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When you're on the go, Instant Preview on mobile can help you find what you're looking for faster. Say that you're at the grocery store, searching for [cheese party ideas] and want to find a website that has photographs, as well as written tips, to give you inspiration. On the search results page, you can tap on the magnifying glass next to any search result to see a webpage preview.  When you see a preview that you'd like to explore more, simply tap on it and you'll be taken directly to the website.  This feature is available for Android (2.2+) and iOS (4.0+) devices across 38 languages. 

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*psst - fix the typo in your first sentence. Didn't you see the little red underline before you hit post?*
I was wondering wtf "instand" was :p
+Joshua Guillory, It's OK, Google knows what he means...
But apparently it can't parse a copy/paste into a plus-link...
how did I not know about this!?
Google is everything

Great option for mobile navigation. I don't know anything of this feature, thanks.
I feel like I've changed the world a little bit today. Made it a better place. Thanks +Google 
I love this feature, but my question +Google is if eats too much data. I'm stuck with 3g at office and in my country you eat your plan with about two youtube streamings... 
prodrian escribir en español? gracias
How about "keep" Google Reader instead?
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