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You’ve been able to ask Google a range of sports-related questions for some time now—whether you’re looking for the result of the latest Lakers game ( or curious when the MLB season starts ( We’ve updated our sports results to give you a richer and more interactive experience. 

League schedules ( are now grouped by day/week, so you can easily see who's playing and when. Clicking on a game gives you detailed information with links to more content on official sites. You can find complete league standings just by doing a quick search for [NBA standings], and you can even see the latest stats from your favorite players. As a bonus, our March Madness answer cards ( display a full bracket view to help you see how you’re doing with your bracket game.

These cards are available on desktop, tablet and mobile—and of course are enabled through voice search as well.
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i can almost smell the google now integration...
Do you guys track the CFL? That is the one and only reason why I'm still relying on other sport applications right now.
awesome!! Google Brain :)
Forget about gReader. It's time to move on.
GReader is a walking dead... Before it dies, get in Feedly and sync all your RSS feeds. No export/hassle required. And it has apps for android and chrome browser
Have tried Feedly, Flipboard and Google Currents and come to conclusion that I much prefer Google Reader.

If you want to drop a Google product then drop Currents and keep Reader.
Can we expect other sports to receive this kind of treatment? F1, WRC, etc.?
+Google UK +Google

Seeing as you now have 2 centres/offices in the UK (London and Manchester) can you please get someone to do Google Now cards for rugby and f1
Superb ... But this does not work with Soccer
There needs to be a way to search standings by conference and not just division.
Get rid of Currents and keep Reader. Currents takes for ever to load anyway.
Hey +Google, how come when I search for NBA scores on my phone (Nexus 4), the scores appear momentarily and then disappear?
Does this work for football? Or for Americans, soccer.
Request: Please add cards for Motorsport.  There are many racing series around the world, and it would be cool to see stories and/or  results appear. A card for qualification and times, grid order. A card for an upcoming race, the local time it airs and what channel. 
Google the world is not USA, how about other sports? Formula 1 for example?
+Lourens Rolograaf and +Jon Larsen, if you search for Formula 1 related terms, sometimes you get a nice calendar of events, sometimes you get the standings as of the last race, and sometimes you get the last race's winner.
Full +NASCAR support would be great!

Searching for "NASCAR Sprint Cup" does return the standings, but as the 4th result, and not in true card form.  Also, support for NASCAR in Google Now would be awesome!

Thanks for listening.
Rugby and Formula 1 please...
This is more important than Reader? Sshhhheeesssh
Google Reader is the best way to follow news! Please, don't kill it!
I don't care for regular sports just motor sports and the x games. I'd really like to see motor sport added
I'd love to see NASCAR and other motor sports added.  I don't watch a lot of other sports.
I've been using this and it's great. I'd like to see it expanded to a wider range of sports also.
How is google collecting this data?  Currently google is displaying data for a league that I help manage, but the data is wrong.  So how can the owner of the data go about providing accurate data to google?  
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