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Google Search helps you find whatever you're looking for. We've brought this idea to life in a short video showing how human passion and hope can overcome time and borders. In this story, a woman in India reunites her grandfather with his childhood friend (who is now in Pakistan) following six decades of separation since the partition of India—with a little help from Google. We hope this is a reflection of the many stories of reunion. If you find it moving, share it—and tell us your own story in the comments.

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An incredible story! Now I miss my friends back home so much! I'm somewhere between :) and ;( at the moment.
Adel O
Is it just me or she looks like Lydia (The indian version) from Breaking Bad show?
Oh this is super awesome. This is how I have also used +Google to look up old places from my childhood.
Rey Ley
Beautiful video
google search: " we will find you... either you like it or not "
Google ur great! Am glad l am a part of u!
Google's search engine is called Google Search now? 
Google is an integral part of my life ...
21 years ago, I had a friend who wrote to me named Cecile Elgue of France. In 1996, a German Olympics athlete started writing to me named Nadine Beckel. We were born on 23rd, 25th and 27th May 1977, each of us two days apart. We lost contact by 2001.
In 2000-2001, I used to do tech support for Microsoft, supporting the worst of all of their operating systems, Window ME. When I started, Google Search was not well known. We had to find answers by getting lucky on some other search engine, and it was extremely unreliable. Then, about a year into it, Google Search started to become popular. The resolution for even the most simple problems was only a Google Search away. The job got much easier, very quickly. 

I remember the first time I was able to enter the exact text from an error, and find the answer on some obscure blog. Google has changed the way we find thing. Correction, it has made it possible to find what we are looking for. 

This video demonstrates one of the reasons that I believe that Google Search is the most important app ever written. 
I'm sure everybody here knows how Google search works, but this video nevertheless is a MUST SEE. 
Wow unbelievable one of the best commercials ive ever seen helluva job +Google
Great ad. understated and the product they are selling is not in your face. +Google 
I guy with nexus 5 in Pakistan!!!!! Google start smuggling :D..??
Everyone's comments said this video is beautiful, so I'm not going to say that. But it's very heart melting.
Bravo! A very well-done video that tugs at the heartstrings.
Very touching, reminds me of my home, Lahore.

The place 'Mochi Gate' is just half kilometer away from my home. I can still feel the taste of the sweets and the excellent food. When I was young, I used to walk by the streets of 'Mochi Gate' on my way to college.

I wish I could go back home soon... :)

Love you Lahore; great job Google!
Moving, but I hope the concept behind this and the new generation of search was by a bunch of Indian origin lads.
I've found family using Google!
Really awesome hatts of to the creativity team I am spellbound...and have tears in my eyes.
Show this incredible story to Indian and Pakistani Politicians. 
Very touching ad....this reminds me...last year I did use Google to locate a childhood friend of my father and got them together...he is in Canada now...and we did skype call few days back....can't imagine world without Google
I don't get it so yah....
Wow...ok...that really brought tears...!  Beautiful - just beautiful!
now connecting people comes to google
this is so amazing how google make us believe and how make a history thanks all
kya sab isi ki tareef karoge kya
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