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You may already use Google to help you make everyday decisions, like what restaurant to pick for dinner or which movie to go see. Starting today, you can also rely on Google’s Knowledge Graph to research a big decision: cars. Say you’re thinking of buying a new 2014 Mazda3—just tap the microphone on your Google Search app or search for [2014 Mazda3] to instantly see facts like what size engine it has, its MPG and pricing for different configurations. To explore other cars, select one listed under “People also search for” and your results will update to show you specific information.

Update 10:30am: This feature is available on in the U.S.

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+Zack Lofgren There are already several Haswell powered budget Chromebooks available in the market. Market for premium Chromebooks is too small I guess. 
Me Be
Google search is great.
Not working somehow. Is it not implemented worldwide yet?
Very cool; next on my wishlist: smartphone and tablet specs
"If you're not in the USA, you don't exist" - Google
different parts of USA have different zoom levels. Seattle has helicopter view in Google Maps, other parts of USA do not. 
Not seeing the search results here in SC, USA
Oh men, it's always US version that has cool features. 
if you are in the usa, you can't buy an Alfa Romeo Brera. so you lose some too.
Doesn't Seem to work, at least it doesn't know my car.
Why is it always US only. It really pisses me off when here in the UK we can't use it on our local domain. And don't say well use the .com version because that doesn't work when you go into Shopping results. It all flips to dollars, same with Maps, everything is in the US. Rawr! - I feel better now.
+Paul Hutchinson Funny how they have no problem serving me ads on my local google domain (, but all of a sudden it's a technological impossibility to see the knowledge graph (or for that matter the "OK Google" hotword in google now -- because somehow the Canadian english version of OK Google sounds like a mating moose).

Way to go Google.
Phil T
+Chetan Kania
you can set the voice language to US English and use OK Google.  I have to do it on mine British (aka proper English) is not approved.
My site,, is trying to provide car make & model information for all markets. It's still got some way to go, but at least the coverage is more global in scope than Google's effort.
+Chetan Kania spot on. Ads work everywhere but hotwords and knowledge graph wtf-ing. +Phil Thiselton its not really the point. I should be able to speak British English and still got all the features of other English variants.
The ACES standard provided by the AAIA is the definitive source for year / make / model info.  This information is far superior to Wikipedia and provides considerably more info.  Associating compatible products for a year make model search in Google is something I'd love to be a part of.
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