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From Sunday in Russia, a topsy-turvy doodle in honor of children's poet Samuil Marshak. The doodle shows the hero of one of Marshak's best-known poems, "Вот какой рассеянный" ("The Absentminded Fellow"). 
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Tomorrow, I want to see a Google Doodle of the Master Chief voting. Lol.
if you reason your work...then you are a creator...go enjoy
Como me siento de orguyoso perteneser a la familia de GOOGLE. Quiero pedirle. A Dios que le de mucha sabiduria. Y que podsmos escribir en espanol y la traducion en arabe se logre automaticsmente y el ser comprenda que es con mucho respeto, amor, logrwmos lo mas bello de la vida la paz entre los humanos y Uds, lo estan logrando: seran la 7o.marsvilla del mundo.

Очень хороший дудль! :-)
Strange he doesn't wear a frying pan instead of the hat as it was described in the poem)
I <3 Russian Folk Tales ... really interesting. African folktales rate after that :-)
people really think about who u want to be president
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