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Today in the U.S., our doodle marks the establishment 123 years ago of Yosemite National Park. About the size of Rhode Island (3,081 square kilometers), Yosemite is known worldwide for its striking granite cliffs, waterfalls, redwood groves and other natural wonders; John Muir, who was instrumental in its preservation, called it "by far the grandest of all the special temples of Nature I was ever permitted to enter." In the wake of this year's devastating California's Rim Fire, our doodle celebrates Yosemite's past and future. 
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Of course you can't go visit Yosemite today, since our government is incompetent.
J grace
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and it's closed today, thanks to our lovely government.
Me Be
Nature  creates magnificent things. Nice doodle.
Why is google still operating today? I thought all the government agencies shut down?
socialism's roots are growing deeper and deeper....very very sad.  when is the last 123rd birthday you remember that got this type of treatment.
Yeah, +Rick Hamilton , because the republican socialists are so obsessed with blocking the affordable care act that they were willing to let the government be shut down by refusing anything that wasn't entirely killing the act. 
Fundraising would be certainly more appropriate right now.
Didn't you know? Socialism has been redefined to mean, "anything I don't like right now even if I liked it in the past or might in the future"

The odd thing is, national parks are much more socialistic than the affordable care act... it's closed.....
John Muir is laughing.
Many fond memories for many decades. 
Right Wingers really don't like being reminded that we collectively own anything. It's also NASA's birthday, today.
Jeff M
Never been there...yet
I think the GOP needs John Muirs foot up their ass
 Looks like Dirty Harry decided to "make everyone's day" and shut down the gooberment by not taking the deal in hand. Tax payers rejoice! We're probably saving a lot of money with this.
Just like at Walleyworld, "Sorry folks, park's closed. Moose out front shoulda told ya."
Ironic that the government shut it down TODAY.
How ironic is this that today is the day that Yosemite is closed because of government shutdown!
Such a beautiful place. I got so many good pictures.
I like this. Just to go to this web site to check out this park to find it closed.
I love this goggle page. Makes it interesting.
+Abdullah AlSaidi Yes, have you not heard the news? Where have you been. Its sad that things our so mad in our nation. What do you think?
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