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Google hung out with 4 people.Matt Storms, Sasch Mayer, Amy Hubbard, and Emma Burrows
Planning a summer vacation
Google and 4 others participated
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Why is it saying that the hangout isn't supported on my Galaxy Nexus?
It's a live hangout not yet available on mobile
Looking forward to my trip to Rome!
Terrible +Google . If we can't participate by mobile when its started by pc. Should be available by all kind of conexion.
Seems like it's still not fixed. Hitting play on the hangout just presents a black screen.
"ON AIR" doesn't available on my account , why ?!
If it's working for the speakers, hopefully it'll at least be recorded and made available post-Hangout.
I think a lot of people already know what they explain over there in the hangout.
Using blog results for travel is genius.
Marco F
Dont work for me. I get a black box here on g+.
(On youtube it works)
Right when I clicked on it, they ended it. >_<
No problem. Yeah, the mobile app just got a big update today, so it could possibly be little different now.
ur welcome... hav u ever used an iphone!?!?!
everheard of a camera on a phone?? derp
so u hav never heard of G+ but ur on it?
u rlly needd to think b4 u post sumthin
I'd really like to see some sort of audio notification when asking hangout participants "Are you still there?" I commonly use hangouts as a way to collaborate with other programmers while we are all sharing our screens. Often times we are booted from the hangout when we are all actively using it, but if there were some kind of audio warning we could tab over and click "yes" in time.
ik kan geen hangouts starten er is iets mis met de pop-in kan iemand mij helpen??
Hi Guys! Fan of +BondiRescue love what they do, camera crew and all? Add us to your circles! Done anything crazy for Bondi Rescue? Tag us in your pictures to get in our Crazy Fans album!
Im new to g+ and hangouts. Can someone explain what the benefits are to all this is really?
+John Layson you are fucking rude bro...calm down, +yeoux leigh just wanted a summary of the whole "thinking" you actually did. She is an efficient learner, she doesn't waste time developing an answer, she goes to the sources to obtain the answers already made. And so, bro, you are underestimating her ability to think, making you a selfish egotistic male with no social skills whatsoever. Period.
all i read was 8(PERIOD)* i know im on my 2 lols (SIKE)
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