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When you’re looking up in-depth articles in #GoogleSearch (, you’ll now find two more ways to explore. First, you'll see a new link at the bottom of the results to see "More in-depth articles." Clicking the link will show you up to 10 related articles.

Second, you'll start seeing new links to explore related topics. For example, if you search for [federal reserve], you'll see links to explore [wall street bailout] and [alan greenspan]. Search for [syria] and you'll see links to explore [president putin], [syria history] and many other topics. Clicking on any of these links, you'll find more in-depth articles.

The in-depth articles feature is currently available on in English. We’ll share an update when we expand to new countries and languages.
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Gimme google glass, then we can talk.
Does it search "all" online news resources such as blog posts or only specific news agencies that have editors and are approved by Google?
Looking forward to playing with it - I'm sure there will be strengths and weaknesses.
Google, keeps & wanting my location on in my phone well I stay at home most of the time & I am handycapped I surly don't want my location & face all over town, & the internet.
+kim scrib Okay 1: if you believe that you obviously don't know history very well, and 2: this is a post about a new feature of Google, why are you spotting political opinions on it? 
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