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“What’s this song?” The Sound Search for Google Play widget ( can help you find out, and it’s now available on Google Play for devices in the U.S. running Android 4.0 and above. 

The Sound Search widget helps you identify songs directly from your homescreen, which you can then purchase directly from Google Play and add to your library. For devices running Android 4.2, add the widget directly to your device’s lockscreen and it will recognize songs without needing to unlock your phone. After installing the Sound Search widget, go to the widget picker and drag it onto your homescreen. Just click it to get started!

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I feel bad for the companies that put a lot of effort into developing for Android.  It seems like Google can wipe them out with just a single announcement.  I had a feeling the scan and match technology would be used to recognize unknown songs like soundhound and shazam do it.
Timothy Owen
I'll sit here in Australia and wait..... continue to wait for Play Music
I downloaded it on the spanish play store
+Timothy Owen just use ultrasurf to connect a server in USA and then you can have play music, I'm still trying to figure out a way to use Google now USA features.
I'm still waiting for Play movies, music & book !!! from KSA
why only in us ??
Google Play music is available in other countries too
Not in AUS, not that that stopped me, but then when I click a song it takes me to a page saying not available in your country
Tom S.
What a scam, finally a useful app and it's for other countries only.
I know the older widget worked in Canada... I used to have it on my phone. Just enable the +Google Play download in Canada please? It worked really well in my tests. I realise you can't buy anything from the music store, but it's still a nice feature.
Region restriction on something using the Web,,  omfg..  wont even bother. sounds more like hidden fees.
Faster than Shazam.  Tested it out on IOS and Android....Well Google Ears sound search on android and shazam on both android and ios.  
Since almost everything is US only, just shut the whole fucking internet down and enjoy your closed marketing for 200k people.
Soundhound vs shaman vs google play song search 
+James May: Yeah, that's true. Another similar case recently was with Shadow Cities vs. Ingress.
However Google has had this content recognition technology for a long time already - in YouTube. Now it's just tied to Google Play/Android.
I just downloaded do I launch i? I don't see it in my apps or in my widgets...UX fail?
Get over it... so what the US gets stuff first.... Google is a US based company.  Samsung, a Korean based company, releases updates to Korea first.  
Too bad it ONLY recognizes songs from the Google Play library....
+Alan Klement it should be in your widget list.
Make sure its definitely installed, if its not showing up, give your phone a reboot and try again, if its still not.... Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, what's that over there!
if you really want it....just find the APK over at XDA.
They certainly got this right.  I went through some very obscure old jazz (swing and fusion) and progressive metal in my collection and it nailed it every time.  Fast too.
+Joshua Berk This is likely using the scan and match technology used in Google Music so every song anyone has uploaded is likely able to be identified.  Smart.
when is it able in Germany?
+Brandon Jackson im guessing not too long.... if you have "Google Now"...if you hit the menu button theres a "search with camera" that searches the internet for the picture you just took.... I tried it with a few paintings i had on the wall of my house.... it recognized some of them and some it didn't...try it out
What about the rest of the world?
I think it works everywhere on the world. you have to install it over the play store on your pc. if your phone brings a notifikation that the app is installed you have to click on that and then in the play store you have to press activate and then it works outside of the US. i have tested it and i live in Austria
Does US has other songs than other countries? 
I used to have it then it disappeared I'd like it back please. 
The widget is great!

On the other hand, when trying to use voice search saying "What's this song?" is often translated as "What's the song?" which doesn't trigger the search properly.

Perhaps a different voice query like "What's this music?" would be a little more user friendly.

Yes +Google For example, google earth does not work everywhere! Why? Im from slovakia!! Fix this shit
For apple google earth works in Slovakia, not for android. Why?
Willing to give it a try... With the free matching of 20,000 songs and now this, Google is becoming harder to not use for so many things 
Google please help my Samsung sg3 on at&t ever since I updated to jellybean I can't use voice search, I get the box with the microphone but it freezes there, and it doesn't talk at all, I'm sure you know all this already. Is a fix coming soon or am I doing something wrong? Any information would be great. I APPRECIATE all the effort every one at Google puts in and I love everything Google is about. 
is this better then music id by anychance i really like  music id features.
It's a pretty good widget and is very helpful, great job Google 
Nice. So I take it there is a good important reason that this is only available on 4.0 and newer. Must be some core features that were added later on, it's not like you can find a single app on the market capable of, say, recording sound, fingerprinting it with some algorithm, and comparing with a database of music. Nope, not doable.
Consumer descrimination, what a shame.
Not available :/ . .  I like +Google . But I can not understand how the brilliant minds of Mountain View, not realize that all services and products created by Google create an global expectation and global frustration. Google is getting too scattered in their actions, losing  focus to be truly a global company. These are the biggest flaws of Google reasoning:

1 - Global advertisement about your new services and do not update (at the same time)  in several countries as does Apple and Microsoft. 

2 - Global advertisement about your new products, and not launch the product (at the same time) in several countries as does Apple and Microsoft. Google has decided to put its Nexus Q streaming media device on hold.

3 - Global advertisement about new Android 4.2, and do not update (at the same time) smartphones & tablets the latest releases. Android version statistics that show that 98% of users have yet to upgrade to the latest version of the operating system, and close to two-thirds continue to use a version that’s three generations out of date.

Greetings from Brazil.

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I'm not too impressed, it works sometimes, just doesn't work very well. It says it can't recognize the song, and so you tap it again and sometimes it tells you sometimes you got to tap it again, and again then the song is over.......  so what's the point?  I'm thinking some bugs need to be worked out still???????
I am sure it will get better in the near future. In the mean time, you can try with #SoundHound. It has never failed in recognizing a song or melody for me.
I don't get why the same app can run fine in the UK on a Nexus, yet can't be installed on my Galaxy Note 2.
First start rolling out Play in all countries including NL before adding new features. Thx.
Lovely, can't get it in Norway yet -  t#¤%#&//??"#¤.
Is Google just for US users?
Why is it not available outside the US anymore? I had this on the previous version of JellyBean.
I hope Google is reading all the comments too!

As much as I love the Google Products, I really hate that they always seem to forget they are a global player. So many features take ages to arrive in Europe, where #Apple  or #Amazon  don't seem to have a problem to make stuff available to the rest of the world.

At this moment we only have a few cards available in Google Now, no Google Play Books or Music, no Nexus 4, no Knowledge Graph etc. etc. 

I hope someone from Google is able to inform their loyal users outside the US why this is such a hassle.
I have HTC One V Android 4.0.3 but this soft not avalable:"This product can not be installed in your country." WHY?????

So I'm use SoundHound ((
Don't get it why it isn't available in all countries who have Play Music. 
...or you can just ask google now?  I'm sure someone mentioned that already, just too lazy to scroll...
if you can get the USA rom it will give you it all i did it on my nexus one cant find it for nexus S :( 
"This item is not available in your country." :-(
Too many restrictions. There is no light for us in Latam :(. Fortunately Sony offers Track it, a free app to identify songs that works and does not hook you to buy songs.
Half baked. Requires too long a sample to look up. No option to pause listening mid-way. Performance on test sound samples aside; almost every time I have tried identifying a sound in a real life scenario, the sound source ceases midway - don't see myself identifying anything with this when I really need to.
Good morning have a Bless Christmas an blessed new years
just use shazam like the rest of society
US-only releases are a bit crap. Again.

It would be nice if Google gave us an explanation for each of their US-only apps, or if they only posted these announcements to users in the USA. 
That's what it did for me Richard, its stupid. Why should it only be available to the US?
'Well, maybe they are working on a UK verion for you all.
I am from the US but my tablet does not support Google Play, so I am experiencing the same things you are, but I have this app called GetJar and it has apps to get, so if this helps, tell me.
This widget is really good but there should be an update to add the song to your wishlist right from the widget. It would be really nice. Also it should be able to have an option to keep the song identified still up. Even when switching the homescreen page +Google 
+Google we want this app available in Portugal too, not to mention music/devices store...
+Alan Klement its a widget not an app. The problem is really not google, but the music industry. Do you have any idea how much red tape there still is as soon as you say computers+music? (or books let alone movies). Here in Denmark movies and music still isent on google play, not even books (the one thing i DO miss) mostly because copyright agreements need to be signed and distribution fees etc. need to be agreed on. In the meantime europeans are left with one option....yup piracy, and the media industry is wondering why piracy is so rampant. 
Sick of seeing "not available in your country" with so many Google products. 
Is there anyway they can add a feature where it also list a YouTube link so that it doesn't just take you to the play store to buy the album.
How about having the songs you've searched for be automatically added to a Google Music playlist?  That way, when I get to my computer, all the songs I searched on my commute show up.  If it's in my library already, great--if not, I can purchase it then.  I'd also love to see some king of integration between Google Music and Spotify.  Something tells me you're a better partner for them than Facebook.  
Can this be made available in Australia now that music is available?
+James May I tried using this find a great benny goodman piece (sing Sing Sing) to see if it would work ir didnt even a 13 year old adolescent as such as myself knows that is out of order
I had this on my Nexus S. But then Google took it away from me. That's evil!
I hope this comes available to Finland. We have the All Access Google Music already so what's stopping Google from giving Finland access to this?
I don't know how, but it just appeared on my search in the play store and I could enable it normally in Finland. Thank you Google!
not avaliable ib europe in Kosovo
Meh, it doesn't seem to ever work ever whenever I try to use it so no big loss for those who can't get it.
2014 - really strange google still has not launched it in norway and still don't support it for google music, that about all other music services do...
Why is this, after 3 years, still not available in europe?
It has been available at least in Finland for almost two years now. Works really well.
i used to love this widget on my home screen till marshmallow now it sucks before it didnt have to go a new window wtf
Used to work in Norway, but now that I upgraded to marshmallow, no dice! Thanks Google! You Suck!
+Chris Gardner​​ how did you get it to work in Norway? Still on lollipop, but always get "song recognition is not available in your region". (lydsøk er ikke tilgjengelig i landet ditt)
No idea, it just always worked for me. I purchased the phone in USA (Nexus 5) and never had issues before yesterday when I upgraded.
How do you fix the widget. It stopped working. It says your offline. Wth 
only seems to work through wifi
But why doesn't it work in my region? Seems silly, when apps like Soundhound and Shazam work just fine. 
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