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You may be familiar with using Google to find definitions, like [define fortuitous]. We've recently updated this feature on on desktop and mobile to give you more information about these words beyond just their definition. Now you’ll also see sample sentences that highlight how the word is used, as well as synonyms. If you tap the microphone on your Google Search app, you’ll hear answers spoken back when you ask questions like “What’s the definition of fortuitous?” and “What are synonyms for fortuitous?”

Give it a whirl the next time you're reading an article online and you stumble across an unfamiliar word. In addition, try translating words to one of 60+ languages directly from the box. When you select a language, future definition searches will consistently provide a translation to that same language.

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Why would you limit this to the US? I'd like to use this feature. UK.
Look up 'myopic idiots' and you'll probably find yourself in good company.. It always falls on deaf ears.. But again.. You're an international product, start acting like it, +Vic Gundotra 
I can understand it would be easier to implement this just for English, but why restrict it to just the U.S.? 
But America IS the whole world, isn't it? /s
I love Google but the world is bigger than America guys. Come on
"In the US".....! Google Now doesnt even recognise Scottish football (soccer) teams yet... our national sport.. type in "glasgow celtic" (world class team) and it hits you with "the celtics"
Plus, ive NEVER had a news card and i search news stories nearly every day
Awesome! However, English is generally the same across the world. Why the location limitation (I say this as a US citizen)?
Lmao u on my side this time mate?
funny how they gave us All Access (a PAYED service) fast enough :-) 
+Smity Smith I didn't realise there were sides! I'm gonna give benefit of doubt and say they are doing the whole staged roll outs thing for testing purposes. At least you've got Irn Bru .
Dear Eurowhiners: It's simply easier to build something for US first, then roll it out globally if the experience with the US version makes globalization look like it's worth doing.

I18N is not free, it's not even cheap. 
Lol i just love venting on these +Google posts. I really am a huge defender of google. Just not to their face :-D 
Its English idiots later it will spread for other languages
"English idiots later" explain please
+Smity Smith bad punctuation.... should have been:

It's English, idiots. Later it will spread for other languages
+Eric Ling i think there was "candy" before there was a united states :-D and its CHIPS.. not fries :-P 
+Smity Smith - balance, hey.. I love Google too, and proudly promote their products.. But actions like this, location based limitations, can't be explained in language barriers.. I'm in Australia, we tolerate US English... Microsoft have subjected us to it for decades! 
Not to mention hollywood lol :-D 
it's a good thing when things hspoen fortuiously...
Ahhh, that favourite Google phrase: "..only in the US...."
Good but I have already bought a dictionary app
I use this all the time. Killer feature. 
People are saying that it's English only, and therefore shouldn't be American only, but I should point out that I don't want American English anywhere near my searches for dictionary type things. British English is similar, but different enough, in definitions as well as spelling, so much so that language localisations have to treat the two as separate languages.
I look forward to an international roll out.
+Nicola Dunn its not that its US English only. its the fact that its only available in the US.
I actually dont mind US English.. its faster to type flavor than flavour lol. Im not a grammar/spelling snob in any way as long as i know what it means.. i just dont like google's habit of (seemingly) considering the US to be the world yet selling themselves as a global service :-) 
That's just straight up hardcore
i also resent +Google not replying in discussions like this. It seems arrogant to me
Any service they provide is a luxury, even in the US. they started as an American company anyway so its no surprise we're their testing ground. Still, I do believe that faster they get it out to the entire world, the more data/feedback they'll have to improve it... just saying Google...
Nice. My dictionary app can now be uninsulated along with the other apps Google has recently suppressed. They are really on a hot streek. 
it isnt a luxury its a business lol. "Favouritism" is bad for business
Because people don't exist if they're not in the USA.

brb switching to bing
This always happens: it will roll out to other countries eventually, but with little fan-fare... 
Google why do you only roll features like this out to the US, so tired of it. It should be rolled out TO ENGLISH.  Its annoying to have to fire up a VPN just go get decent functionality. The Google search page is SO MUCH better on the US version.
Whenever being an American depresses me, I just read the comments on any post in the +Google stream.  ;)
Whenever i tire of living in this cold wet poor country, i turn on the news and see how hated the united states is by a HUGE percentage of the planet :-P 
When whill this be available in other countries? (DE / GER)
+Google Why is my compose window not updated? Using the old one still.
Spies are almost everywhere in East-Europa. Sometimes, when spies are in troubles, they block mail-accounts, by using "forgot password" system, untill the mail is blocked. I advice you to resolve immediately this trouble in how the acces mail is think, because is important that on usual devices to be accesible, no matter how many times the mail was forced on other/unusual devices, because very important information and actions are lost because this (and many others) tricks.
+Faiez Shah See the arrow under the definitions? It replaced "More Info".

What really removed is the web definitions of the query.
why only in US????? what about other parts of the world? should we say its only U.S which uses @google.sorry but i see this as some kind of SEGREGATION.
Stop this naive U.S.-centric product launch. The rest of the world is important too for really good product development!
I believe it isn't restricted to the US alone. Works well in India. Just make sure you search using and not a country specific version (like

mswax. Z
c sw z. V
M.,bc, m,..nm,,vlnjh
Mv bc.
When will it roll out to
+Andy Hibberd actually, if you go to It works.... Your URL would be saying you have to change that to by clicking the link at the bottom of the Google home page. 
Great feature except that, in Canada on i get old result...
Would be great if search results were more consistent in all countries
Eso fue lo que paso, fortuito.
I have a simple search feature request: let us view search results from oldest to newest
Thank´s for the notifications translator.
Great app.... Also, let us be kind with our comments to or about others. WE ARE THE WORLD!
still stuck with your iphone?
1) US simply doesn't like you: just look at the android market share etc......not any new feature helps you, US is a distorted market
2) outside US we really like you so care more about us....otherwise we will care about you less and less like Microsoft is already dead in our hearts
I' m relativly new to Google word define, and very much an American, USA born, fourth generation, educared, but I still like to proof myself to insure the words I am using are correct not only in the spilling but also in their meaning, in the same screen. I think the "DEFINE WORD" on the same page or app is Great, so does my elementary and high school age grandchildren. Wished more bloggers and writers would do the same. THANKS GOOGLE.
my definition of google is that you are jerks.when it comes to name changing.
Not feeling well, so will read in detail latter...
+dina asmara
 so by saying I love you google. you mean you love the nsa?
David B
This is a great feature, indeed.
Used to be able to see definitions from multiple sources with those sources listed. This was great because definitions can be widely diverse. Now, whenever I define something, only one source shows up and there is no option to view more? Any clues as to why?
Can someone help me?
The web definition in the google is gone
It didn't pop up when I search the words definition or other things
+Megan Griffith I am wondering the exact same thing.  Recently I've simply been ignoring the definition google offers at the top but after once again seeing an incomplete/incorrect definition I decided I had to try and see any source at all and nope, nada, not even sure if it's google's doing or what, but the word I looked up was 'FETUS', a fairly significant word in our lives, and it was defined as "an unborn offspring of a mammal, in particular an unborn human baby more than eight weeks after conception."  The 2nd part is okay (doesn't mention when the fetus stage ends), but the first half states fetuses only apply to mammals.  What about birds? And other vertebrates??  I majored in biology but thought this as more a common knowledge thing -even dinosaur embryos had a fetus stage.  I checked Encyclopedia Britannica and they had it right:

"Fetus, also spelled foetus,  the unborn young of any vertebrate animal, particularly of a mammal, after it has attained the basic form and structure typical of its kind."

If we are to live by google, then we will grow dumber by google if it is the main source of defining what a word is, especially when they do it in such a watered-down inaccurate way.  I mean what are words to human society other than being essential for communication and vital for creating laws and commerce across the globe.  They can literally change the definitions of words in any search engine language they support, whether on purpose or by accident it's not a good thing to have put into the hands of one massively powerful global entity, and quite frustrating too lol.
What are the sources for these definitions that come up? Is it google filtering through dictionary sites, or has google created its own dictionary?? I am trying to cite the definition for the paper but there is no record of where it came from, or if it really is created by Google.
Their definitions are wrong in several cases.  What's your source for English definitions??  How about using a couple of reputable sources?  
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