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Starting today, the world’s governments meet behind closed doors on the future of the Internet. Some governments want to increase censorship and regulate the web.

Tell them to keep it #freeandopen by signing the petition:
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I just added my voice! Everybody should do the same!
Stop it....we have rights and knowledge is on of them
I shared this to you about two weeks ago, sorry you haven't noticed
Remember this time you bunch of web surfing nerds!!! we go again...someone has to control everything and everyone...
Our world is being restricted by goverments, the only thing I ask is too keep the Internet free from anything
Sean Wall
The world is a stage and the internet is becoming the way people gather speak and share, since most countries have a freedom of speech act, that should follow suite with the internet. it should not be restricted.
Shazam! The world's governments are meeting, yeah, there talking about the Internet. LOL!  I have a bridge.  You want to buy it?
There are poor people in the world that can get online & it seems governments (the rich) think the poor are ignorant and want them to remain that way.
The great threat the internet poses is to corrupt governments in the event of civil unrest...
Are you fucking kidding me?! Don't they ever learned?! -_-
signed. now just do it!
...where's Anonymous when you need them.. 
Who cares the government does whatever they want no matter who & how many say something !
If censorship is allowed then XXXXXXXXXX will follow, the Goverment will XXXXX and XXXX. Do you want that to happen?
love the petition google . 
My web server gets hit daily by hostile unknown foreigners attempting remote-exploits. ITU needs to address hostile attackers.

ITU does NOT need to waste resources policing torrents & tweets. 
I just signed.  It's kinda fun to see my friends on the map as well.
Be Aware, SOPA was shot down because people let their voices be heard.just 
"Some governments want to increase censorship and regulate the web."  that's naive.  ALL GOVERNMENTS want to.
That is a dangerous and slippery slope. The ones who pull all the strings do not want us to have information. This is scary.
Freedom of expression with some reasonable constraint
You must respect the locality of laws, such as content deemed inappropriate for General Audiences, however, that is defined in the locality, must be respected.  In addition, some countries require ring-fencing data, meaning all of your data, for a particular country, must not leave the country, making it more costly for companies, like Google, and others, because they cannot have centralized, regional data centers, and must maintain data centers inside the locality, e.g. electronic communications from the Island of Jersey (Europe), must stay withing that locality, if both the sender and receiver are within the locality.  These countries may require ringfencing of data because of security, or any number of protectionist reasons, which of course, if it is their law, who is it to impose against these laws, a multi-national corporation like Google?  However, if these multi-national facilitators of communications and data do require regulations, if they want to do business in the locality, just like ANY OTHER BUSINESS, they must respect the laws of the land.  I spit chewing gum on the streets of Singapore, and I am arrested.  It has always been respect the local laws, as we say, when in Rome, so why now, are we changing them, we should not.  We've imported/exported communications, goods, and services for thousands of years.  The cost of doing business in certain countries will go up for these multi-national corporations like Google, or they shut down their operations, and other companies sprout in their place, just as happened with China.
This is the ideas of corrupt goverments. What's the purpose of hiding it? The rich gets richer and poor gets poorer. The middle class stays poor. How many times have they raised our taxes but we are still in debts?? Why is that? Dont you think these goverments use it for personal business? And now they are trying to restrict knowledges so we get dumber. Classified information for personal and politic benefit and we are the one suffers from their actions
+Ishmael Joseph They're trying to do that with LGBT rights in this country.  The same people arguing against gay marriage would probably be the ones trying to bring back the ant--sodomy laws which would bring people back into my bedroom.
Hum lets start our own internet and leave the government out.
Keep it open and free because if the government stop it then they. Control all of us all in the world 
The internet should be like the air we breathe; available to everyone and always there.
Funny how "big government people" are ok with big government until it comes to the internet.  Stay consistent.  
Larry N
Governments view an informed citizenry as hazardous to their rule. 
It's not about imposing laws on other countries it's about two things: respecting the sovereignty of local laws, and money.  If there are laws, where Google needs to open up a small data center in the country, or put filter rules, in place and this multinational corporation says it costs too much money to do business, so they shut down, and three other local companies sprout up in their place, e.g. Google / China
Joe N.
They only doing that becuse they know we can find out the truth abt them via internet
Never mind, if they open up the internet, people may find a solidarity,  we are all idiots.
+Ian Roseman We are all one people, united in our humanity. We have been moving for a long time toward a view of our world that unites us all and a free and open internet has been an extraordinarily powerful force for speeding up that process. Ask yourself do you want to be a force for open and honest communication between people or would you rather live in a bubble surrounded only by the voices of like minded individuals, what you see and hear from others filtered by a central government that may not have your best interest at heart?
Fact: I do NOT Support this. Even though Americans do have rights on the Internet, we also have rights to protect ourselves, including the right to not be subjected to threats like violence, cyberbullying, and online scams and fraud deals on hot items.
Larry N
You can speak your voice, but the mechanisms of control are out of our reach and those who control the flow of information will do as the please regardless the will of the people.  If the last 11 years have shown anything, it's how willing people are to abdicate their basic civil liberties for the sake of "security."
The internet is my eyes and ears to the world which is important to me on a daily basis whether for personal or business. It's imperative that it remain free and open to all without fear of censorship or falling into controlling interest by one person, company or government entity. After seeing how Egypt and now Syria completely shut down access to the internet and cellular service to its citizens, the stakes to keep the internet open for all couldn't be higher. I signed and hope others will as well.
AGAIN my "What's hot and recommended" feed is another  google about abusing your powers. At least mark 'sucker'berg does not shove his bullsh1t ideology down our throats using facebook.

google why are you going to such low depths ABUSING your own google+ social media outlet?! STOP SPAMMING google+ with your OWN political agenda.
the reason why governments try to implement these laws is to STOP YOU abusing peoples private data and datamining every byte of users youtube/android/search data...
STOP trying to get random google+ users to do your pathetic campaigning google.
 google using their own Google+ social media site to push their agenda is sickening and and bordering the line of legality.

F U google you dont give a rats as$ about the internet users only YOUR billion$ and own self interests.
Signed and done. Fucking gov't sometimes. Smh
The Internet was censored a long time ago
Is Google telling me what to do now?
Y Wang
keep dictationship from the intenet
Hurry someone nail the door shut.
+Colin King uh, no... They're trying to prevent OTHER people from telling you what to do....
Joe N.
I agree...the net is the best way to stay posted in every area of the world, and for the gov to put a cap on it, thats beyond ridiculous... and you know they hiding something when they having a meeting behind closed doors....then when, or if they speak to the public abt it, it wont b what they talkd abt in fhe meeting.....fu*k the gov, they not foolin no one but the themselves thinkin thats gonna wrk
Just signed the petition. Let the world know what people want first and then start our battle against those fierce censorship! 
seriously, guys! the internet is gr8 the way it is! sign the petition!
everyone should act and sign,they are already starting to censore what we can download for free and whats available to us,all media is owned by the banks !keepthe internet open,thanks mal.,
+Take Shima Yup, Google+ regularly uses the hot circle to promote their personal political and religious agendas. One big advantage that Facebook has over Google+.
im tired of ppl trying 2 censor the internet just because ur 5 yr old son learns how to swear just means that u should b more carful with ur kids around ur internet we shouldn't pay 4 ppl being bad parents 
ppl are age and older shouldnt have to wonder what swear a carracter uses because they censor it if u agree +1 this comment
Even if they want that. They can not do that
Does Fox News have web site? Has anyone ever watched Jack Van Impe...and that's legal?
I learned to swear, in multiple languages, way before Gore invented the internet. 
im tired of ppl trying 2 censor the internet just because ur 5 yr old son learns how to swear just means that u should b more carful with ur kids around ur internet we shouldn't pay 4 ppl being bad parents 
ppl are age and older shouldnt have to wonder what swear a carracter uses because they censor it if u agree +1 this comment
The obvious huge point, which without a doubt marks this as a purely evil grab for power and control in reaction to fear of individuals with freedom is the "behind closed doors" part.

Why do they need to hide?
free open web free open web free open web free open web free open web!!!!!!!!
+Take Shima This is one of those rare occasions where I trust the private sector more than government. I have no doubt that part of Google's motivation is self interest. Not necessarily a bad thing, unless it is to the exclusion of all else. In this case, it happens to be the right thing to do, and will afford the most people the most freedom.
+Lisa Smith define "porn".  remember that most "net nanny" software filters out information about all contraception and breast cancer information.
I do enjoy watching the count of voices, this matters to a lot of people!
Find hell in king James version of bible
I shut down my website till they say the web is free
Ya good luck hell needs ice water to 
Everything on Earth costs. Besides wheres the money coming from to meet operational costs of the internet? A possible + increment on tax on basic goods and services. Now suppose the whole population of earth uses internet free, how are the living conditions poorer expected? The government should consider the welfare of the poor & know where tostrike the right balance. Free internet is a luxury not a need communication highways should never be restricted to a particulars domain/board.
It's time to cover the earth in low orbiting satellites and write an anonymous and redundant protocol connecting everyone.
The internet costs zilch. It is the cumulative connection of everybody's computers that are network capable.
It will never be taxed. It will never be fully policed. It will always be fundamentally free. If they (authorities) begin to place too much control over it, their will be a spread of another way of connecting computers, perhaps using free phone calls or Ham radio.
The whole of society is kept at "just below boiling point." As is apparent in the "occasional" riots and the like. I don't say it's right either way, but point: any reduction in basic liberties (unless undetected) will fundamentally "push" people "over" that point where they revolt. Freedom of information. Freedom of speech. And freedom to pursue happiness. If you don't understand these, you either live in a "not-free" civilization, or you simply don't understand what freedom truly is...
Maybe we Are better off with Governments controlling the Internet, they haven't done so bad with everything else right?

Sits Back For The Hate Storm
It should be fee America is supposed to be a free country so if your for making it cost us your not a true American.
WE are powerful, use your power, hold on to your freedom, don't be a sheep, vote now!
No one is shutting down my internet!!!!!!!!!!
Just like the goverment think they have to control everything, what they need to do is to sit down and re-read the consitituion and the amendments. Give the people back their rights and freedom. STAY OUT OF WHERE THEY DON'T BELONG!!!
this is a shame Big brother is afraid of the masses.
The internet is power so they want to control it. Nothing new. Hope it stays open and free as it shoulld.
To all you wide eyed, naive Obama supporters, I have news for you all, dear leader does not want a free internet.
If you think he's not against it?
Think again, he'll vote against free and open Internet and make up a lame excuse like, oh it's all for national security.
I give less than five years until the internet looks like in China (404 or blocked each two address you type)
Thank you for letting people know Google I wish I new you weren't formed by the NSA 
I dont know, it depends what they censor
Proud of Google for this initiative.
+Lone Wolf ; You're correct, look at it this way, the government took over the Mustang ranch in Nevada......It went belly up.
Yep, the government can't make money off a whore house...and they're going to run Obamacare?
im tired of ppl trying 2 censor the internet just because ur 5 yr old son learns how to swear just means that u should b more carful with ur kids around ur internet we shouldn't pay 4 ppl being bad parents 
ppl are age and older shouldnt have to wonder what swear a carracter uses because they censor it if u agree +1 this comment
As the last bastion of free and unfettered communication, of course governments, the U.S.A included, want full censorship control. They have a deep seated fear that the true context of "executive orders", back room deals, and closed door meetings will be made available to the public they purport to serve. We must fight to keep our internet free and open.
Once they start censoring they will go crazy. Don't let them start because the system will get out of the public's control
whatever people do on the internet is excersizing their freedom of speech. thats what i think
The internet is one of the only free and open places on earth. Need to keep it this way. They censor enough
Power rests in the people, not corporations or politicians. Push too far and you`ll find out that out.
For past few years internet have changed the way the governments execute their plans and ideas , so now govt wants freedom so they can do their random shits .....
While I am sympathetic to the cause, despotic foreign governments don’t give a rat fart about us signing petitions.  I’d be happy if the USA would just get rid of the USA PATRIOT Act and quit warrantless wiretapping and Internet surveillance.
The Internet is a place for individual expression and any government that is afraid of that to the point of contemplating censorship needs to re-think their priorities and values.

It was inevitable that this would eventually happen.
the internent is suposed to be free censorship sucks
Benjamin Franklin always had words of wisdom on this.
I usually ignorant of what is happening in the world but this is too much - censoring and increase regulate in the web. This is outrageous. They can't take away our freedom like this. Signed and will share to as people as I can.
im tired of ppl trying 2 censor the internet just because ur 5 yr old son learns how to swear just means that u should b more carful with ur kids around ur internet we shouldn't pay 4 ppl being bad parents 
ppl are age and older shouldnt have to wonder what swear a carracter uses because they censor it if u agree +1 this comment
the internet should b a free place were no 1 can touch u
I'm tired of the same situation being re-worded and presented to powerful people across the globe. It seems like we will be forced to sign a Petition over this every other month.
We can send them pictures of us extend our middle fingers.
Google can pretty much take care of them selves.
I am looking through this list of comments, and I am ashamed of every single one of you.  It seems the governments of the world have all been censoring websites that teach people how to speak the English language! I almost puked from reading how bad some of these comments are grammar wise! Not only that, but almost every single person who has posted a comment here is a freaking idiot.  First of all, Governments hold almost every meeting they have ever had behind closed doors, so I don't really understand why you are making such a huge deal out of this.  Second, I a pretty sure the entire fate of the world does not hinge on the single factor that there might be a little bit more censorship on the Internet.  Would it be such a bad thing if websites teaching regular people how to make home made bombs or how to make undetectable and deadly poisons were off of the Internet? The answer is no, so I would really appreciate it if all of you would stop pretending this is such a flagrant abuse of rights and that you guys are rebels or something, trying to fight for freedom.
+Samuel Falvo II Thanx man I agree with that free and open thing
Craig M
Already added my name
+Brian Decker you haven't lived under censorship. And if you think it wouldn't be abused, you are an idiot.
+Brian Decker Here's the thing. People are entitled to their own opinion. Most Americans believe in freedom, and if the government is allowed to tamper with online businesses, then people have a right to get upset about that.

Also, calling everybody a "freaking idiot" is a statement not resolved in facts. Again, people are entitled to their own opinion. 

As for you spiel on grammar. It's the internet. We talk normally in perfect English. On the internet, full sentences don't have to be used. If the point is made, and it is fully understood by English speakers, then who cares if they use correct grammar?

Please take your anger elsewhere, putting it on the internet is never a good option.
The Internet is the Devils favorite tool, I bet 90% of woman would agree, if they should go look at the history of free and open porn your husbands probably leave behind. Wish I would have listened to my X wife and tossed my computer! But than again, this free and open tool allows some interesting things brought to light!
i agree Jonathan sterry,  gvts wants to regulate monopolistic internet corps like google, what does GOOGLE DO?  USE their OWN social network site to TELL us to do their campaigning? google abuses the "What's hot and recommended" feed so EVERY google+ user sees their propaganda . FCUK YOU GOOGLE and your blillions made by pimping private user data
the web brings knowledge to those who want to carry  it into the future
Biggest government seeking an end to internet liberty? The United States.

Yeah, real beacon of freedom. What happened to America? Why have we sold our freedom for a false sense of security?

Have we forgotten Ben Franklin's words? "He who trades liberty for security will have neither."

What happened to inspirational words from our government, such as FDR's Four Freedoms? "The only thing we have to fear itself".

Now we are told that the only way to remain safe is to relinquish our liberty. We are taught by government, endless crime TV shows and the news to fear all of our neighbors. We turn inward and become animalistic and tribal - xenophobic about anyone not family....and even sometimes suspicious of family.

We are being indoctrinated by fear. Fear gives power to government. Fear makes us slaves.

Say no to fear. Say YES to liberty!

Pass this along.....and fear no longer!
I hate the government authority figure 
We need "the government" to make laws protecting the Internet from being "owned" or "exploited".
Signed! Censorship is the refuge of the tyrant. Haven't we had enough tyranny already?
+Brian Decker The grammar is always there. I'm sure you know by now the result of online grammar criticism.

You might want to temper your other criticism with a bit of history. I find the answer to your rhetorical question about poison / explosive websites exactly the opposite of mine. We can't be protected without being restricted. If I were as confident as you appear to be in the wisdom of government to do that well, I might agree.

By the way, I live in the US, not in.. oh, Syria, for example. I only speak of my own experience with the US government.
Just signed and damn proud of it. 
Idk I think they should censor and then I hav a thought no don't censor u will basically controll our lives.
Keep the Internet free and open. Only by doing so can we assure that the newest and most powerful ever voice for reform stays alive.
No new world order! Take back America! 
No censorship they censor enough of our lives. Ratings are fine but censorship no. Just signed
No censorship they censor enough of our lives. Ratings are fine but censorship no. Just signed
I just sign it,internet freedom should prevail
ter nea
Perhaps it is time we got rid of Governments that do not follow the peoples will?
Should be regulated .. Internet is a thing becoming out of control .. 
Not interested will buy local news per and watch msnbc for real news.
What exactly makes the governments think they can control and regulate the internet, their not even close with Africa yet.
If they try, Google could launch communications satellites so that the people of the world could carry on...
All other media is a lie or a deeply massaged version of the truth.
The internet is about open communication, and that is a scary proposition to anyone with a hidden agenda.  I vote to keep it free and  open, at all costs.
Essentially the discussion is stupid since the internets dominate use at its origin was us military it was already controlled and they decided to hell with it.
Such another aimless and pointless discussion which is being treated as something "special". Those governments and their endorsers should all fuck themselves for once!!
when will the world governments realize that they are going to look stupid when they  sanction the internet simply put i grew up in censorship country and now i am living in an uncensored country nothing has changed i am happy so is every one i know in this so called uncensored country PLEASE KEEP THE INTERNET FREE N OPEN 
I wonder why type of people are in the meeting, do they represent big corporations or us, the users
No one should attempt to gag the views and voices of people. Internet Is the true international link for exchange of thoughts and information and communication of the people in this globe irrespective of caste, colour, sex, religion, nationality, etc... 
The interface for this pledge is absolutely fantastic.
Jerks. Maby they should do somthing that will really help us. Not the Internet. Internet is so old why do they care. Fliping idiots. Last time I checked the Internet dose not help with wars, taxes, and making new jobs. They need to focus on what they are there for. To help America not a stupid computer. 
Google, how about more details on the main page?  After all, I was all for supporting, but if I have to click through page after page to get to the heart of the matter -- and still haven't found anything other than propaganda-like "these big bad gubbermintz is hidin' behind closed doors to make your innernetz censorshipped"...   meh, call me lazy, but just give the facts.  I was halfway through that video of faces on Google Earth Tour before I realized I was that far in and there would be no real information -- just media-hype-like sensationalism. 

And let me be anonymous.  If I leave a negative review in Market, last thing I want is a god-complex dev hunting me down.
Haven't They Fucked Up Enough ..?
Ryan Ng
Well, we all know that China and North Korea want to flip the switch on their internet policies.
Ian R Yes, respect local government. However this is a World Internet. Perhaps we could devise some World rules, using International /Court or UN Parliament [yet to be made]  which provides for the Country as a whole. The Country's laws within itself of course must not be violated, although they may be negotiated in the best interest of the 
Country and World.
If everyone had access to everything on the internet we would have world peace in a couple generations
done and shared on facebook
They don't own the internet and it's not their business what happens there.
Ryan Ng
Communist China and North Korea
Government censorship is definitely not a true principle. Instead, teach the people correct principles, then let them govern themselves.
Es libre y es nuestra!!! Aunque en muchos países aún no sea así 
we don't need governments, we need Google :)
What??? Where is freedom what's the world with internet stone age was better no problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's why I never vote they ate all the same .say say say and do nothing been there seen it all bull
Keep it free and open
Earth people unite and send money to the red cross for hurricane sandy victims....true disasters...don't waste your time on this b.s.....
Keep it free ... It should always be free!
It has been, nearly fine, as it was created, except, for the regularly, expected, few abusers, of everything. The thing, to tesost, is, to allow, Amy authority, to punish all, for the abuses, of the few.
“The time for truth has arrived. A time for freedom and transparency. A time for people to express themselves freely and to be heard from anywhere across the world.” 
― Anonymous
Free and freedom is meaning of life world would be a nice place only if people would listen????????
Since I'm awesome I'm going 2 by the nexus 7. 
Sean G
Just signed...Thanks +Google !
Typed with one finger on my Nexus 7(:
I shouldn't have to tell the world's governments to keep it free and open, they should be telling me, cause I pay their salary with my taxes, and ensure their employment with illegal purchases of street grade narcotics, and make sure I vote at least every third time. I do enuff.
Doesn't +Google censor any sexually related posts or topics on Google Plus? Funny.
mike m
What will happen to my porn?!?!
Anyone who supports liberalism/ Obama should love all this censorship...I mean gumment is the answer right!?
No government is not the answer! Let's take a closer look at our founding fathers. Even the few that didn't believe in Christ being Gods son did in fact believe in The Bible as a basis for running a country.  I do agree 100% that what we have now is just short of socialism!!!  
what makes u think there not already u they r n have been all  aloung
Censorship!!!! Alright, Nice!!!!!!!!
Fuck all forms of Government.
Yeah, too many people jumping on without all the facts and info.  Most of them have no clue what they're really signing up for.  More social media hype sensationalism, please.

Not saying it's NOT a good thing to sign on with, just saying there's not enough info readily easily accessible.  Sure, if I want to go find the actual text of the articles they're considering making into laws....  if I even can.....   spend hours hunting them down then more hours reading and understanding them...

Not just "The gubbermints are baaaaad!   They're takin' away your riiiiiiiiights!" and all the lemmings jump on board...
Things seem more and more run by the international group of bankers.
What is funny? Do you want those post to appear?
We dont want to live under a dictatorship
+Tom Andrewartha ...I wasn't referring to classic liberalism I was referring to democrat liberals...ya know Obama and Reid supporters...anyone who supports them should love censorship...
they may try... but they will never be able to stifle the internet in the long run. And it only stifles the innovation brought forth by their own citizens which could in turn be the innovation that makes your country a world leader... Alternative energies is where its at once fossil fuels are gone. Who will lead?
This is our freedom we are infringing upon. We don't need more government regulations to tell us how to live.
The internet should be FREE and UNCENSORED. One thing leds to another. 
I agree. I rather have google spying on me in order to create better technology for tomorrow than half my web access censored.
Been there already.....  and .... once again F . U . C . K  Them... It's Their Stupidity that should be CENSORED ... hahahahaha.....
+Tom Andrewartha ...I never said the word “republican" but if it is a choice of 2 evils b/c people are to lazy or ignorant to love liberty (freedom by personal responsibility) guess I'll have to pick Abe Lincoln and Dr. King Jr's party..the republicans. Go liberty!
Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves.
Do not control internet
+Kevin Kearns and all this time I thought the founders of the US spoke of government being wicked for “protecting” us from each other...o wait they did teach that? We are supposed to protect each other without gumment?!! Darn you founders...always so smart.
I have signed and shared only because the ITU is exclusive and I think that is wrong. +Mark Zuckerberg is no better with FB. Funny how he has a G+ account. Maybe the stories are true.
My personal views and opinions are a given right that no government should ever have sway or control of and the continued censorship that this could potentially bring about is a further effort toward a totalitarian, 1984 gestapo nation squandering rights for the illusion of safety and a narrow perspective of justice and moral high ground that should never be left to those in power when their power was taken on principles of greed and egotism, hypocrisy, and the gain of an individual. This weakens nations by depriving them of resources to self educate and research, furthering ignorance and blind faith in hand me down constructs of moral rightness. Fight for your right to browse people.
I'm all for free.. the government needs to stop trying to own everything.. monitor yes, but streaming, downloading, and so forth.. that should be for us to explore over the internet.. if anything, tell musicians, film producers stop digitizing their products, however, it will not stop people from downloading or streaming, but it will give them the security they want.. everyone would have to go to the store to purchase the item.. companies need to be informed that it is upon their discretion to upload their products and information which will be subjected to downloading and so forth...
I added my voice. Fight the power !
I agree, with all the other comments. If u think about this isn't a free country anymore, but every where else people call it the "Free World", I wonder where that's at because it's not in America.
its  not   good   at    all.what   thay  b   doing   2   us.
If the government censors the Internet, we will simply advance to the next stage of communication. The government would be well advised to far the first business order of the day when the next stage of evolution comes online. 
+Tom Andrewartha +George Locke Actually you are ill informed.  one of the primary tenets to support the progressive movement was controlling the media of the day.  To the point where journalist, and writers were jailed for expressing opposing opinions against a sitting president.  Tom you are sadly misinformed of your nations past and the basic principles of the progressive movement.
Obviously over zealous government censorship isn't the way to go.  Just look at China.
Open source is like a dirty whore house... you will have lots of fun spending less money, but you can't get a virus from eunuchs (pronounced UNIX) lol
A free and open world depends on a free and open Internet.The billions of people around the globe who use the Internet should have a voice
This is a United Nations action that must be stopped!
+Tom Andrewartha seems you are another fool who cant read history or use common sense.. why o why must i suffer the ignorant. =( +Kevin Kearns sounds like you are reader..i like common sense folk.

+Tom Andrewartha As far as making up history, I know my own countries history quite well, it is a fact.  Next you are going to tell me the US didn't run internment camps during WWII on its own soil, and strip 175000 American citizens of property and home. I also am well versed in your nations darker history.

But equality means no labels, that is why justice is blind.  Justicve not just for one group of people or protection for one group of people protection for all.  No labels, labels limit the individual, progressives like to label. With no labels comes Liberty. With Liberty comes responsibility. That is why most men dread it and pawn it off on others, and seek justice....

Ours Country was the first in the history of mankind that truly reversed the course of government, and with three little words: 'We the people.' 'We the people' tell the government what to do, it doesn't tell us. 'We the people' are the driver, the government is the car. And we decide where it should go, and by what route, and how fast. Almost all the world's constitutions are documents in which governments tell the people what their privileges are. Our Constitution is a document in which 'We the people' tell the government what it is allowed to do. 'We the people' are free.

What do you stand for?
It is an absalute advantage for each of the member of the world and naturally occurring some obstacle. Now I hope that there is a remedy for each bit of thing in the technology developed world, isnt it ? Please think about that fact and workout accordingly.....

Please dont blame everything is wrong.....!

Smithesh. K.S
Definitely believe in free internet! Sign me up.
No discrimination between humans rights. Keep it free and open.
Only when the human spirit is allowed to invent and create, only when individuals are given a personal stake in deciding economic policies and benefiting from their success -- only then can societies remain economically alive, dynamic, prosperous, progressive and free.
+Roy Batty that is incorrect, google is based in the US and therefore is required to comply with US requests for information on suspects. They proudly display their policies on data collection and you can delete your data at any time. Google is known for invading privacy at times but never censorship. Please do your research before blasting caps in a public place.
i lu all bcs of u my gf is nt shot me or nt harm me thnx!!! everybdy thnku so much
The noose is tight enough. give us a break and some freedom. regulate only to those, who misuse this freedom! for example, A staged massacre. this type of the show boating needs to stop.
Yeah baby freedom of Speach! & Lets take care of business 
Censoring the Internet is just stupid! The Internet helped to create the world today! Does anyone else agree?
So I understand that the government is getting rid of freedom?
What? How does that work?
The internet, like all forms of mass communication will eventually be regulated, locked down, and conglomerated by governments and corporations. Besides, who do we think owns the physical hardware that makes up the the internet, benevolent champions of freedom? No, it is corporations like Aye Tee and Tee in cahoots with the deepest, darkest parts of government. Orwell/Huxley 2016
Just added my voice. Never give up on freedom. Our elders fought,and died for it.
Yes and No. The internet should be free because I think that alot of people get to much of your private info you know..
I agree keep the Internet free from regulation.
the internet should be free. not only that but anti virus protection should be free as well. that help prevent alot of problems.
Keep it free, or else you might as well hand sew up everyone's mouth while you're at it. 
There must b some check & balance...
Spread the word and make this go viral. It's the only way these days to get the mainstream media to cover topics not ruled by corporate interests. 
hmm wonder what will happen :/
There's no exception, all governments are evil.
lets hope for less ads lol
I wonder why their meetings are 'behind closed doors'.  I think that should be free information.  Lets see what our elected leaders have to say!
the web is doomed if everything becomes strict :/
Go ahead and try to keep the Internet controlled, I dare you. I will sit back and laugh when this crumbles and blows up in their faces. Laughable is what it is. 
The WWW is already stricted . what we have today as live/hot/uncensored "NEWS" on the net is a package of what governmentS like us to know. Censorship is no more trimming or cutting the news , but it's making and creating news.This is what we are now facing in the world.No matter which site or channel you refer to ... sounds a bit pessimism but that's true 
will our privacy be invaded?? O_o;
Let Google dominate the Internet rather than government! :)
Aniga cokayga waan ku daray qof katana ha sameeyo

No censorship .there should be no limits to the boundary of knowledge
I wish someone would tell this to Korea. They block so many websites for no reason.
Internet livre é sinônimo de país livre; país livre é sinônimo de sociedade madura; sociedade madura é sinônimo de direitos e deveres, diretos e deveres são sinônimo de liberdade; liberdade é sinônimo de Internet.
Imagine them eliminating all p*rn...
they can go behind doors and agree but whatever they want they can't control me
Govts can censor till they are blue in their faces, believe me it will not  achieve what ever they are trying to achieve, the right approach would be to target problematic areas of the cyber world and perhaps, properly regulate it, otherwise keep it open and free, let's move on..
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