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Discussing the science of rock n' roll with Black Eyed Peas frontman Doesn't get much cooler than that. Add +Google Science Fair to your circles and read the post below to find out how to join this musically and scientifically inclined Hangout, and get more information on this year's Google Science Fair, open worldwide to students 13-18. Deadline for submissions is April 1 (
I think science IS rock’n roll. Whatam I talking about? Find out right here in my G+ hangout with the 2011 GoogleScience Fair finalists on Thursday, 3/8/12 2:30 PM PST. Have questions you want me to answer aboutscience and music? Post them here withthe #googleiamwill Andbe sure to check out the Google Science Fair at
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Uggggghhhhh, Black Eyed Peas? Why does Google like them so much? Can't we get a good band to do a Hangout?
What are Rock n' Roll and doing in the same sentence?
(Yes, I noticed they are also both in my comment. :P)
It's a good thing can't produce worthwhile music, Google can help you!
Yeah, its boring Mainstream. Like Google?!
Are u serious? rock n´roll? Hits for kids sure...but rock n´roll?
Google is a boring ghost town only to boring Flakebookers.

And the guy's talking about science, not music.
Maybe the I make terrible sounds for music authority?
Maybe can explain the science behind shamelessly ripping off beats for every new song he produces.
No - give me CannibalCorpse !! Hell yeah. Who cares about some peas..
Or better - some intelligent producers from NinjaTune - example AmonTobin, Mr.Scruff, Skalpel..
I love science too, and I even sing in the shower. Can I be next?
+J.D. Benavidez Will I Am made beats with Michael Jackson. If that's not rock 'n roll, I dont know what is. Do some research.
+Calvin Tucker Then you don't know what rock 'n' roll is.

Michael Jackson hadn't been rock 'n' roll for a very long time.
Hey! It's true, Science is like Music Industry (not R&R). doesn't rip samples from other successful songs, If he has succeded further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants, just like Newton (sorry Will, I couldn't help myself ;-)

On the other hand, if you think it is that easy, just try doing it by yourself.
What does easy or difficult have to do with good music or science?
love songs or remenbering wen i was little girl.
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