When you’re looking up in-depth articles in #GoogleSearch (http://goo.gl/km00oq), you’ll now find two more ways to explore. First, you'll see a new link at the bottom of the results to see "More in-depth articles." Clicking the link will show you up to 10 related articles.

Second, you'll start seeing new links to explore related topics. For example, if you search for [federal reserve] http://goo.gl/28zIz8, you'll see links to explore [wall street bailout] and [alan greenspan]. Search for [syria] http://goo.gl/1gD6Ub and you'll see links to explore [president putin], [syria history] and many other topics. Clicking on any of these links, you'll find more in-depth articles.

The in-depth articles feature is currently available on google.com in English. We’ll share an update when we expand to new countries and languages.
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