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It’s National Weatherperson’s Day (yup, really). Even if you've never daydreamed of gesturing in front of a green screen, you’ve still got a little time today to get weather-savvy with the #GoogleSearch app by your side. Try asking “Will I need an umbrella this weekend?” and Google will show you the forecast and tell you if it’s going to rain. Or ask “Is it going to snow tomorrow?” to see if you’re in for another round of shoveling. If you’re traveling, you can ask “What will the weather be like in Chicago this Friday?” Bundle up… or for those of you in the southern hemisphere, here’s to cool breezes!
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Remember Percy Saltsman and his chalk board on CBC???
I guess nature's celebrating by dumping as much snow on us as possible to make sure weatherpeople stay relevant.
+Scott Wilson yeah, but they save us the ridiculousness of having the learn to read METARs!
I would love to give them recognition. If they could just stop giving us such COLD forecasts! It has been below zero here for already 50+ days this winter! 
Lan _G
I have made many gesture before green screens!
For I am +Lan Di
This is great!  I've actually been fascinated with meteorology since I was a kid and I love it!  Especially storm chasing.  :)  I also studied it more while in college and even thought about pursuing meteorology as a possible career.  Thanks for the share +Google!  :)
It's national weather person's day, let's show them how much we appreciate their work by replacing them with yet another Google service
Weather people don't predict the weather... They create it! It's a conspiracy I tell you!
But I'm traveling elsewhere and not to Chicago!!!! Pity only Chicago is supported
+Google, +Android I asked Google Now "When's the next time it's going to snow?" And it didn't have a response but it did answer this question. "is it going to snow this week" please add in the response to the above question. I rather ask "When's the next time it's going to snow" and if it was going to snow that week it would say Yes, On Friday. Or No, Snow is not in the expected forecast. Also for people having cold weather like to ask this questions "when's the next time it's going to be warm" and Google can respond back with the day that week that's going to be the warmest day that week by say this. "The warmest day this week is Tuesday with the highs at 40°F" something like that would be nice too.
Do I need unbrella this weekend
Damn asking it if I need snow boots didn't work :-(
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