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+Google Ventures portfolio company +Nest is looking for "happy homes." Here's one of our happy lobbies—share your own pictures with the hashtag #nesthappyhomes.
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Very artsy.  I normally dont like this style, but it kind of works here.
you will never get me to hashtag anything!!!!
like the green chairs but not diggin the room...tacky mix of patterns...i would get a headache sitting in this room
<3 my nest!!! My fav home gadget of 2012!
Como para descansar,donde?
I found that this lobby is way to busy, color clash and things just don't look right,, but if i fit you then so b it.
Maybe it looks different from below, but from a bird's eye view it looks too busy
It' looks like a knitted puzzle,interesting..
i see an eye , nose and wicked smile :)
I never even considered that image,creative kool!
I can't find the furniture! 
legogo is the name for that table,Legogo lobby,,
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