess they are having nothing to do... SIGNED... I have nothing to hide by my mails.. so but I still don't like it, we the people are having any privacy no more... 
Signed a month ago.
Quite the feat as the earth's population is just above 7 billion.
tried to join and sign but kept getting sent back to the create an account page 
+Janos Zakarias As to pride in freedom, the vast majority of Americans if not manipulated into perfectly choreographed political divisions, have been programmed for political ignorance & apathy. Our Constitutional "Protections & Rights" much as the "American Dream" itself, have been nothing more than manipulative slogans for decades!
Well.. Maybe US government is looking for another possible war through our e-mails hahaha.. War means another money making. 
Making people have to have an account is messed up. Obviously by signing my name and attaching my mailing address, they could cross reference my IP address and know it's me. Assholes
I lmao @ this. I support the message bit, isn't Google one of the most guilty parties EVER at collecting data on you??!?!
Re: "nothing to hide"
Everyone has secrets. They aren't necessarily criminal, or immoral. Do you want your employer to know you're job hunting?
+bruce heckman, people like you are the "final nail" in coffin that will be organized religion. How come most religious rants follow slander, name calling, and accusations?!? In one comment alone, you have become the perfect example of religious hyprocacy. Love thy neighbor, or call them liars and harbors of death. No wonder christianity in in steady decline, nutjobs pushing people away! If you are an example of what is, then id never be! I mean, who wants to make themselves look like you look now?!? Do me a favor, excersize logic and form YOUR OWN opinions on issues when looking into the history of mankind. Follow your brain, following your heart will leave you hurt. Ya know why most governments claim strong religious ties? Because it [religion] was created to control the masses...and its got you...bad!
Can they read your mail if your outside of the US?
n rocha
Only way to protecy yourself is to NOT use email, sms, cell phones. Good luck with that
Oh boy, halfway until 100,000 signatures which will just result in the White House (I don't care who from what party is in power) will just say "sorry we can't because terrorists"
i again encourage everyone with the 'i have nothing to hide' argument to watch this:
its not about not having anything to hide from anyone. its about privacy, and thus freedom. i dont know what freedom really stands for in the us, but we - the ones affected outside of the us - have to stand for our own rights. (although i really dont have much of that since im living in hungary)
This is so unconstitutional. Like everything else the government does nowadays.
I don't see why this is such a big deal. Yeah it's an invasion of privacy but if it helps catch terrorist then why should I care. I don't have anything to hide in my emails and I just don't see what's so bad about it. just my opinion, don't blow a blood vessel ppl.
 I know there'll be at least ONE person who gets all mad about my comment. first person to take this personal and not be able to understand someone else's opinion/idea wins! GO! lol
+Evan Weissman you can simply choose a different email provider than Gmail if you don't want Google to handle your mail. Most other major email companies do the same things that Google does, so you may be better off hosting your own email servers if you want it to be completely in your control.
Yes, the government needs a warrant to access my accounts.
We are all frogs in the proverbial pot of water and the heat is slowly being increased...will we ever get out of our stupor?
remember when they were blaming movies for local acts of violence and hate, when its the parenting, all along? internet is public domain. common sense should be used online. if you want something private, don't put it on something that the majority of humans cant go a day without. this is all mundane. 
Vu Dinh
+Bryan Blaser My family and significant other are all half way around the world from me. How am I supposed to keep my "private conversations" off the net? Well, I could put us all on a VPN tunnel, but you'd agree that's not a satisfactory answer.
Besides, stuff like an https connection implies that we have a private customer - service provider relationship with online services like Google's. No reason to let a 3rd party in just because we host such a connection via public tubes.
They are all gangsters. There the real. One 
Vu Dinh
+Bryan Blaser Long distance calls? Really? Over VoIP? SMS? Video chat? We might as well shut down the whole damned thing if we really favor such an antique relic as telephony over it.
+Vu Dinh quit taking life so seriously! Its not like you are discussing government intelligence ops or planning a political takeover. You wanna shut it down over yer love letters? I since an imbalance of moral significance. Laugh a little! You'll soon find that the more you don't give a fuck, the happier, in life, you'll be!
Government needs a warrant for reading our emails! 
No, it's not like you're planning some nefarious activity. It's the principles of decency and privacy.
I tried to create an account, but 30 minutes later the verification email hasn't arrived (not in junk folder either).
Well I do not have thing to hide. But I do have occasion to send private info vial email. When that occurs, I encrypt it first. Would be nice if more email providers supported encryption natively. +John Livingston, I didn't think Gmail had s supported plugin any longer? However, unless the plugin is doing the encryption during creation/composition of the message, your days is NOT secure add Gmail saves during the composition. Better to encrypt offline first.
If they are so good at it, why didn't they stop Sandy hook or the Boston Marathon massacres?
So True, governments are not above the law... they are people like us.
+Sohel Shekha
ofcourse it's only in the US coz there's no where else the government would be able to call google and force them to read their users's mail.
Google's infrastructure and servers are mostly located in US and Europe so I'm assuming in anywhere else other than US it would be difficult for other governments to read citizens e-mails.
Call me a cynic but it is interesting that when there is a threat to their present or future revenue stream Google is suddenly supporting this petition. 

Google is not the only one. Others including Microsoft are suddenly indignant at the US government's grabbing data for the same reason.

Where were they before Snowden and all the discussion? Quietly making money it seems.
Privacy must be redefined for the digital age, unassailable, free from warrantless invasion. Perhaps those innovative Open Source minds out there can create a hash/nonce unique letteropener for the online world, a la Bitcoin. The words you type are your own IP, wax sealed but sincere (pun intended) - packets should be wrapped, encrypted, yet easy to get.
Yes, please.
Privacy is one of these fundamental things, nobody should brake!
To all those who say they have nothing to hide since they aren't planning anything evil... Can I have your bank accounts? I mean, if you're not doing anything evil with it then it's okay if others know about it, right?
+Brian Sullivan Couldn't have said it better. On the upside Margaret Mead had it right (with her sentiment that we should never doubt that a small group of people can leverage major societal change). This isn't going away and it is definitely bleeding across all borders.
Saying one gives up privacy becuse one uses the internet is like saying your mail should be readable by all becauase it passes through the post office.

The fact than an item is addressed to a specific individual and not to everybody should be sufficient indication that the content is only for that individual and not for everybody.

It has nothing to do with hiding or guilt or protection and evrything to do with privacy. If there is a reasonable suspicion that my email contains information vital to public safety, there should be no problem getting a warrant for that purpose.
I'm a big privacy advocate however the NSA (Do you really think they're the only ones watching ;) snooping on mail is ultimately a good thing cos all an email is is the electronic version of a post card, ANYONE can read it, Ultimately it will force users (at least those who care) to be more secure (which is a good thing).
Email does not equate to a postcard. It is closed until someone actively opens it, similar to a letter. Unlike a facebook ot twitter post which would be much more comparable to a post card.

Anyone can open my envelopes too, but that is illegal. Just because they are capable of doing so doesnt mean they should.
+Matt Williams That just shows how little you know about the technology, an email is just a text file, if you want privacy then put it in an envelope (aka use pgp encryption).

The postcard description is rather apt as anyone can look at it, there's no "envelope" to open.

Email is inherently insecure.
Governments that regularly ignore existing laws, certainly wouldn't ignore a new law.   
This is not a technological issue, but a behavioral one. Your statement about the text file equates to a homeowner using a cheap door to close their home. It does not excuse a robber breaking it down.

Also, the password to access my account serves as my envelope in this metaphor.
They are going to read your mail / email weather you like it or not.

Yes, my email deserves the same protections as my post mail, my home and my person! 
Ironically you have to use an email to create an account to sign this petition ... IT'S A TRAP! :p
Y es, since it is usually the same information .
Doesn't matter about the warrant, if they are sent to your home to collect Hard Disc's they can illegally take and share images of your underpants after they line them up on the bed. Then if you complain your sited as a mental health case, and any information will be restricted in-case you decide to harm yourself or others.

If you protest, expect to die doing it at the hands of the law enforcers.
Bad petition, DON'T SIGN!
The NSA is allowed to spy without warrant on everyone outside the US.
Why should US citizens be privileged?
+Gerhard Torges The NSA commits illegal action both within our borders and overseas. This could be the first step in bringing them down!  And for a government given power by its citizens to spy on its citizens is a huge sign of the corruption that is going on in our country.
These comments are hilarious. How many of you wear tinfoil hats to prevent probing of your thoughts?
For those of you with the 'I've got nothing to hide' argument, how would you feel if you were forced to live in a house with glass walls? Wouldn't like it too much would you.... but if you've got nothing to hide it shouldn't bother you at all if someone is watching. Right? I thought not.
Não tenho nada a esconder, então não faz diferença se souberem o que penso, com quem lido, e quais são meus relacionamentos. 
PR is better then explaining away the war crimes of making sure the RedCross/Others wont have medical/food supply and evacuation drones for years to come. Enjoy that driverless G car. Nice robot on marz by the way!
You default all stuff to public so they don't need a warrent.  Have you learned nothing from watching people bitch at Facebook? Thankyou for bricking my Nexus 4. And when someone steels my identity cause birthday and identity are public I will have my lawyer sue you. He got me a $1000 from FORD.  Yes I would like my phone backed up but for my use and not anyone elses.   CC: Jackson Leeds Esq.
Get a Warrant! This should be law for Security and privacy.
What the hell are you people doing on the internet that you are so worried about? Maybe do it some where else.
+carol howe LOL i know, right? But I can still understand the worry. Where does it stop?
What the hell were people doing in their homes that they were so worried about? If you put a lock on your door, you expect that only you and people you authorize will unlock that door and proceed inside.

When you put an encrypted password on a series of files or a set of data in an effort to keep it private, you expect that only you and people you authorize will breach it and obtain the data.
In this country on the day you are born u r given a social security number. U have been tracked since birth the idea of privacy does not exist. Think about everything u have ever done that has numbers attached which is just about everything, bank account, car loan,school records, childhood vacinations and etc and they r all asking for your ss number they already know just about everything.

Government does whatever is in their best interest, that is obvious.  May not be ethical or legit . I have been through some very unethical things from government due to property relocation, people that work in various agencies, and ex government workers also due to work related deaths on government, to assist only sibling who is part time teacher and husband a postal employee.. I have been harassed by government employees, and friends of to sabotage work opportunities to suppress, and mess with living situation due to influence with other professionals. Get to see connection to bank due to family involved with sports and government agencies. They have used their friends to tap into funds after family death, mess with living conditions are extreme due to the suppression.
Peaceful assembly, peaceful hour every monday...1pm,,, a sit - in front of any gov't building 's doorway...then every monday n tuesday...then every if something is wrong w/our gov't....first..Look in the mirror.
If it has a lock, the government needs a warrant to get in it.

If it has a password, the government needs a warrant to get in it.
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