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We've updated Project Re:Brief, our effort to re-imagine iconic ads for the modern web, with two new campaigns. The two re-intepreted classics—you'll recognize "I can't believe I ate the whole thing" (from the 1972 Alka-Seltzer commercial) and "We try harder" (Avis car rental's campaign that began in 1962)—use interactive technology and personalize ads for the consumer.

Read more in +The New York Times or visit to learn more.
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I want to see a feature length film about this and the people behind it, that was like a teaser for a very interesting documentary.. awesome!
Why does your embedded YouTube player break or not include all of the standard controls? The very antithesis of seamless.
I worked in Hollywood for ten years. This was one of the commercials that crossed our radar.. still funny today. +Nicholas Chase
@Randal - the feature film is on its way….we just screened it last week at AADigital.
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