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Today’s doodle in France features writer and intellectual Simone de Beauvoir set against a Parisian backdrop. Beauvoir, who would have been 106 years old today, is best known for her contributions to feminist theory, in particular her 1949 book “The Second Sex.”
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Depuis les révélations de Michel Onfray, sur le pseudo - couple, Sartre/Beauvoir , bémol !
À ses dires (recherche unanime " à part les irréductibles" elle était le "nègre littéraire de Sartre et bien plus" (xxx aussi pour le bon professeur-philosophe-écrivain traduit dans le monde, personnage mythique etc.) )  
D'où l'expression: "Il ferait beau voir, Simone!"...
Yeah, Google. You would support a complete sexist. {{-_-}}
Next doodle will be Rene Schoemaker warning the world for the Windows XP apocalypse. Paul Nicolas, senior director global security strategy Microsoft trustworthy computing, told him so.
"The Second Sex" is a fantastic piece of feminist Philosphy. Really enjoyed it. 
+Edward Wisniowski If you have to ask you don't know speculation is what leads to hurtful rumors  She fell in love it happens that simple
+Edward Wisniowski She knew how to make Satre life Beautiful. I know that she would come over and stand by him and when his tea was jsut the right color she would whisk the leaves away that there might be the perfect balance of stimulation and taste. Smile 
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