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Meet +Alex Blaszczuk: Glass Explorer, law student and owner of a 20lb cat. In the fall of 2011, a car accident en route to a celebratory camping trip left Alex paralyzed from the chest down, unable to use her hands. Last month, Alex finally made it camping and shared her story #throughglass

To learn more about Alex and her adventures with Glass, visit

This entire film was shot through Glass.
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+Google if you can hear me. Please answer me.
Is there a way i could get in toch with a Google represetative, or some oficiall?
Prefered Russian or Latvian speaking.
I have some proposals you might find interesting, relating Google Map service and a way to improve internet security thru out the world.
This is amazing! Certainly there is no limits to what technology can do GOOD & BAD for the human race and for our universe.
Tony R.
Wow iluvit!!!..I want one of those..great story n how Glass tech can help.awesome n amazing technology
Alex is an amazing woman people can learn from her all people can gain from this young ladies ambitions and not letting things get in her way!
This video shows how helpful Google glass could be.Great!
I would love to see a Part 2 of this video...showcasing real use cases of Glass besides taking pictures and Navigation....although it is a great start. +Alex Blaszczuk it is time for you to push this technology and request other features you would need for your day-to-day tasks. Enjoy
deve aver trovato un po d'amore per se stessa
I've always thought of Google Glass as a bit of a novelty or a toy. I never though about what it could do for someone with a serious disability. This really changes my opinion of the possibilities for Glass and other wearable technology products.
Hina N
i hope you guys have fun.
My dads blind.  I want to buy google glass so I can help him access information on his phone better.  
why don't split the smart phones into google glasses, samsung's watch and bluetooth headset and make them connected by blutooth connection and no vain for smart phones ,,we can turn it into smart life :D
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