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If you're in the U.S., today you'll notice some changes to the search results page on your desktop. It's now cleaner and simpler—more consistent with the tablet and mobile design. There's a greater focus on the answers you’re looking for, whether from web results or from a feature like the Knowledge Graph. Read more on the blog: and leave us feedback in the comments below.
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Ian Tang
+Google, I really like this design, but are we ever going to get a truly updated Google Bar? :(
Doesn't it seem a bit redundant against the black bar?
+Ian Tang what is a Google bar?
the thing we see at the top of any Google site?
When does the knowledge graph comes to other countries?
+Jean-Loup Rebours-Smith hopefully getting ready for integration into Google+.  I'll get excited when I see them do the same with GMail and Calendar...
I'm in New Zealand and I've got it.  Must be a new record for me; I'm usually one of the last to get anything. :)
I'm so happy it's nice for your tablets and cellphones, +Google.  I, however, like my widescreen laptop very much, and I WANT MY VERTICAL SPACE BACK!!!
for me i would to know about googler.How google different from googler and who is googler.
We all use wide screens nowadays... why are you using up valuable vertical space for things less relevant than the search results?
why do get error 400 is it because iam not in usa?
where can i get answers to blogger?
where can i get answers to blogger?
not very get used to this on PC :(
What I do not know what you are taking about
New Google Image search is awesome! Going with the horizontal nav makes it a LOT better! Also, to those who hate the dreaded BLACK BAR of death, use this Chrome extension
This looks great. Looking forward to seeing it roll out in the UK.
It is redundant with the black bar and we loose vertical space. Today, horizontal space is "cheaper" than vertical space, so the change is not so good, at least for me. Also, some search options are already functional from the black bar (images, maps, news, videos, etc.), so just the "search tools" are really necessary. In fact, the black bar is consistent with other search options (e.g. maps) and the new white bar isn't.
Aye, I was just joking... to me, the #blackbar is the main problem now... #whitespace  is not much of a problem in this iteration of the design to me. Especially with Image Search.
love it! its really clean and i like that :)
Mark Lee
i hate the black bar, but that new white bar just doesn't make any sense at all, any reason why leave the left empty? we used to have nav bar on the left, like g+, gmail, greader, calendar, maps, anything! don't tell me google now tries to move all these nav bars on top, please don't! google news is such a polished product (the only product supports fluid width) and please don't ruin it.
hey there's less space above the fold for organic results ! once again SEO is targeted just by changing UI .. 
As a poor people in China :'( i even cannot open the Google homepage this period 
Google Scholar should be included in the "More" list.  It's annoying to have to type my searches in again after going to Google Scholar.  Plus scholar used to be available in the past.  Even patents are showing now, but not Scholar.
This is useless. Even though, few of us can cope up with not only nav bar alteration but many other changes at google but millions other are not good at computers and IT. +Google should learn most of the users are novice, therefore stop altering things without its obvious benefit. 

People are used to with Left vertical bar, get it back. Novice user take  plenty of times to get used to with one thing and suddenly +Google come out with child's play. Just altering positions is not going to improve search result but its architect. 

Left vertical bar was more user friendly than latest upper horizontal because former had all the options visible where as now you have to "mouse click" again.  
It's good. But I can't help that something should be place at the top left. It looks kind of plain & naked.
Ben Smith
Sorry, doesn't do anything for me, now there's a big empty white space on the left of the search results but they've hidden the advanced search tools I use most often so I need to click 2 or three times to access them. Plus if I do click on the new search tools button I end up with a total of four different bars above my search results.
+Eduardo Feliciano its single click (old version) vs double or tripple (with new look), mostly.

Organisations are coming up with less  effort to the user and here Google is making little confusions for novice who even don't know what those bar means. That means less productivity from google search as user can't get best out of it.
Guys, that seems a little bit like Bing, and I don't like that. 
Stop it, Google! Stop fixing what's not broken! There was nothing wrong with the sidebar. It even had more options. For example, you now only have 3 sizes for image searches. For specific sizes like "larger than X by Y" i have to go into advanced search. And than i get the weird overlapping menu with all the sizes... And while search tools stayed visible once you expanded then on the old layout, they are now always menus, therefor always one click further away than they were. For people who do serious searches on daily bases, this is huge.

Everything is wrong with this layout. From white space to more clicks and redundancy.

What is with the companies these days always compromising good old tested ways in favor of oversimplified UI's, quite possibly only comfortable on small mobile screens? Do you think desktop machines don't exist anymore? Are all our screens suddenly smaller than they were in 1995? C'mon!
Filtering requires as many as 3 clicks - not good. I use the 24 hr and 1 week filtering quite frequently and its annoying. Can the top nav bar be customizable such that I can have 24 hrs and 1 week on the top bar itself?
Nikki C
I'm loving the cleaner, more streamlined look.  Go Google!!!
Hmmm...well they did send out a message regarding this earlier but it wasn't confirmed until today.
This makes the result pages look weird and I do not like it.
The result pages has too much useless white space....
I do not like the new layout as I'm used to the old layout. The old layout was much better, as it allowed me to drill-down on the results just from the left-bar and this time, it took me a while to find those buttons.

Old one was better !
I like the new position of the search tools, but I'd really like a way to have them default to being visible without clicking. (I mean, without using Greasemonkey.)
Seems great! But when we can get in finnish language?
Everyone has wide-screen monitors...  Why is the screen blank from the center to the right?  Seriously stretch out.  Blank is annoying, not "clean" or "uncluttered".
Sloppy redesign. Some search options are totally missing (image search by exact size), most options are hidden in advanced search, and what little you did leave is now 2 or 3 clicks away. Sidebar allowed us to narrow down searches instantly and now I feel like I'm using "baby's first google search". I understand trying to deliver the same experience across all platforms, but not by forcing everyone to use the the most watered down tools.
I can't stand the new layout. Please give us an option for the old sidebar for advanced searches, this new format requires several click for a task that used to take one. You've made it more difficult for me to search for images of a certain size, that seems like, and is, an idiotic move for a search engine.
Nearly daily. I often find images in news posts and need to find the original, or at least a much higher quality version of the image. Options like 'Large' are fairly useless, I need to easily set images larger than "x". On the new drop down, i can't. I have to click on advanced search, then set it, then go back to a new search page. It's utterly mind boggling that I need to waste my time this way. I may try to script my way around it with greasemonkey, but I shouldn't have to do that either. I can't believe a useful tool was just hidden from me, it's ridiculous.

 My Monitor res is 2560x1440, the last thing I need is a narrower display of data, with less options. Make the changes on the mobile site, leave us desktop users alone.

I expect this sort of myopic marketing driven foolishness from Apple and Microsoft, not Google. Handicapping your product? That seemed like a good idea?
i suppose they could just re-add custom size to the sizes dropdown. Would that make it okay?
That might be better, though it would be nicer if they would sort by size, descending. That would actually be helpful. Though this would all take more clicks then it used to, which seems daft.

I'm not sure why they have gone out of their way to "optimize" their advanced search functions for people who rarely use them. Just an odd decision.
+Al Lenin I actually take advantage of the advanced search options quite often. At least for Image search. Having those options available in a drop down menu would be A solution, but the sidebar was such an awesome tool to quickly narrow down the results to exactly what I was looking for. Mopre than anything I'm annoyed that google is taking the lowest common denominator approach and forcing non mobile users to use dumbed down versions of an otherwise amazing search engine.
this was the dumbest move... seriously for image search... having the search bar, and advanced image size options right there on the left was perfect... at least give us an option to customize it. (those of us who want to keep the side bar, and those few people who want minimal top bar with 0 options
The redesign is horrible, both aestthetically and practically. Having the bar at the top is extremely redundant due to the black bar already being there. Then there's the search filters. What used to take one simple click, with all the options clearly visible, now takes two. And that's when the filters are even there! Take image search, now I can only filter by "Large", "Medium" and "Icon" images, no more "over 70 MP", "over 20 MP" and so forth and no more searching for a specific size. Well done Google, you've changed something that worked perfectly, AND THAT NO ONE WAS COMPLAINING ABOUT and you've shat all over it making people flee to Bing in horror. Please, at least give us the option of WANTING this redesign or not!
Ole Tange
I initially found it clean, but after 5 seconds of using it, I found several faults: It takes more clicks to do the same. It wastes space so I see less results. Please +Google Make it optional or even better give me a compact layout so all the top bars can be compacted to take up less valuable vertical space.
This is a horrible change. It is not practical at all and is very annoying. Please change it back.  
Please, give me back that good old vertical left bar and design!
is there any way to be in touch with someone of the Google HQ direction ? I'm looking for a way to make a little suggestion...
I don't like it at all! Most used search options for me are now hidden in the Advanced Search, which takes more time to get to now.

+Google, you asked for feedback, now listen to your users and fix this please.
Seriously, how redicilously simple is this gonna get?! where is today's design going...
I don't like it.

The old one was better; at first, I thought this new design is a bug (a regional layout redesign or something like that). I even searched for this issues on Google Search Forum, and noticed that a lot of users find it very odd and not that functional. If you ask me, Google should create their new design and let the user to try it, but not force them to use it. They've could create a "Try now" button or something like that and if the users liked it they should keep it; if not, they could return to the "old" version. Google said that this new design is clean; I say it's cra... I'm not buying that! P.S. You can no longer search for specific image size...
Zheng Li
Google is now really being managed by smart, yet fucking idiots. What is the point of the new UI? Just steals away the good old one, which everyone is already familiar with, presents the new one and says, "if you don't like it, beat it"? Fucking arrogant!

Years ago, there was a drop-down menu for you to search in specific languages. Then this menu went to the advanced search, so you had to click twice more. In order to fix this, I downloaded a small script which adds a customizable list of languages on the left bar. (since I often need to search in many specific languages.) Now with this stupid new UI, my script is not working now!!! So every time I want only German, or French, or Italian pages, I need to go to the advanced search. I couldn't image anything more stupid than that! This new UI sucks to the bone!

PS: Now look at the image search. If you want to, say, search large images only, you have to click search tools, click "any size", click "large", 3 clicks. While in the old UI, you just click once. Efficiency vs. clean-ness, which one is more important? Even a 3yr could you the answer, yet the "educated people" in google just couldn't!

I am a language geek! Give me back the old UI!
By reading your comment, I am sorry for the unthinking conclusion that I drew just now. The old version is truly more easier for the users to get what they want, it's more efficient!!
How will this affect the layout of the ads on the page? Will it be dropping the righthand vertical list??? UK based so not seen the new layout in action as yet.
Hope to stay the same in the UK, because the old one was so functional. I am a graphic designer and I need to find images with a specific size; with this new and "improved" design, I can no longer do that! But hey, Google saved loads of space in the left side of the layout!
Is the ability to find images by size not available in the tools? Have all the features been explored, as with any new design, you will need to get used to new features and changes... In a few weeks it may been seen to be better...
Can't locate by a specific size anymore?? Well that sucks Google.
I am sure that Google Developers are working to add this feature (search by a specific size); I think in the near future we'll be able to use it, because Google is cool... and no one can argue with that.


what I don't understand is why they had to redesign!!! The old one was fine, was working great and it was simple; this one is "simpler"; not better! Why "fix" something if it's not broken?!
+Alexandru Petriţă I really doubt it. They're probably trying to clamp down on copyright and server performance, so they most likely decided to kill the size feature.
Nina M
The new look is terrible on PCs; confusing at the top, and the results are skewed toward the left side of the screen. I had a purely intuitive reaction of disgust upon seeing the new look. It just looks wrong. My eyes are pulled toward the very border of the screen, while the middle is empty. And the area around the search bar is confusing to look at, too full of elements. Please bring the old look back...
But on the other hand, sometimes we should try something new, or you will
never know there might be a better way and things will not develop.
But it's rude that Google did not ask us if we are willing to update it.
Maybe offer a button "try it" is a better way, like others said.
Don't try to doubt others. Let's wait and see what happens next.
If you want the solution on how to search for exact size, visit my post today (click on my image on the left). I prefer to not list it here. Do NOT click +1 on my comment here. You can however +1 my post.
Already missing the old sidebar full of options.... right now. Wouldn´t mind if they took it away but just automatically gave you the highest possible sizes on the results..
It's horrible - make it easier, not harder. Stop adding steps for basic searches!  At least give us the option in settings! 
I'll let you know what i think once i have a chance to see the change....
Hey you know I have a WIDE SCREEN monitor so use the abundant horizontal space! 

So time to build a greasemonkey script or something to add it back it for my image searches?
In my opinion this is an improvement. So, a step in the right direction. The search results page is getting better. For future tasks, a redesign of the Google+ Android App would be great. Just think about it...
+Google we not only need updated Google search on web but also Google Bar....
I find it confusing that the abilities to narrow searches to blogs and discussions/forums have been pushed off to the "more" dropdown, which at first glance appears to be a shortcut for searching other Google sites (e.g. YouTube).

It's doubly confusing that it used to be under the equivalent of what is now the "All Results" dropdown, which is full of much less useful selections.

Considering that the stuff under "More" appears to be an extension of the top-level menu bar items, will we get the ability to choose which items get displayed on the menu bar instead of in "More"? It's especially silly to stuff everything under "More" when every monitor I use is plenty wide enough to show more options at once.
I have been using this new layout for a few days in the UK. Not great really. 

The most annoying thing for me is that if I wish to filter for UK only results I now have to make 3 clicks instead of 1. Also more clicks to filter by date. 

The navigation is better placed but not so user friendly. Or at least, not so Jon friendly!
At once it feels something important is missing. But when the Knowledge Graph results is shown, it feels more clear because there is more room there.
How do I search by image size now? Can't seem to find the option,
What about the personal search, Is that staying?
And when is out in different countries?
I dont like it. Why am I forced to do more clicks? When I need some common task like search in last 24h or results only in my native language?
Today I learned that tablets/mobile, and to a lesser extent Google+, are killing what was once a phenomenal desktop search experience. 

Consistency across platforms breeds the worst kind of mediocrity. There was a time when Google was anything but mediocre. Obviously, times are changing.
I love how now I have to click multiple times to change time results.  Change I can believe in?  no.
Please give us back the sidebar. The horizontal bar is harder to scan, and it’s very inconvenient to have the Image search options hidden, if not less usable.
I like the old design better. Now I have two nav bars which both have 'images' as a option as well as two 'more' drop downs in each nav and lost my vertical location selector. Quit over complicating why I am using Google. I know you want to drive traffic to each one of your new verticals like Google Drive, Google Play, etc but this is getting a little too much now.
It seems most of us hate it.
And it seems they don't care that we hate it.
I hate it.  And keyboard does not work (I press TAB, and it does not go to the first search result).  Horrible, really.
Please do not remove functionality in the service of consistency with the "mobile and tablet design."  The "larger than..." search tool of Google Images has been my go-to drill-down for years.  Removing it does nothing to "spiff up" my search results — in fact, the downgrade renders Google Images near useless when it had been an established step in my workflow.  If desktop functionality isn't returned to the desktop, users like me won't migrate to mobile or tablets.  We'll migrate away from Google products that don't serve our needs.
new one looks good. maybe you can make the top search bar always visible even during scrolling down.
Meh, I gave up on google search when they gave up on neutral search.
The custom location setting appears to have vanished too.
Give us the OPTION to go to the new layout or the old. That will make both parties happy.
What I must often use (90% of the time) to refine my search is to limit the time frame... e.g. "past month".  Unfortunately these new changes make that action one click further away.  Yuk!
if they don't bring back the exact image size search feature then I will stop using google.
Why get rid of exact image search? There was absolutely nothing wrong with image search page. Why is google messing with a good thing??
I dislike it. On my widescreen monitor it makes the layout look terrible, as only half the space is used. There should be an option to display them on the side for wider monitors like in Gmail, where you have comfortable, cozy, and compact.
For the most part it's good, but where is the specific image size search? That was really useful to me.
Since you asked.. I prefer the left side search tools vs. the top bar. Left side just made more sense and was easier to use. Please give users the ability to customize their view.
First,.... Your over simplifying the interface and because of that... It's getting convoluted, even confusing at times. This goes for pretty much every google product lately because you've implemented these features / theme into nearly every app you guys make.

Second why would you remove features from Image search?!?! 

What happened to search by image size, type, clipart, black and white etc? All of those features are gone now?! 

I am an artist I use your image search nearly daily and you've pretty much made it unusable for me now. It does not give me the the search functions I need. If these things do not change. I'm going to be using a different search engine from now on.

There's a motto to live by and consider. If it aint broke,... Don't fix it.

Nuff said.
Please give us back the option for the old view! Your Image Search engine is now almost as useless as everyone else's. We used to have the option of setting the minimum size ourselves. Please give us back that option to set pixel size instead of medium, large, and icon. Meaningless distinctions! As a professional who used your image search engine almost daily, you've made it virtually almost irrelevant. Fine for 15 year old girls who want to find the latest trend, useless for anyone with a more serious intent.

Whatever happened to "first do no harm"???
Don't mean to overly cynical folks, but if it's anything like the changes Google made to their news engine a few years ago before going back to the old format, we might as well go suck air.
I liked the old one better...I end up using 3+ clicks where I was using just one...esp. when it comes to filtering images by color...the new one is just so inconvenient... :-(
ME NO LIKEY! I cannot refine my image search by size without taking a whole lot of extra steps.
This is absolutely a real poor decision that does not take the user into account but more the advertising space... a lot of us have more width then height so taking basically 3 rows (counting the black bar) is a real bad move.. If you were really user friendly you would have allowed on to use the classic view and not loose 3 lines so you can shove more ads on the side...

You guys are starting to look more Apple/Microsoft greedy every day.
Give back the "exact size" image search optiion please.... or I'm going bing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Crap! Bing is just as bad! Why sink down to their level?!!!
Dear Google, why are you forcing UI made for shitty small mobile screens on desktop users?
A piece of CRAP!
How can I get back to older layout?
New one is much worse on normal PC and less functional. It isn't possible to search for exact image size or images larger than 2 Mpix for example...
Wow..  way to screw up Google.  You took a perfectly good search tool and EF'd it the hell up.  Who are you, Microsoft?  Why would you dumb down image search options and hide web search options?  New layout suck balls!
Not a fan.  Too much white space and looks horrible on widescreen monitors.  Some of my favorite options for advanced search are now two clicks away instead of one.
Can I have the old version back ? Everything is now two click away (Video search, refine search results). Doesn't make sense with the screen estate on a PC. Huge downgrade overall.
Maybe google is making room to stuff ads in the left column now too. :P
Can I change it back? I don't like the huge blank space, and I don't even have a wide screen. At least give us an option of how we want it. At least for us Chrome users....
Very bad. Please bring the old advanced search back. Adding more clicks ≠ "cleaner and simpler". Trying to create a consistent search UI across devices is a bad idea. The usage patterns for each are vastly different, you need to build for the strengths of each.
More clicks, fewer options, horrible use of space, and still bland, colorless, and lacking useful icons. Please hire a better UI design team and make them, and everyone who signs off for approval, use all of the features of the product before even thinking of releasing it to the public.

Adding unnecessary clicks for common tools is very bad. Do not bury any tool behind a hover or click unless it can be made always visible through options.
Poor use of space is bad. Use horizontal space for tools to keep vertical space available for results. Most monitors are mounted horizontally.
Having tools scroll off the screen is bad. Put tools in a fixed position to one side.
Icons and color are good. They facilitate quicker and easier recognition of UI tools at a glance. Make use of icons and color an option.
Options and customization are good. Allow customization of tools and menus. Allow personalization of color and images.
This is fucking retarded, I'm going to Bing
Repeated links and why not be responsive design. I prefer to have search option left when my windows width is bigger. I have more space on right side. But result is very much focused then anything, thats great. 
This is a major degradation of functionality. Please bring back the "larger than" option with as few clicks as it had, I used it every day. I do not want to go to advanced search for large images. Even the degraded new image search tools require more clicks than they did. What on earth were you thinking? Give less and call it more?
I use +Google constantly across many devices and browsers. I have to admit, even having done a lot of searches today, I didn't even notice the change. I think that's a good thing, though. And no matter what happens, I'm never switching to Bing.
I DO NOT LIKE this change. It HIDES all the tools I use regularly. Instead of having everything on one page, right there in front of me, it's hidden and requires me to dig down through successive pages---Loading successive pages is A BATTERY KILLER for my mobile phone. Hardly mobile friendly. I don't have a tablet. I do NOT intend to get one. I DO NOT NEED TO TURN MY DESKTOP/LAPTOP into a tablet. Please give us non-tablet/non-mobile users the option to switch back to the old view/old tools/old format. THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE PREVIOUS DESIGN. IT DID NOT NEED CHANGING.
What a shame I can't opt out of this change! While "sleekness" and "breathing room" are good things in principle, any improvement that creates inconvenient and redundant buttons in the middle of the screen and forces you to do more work to access the same functionalities (search tools) is not an improvement at all! I sure hope the search UI dev team come to their senses before long, because I use the search tools every day and stand to waste a lot of time in the future (cumulatively) if these changes are not rolled back.
Did the layout change take away the brand Google+ Knowledge Graph results from showing in the right pane?
I've managed to figure out how to get some of my tools back--scroll to the bottom of the page or hit the END key to bypass that damnable infinite scroll, and click on to Switch to Basic Version. Unfortunately, you must do this every time you access the image search ... but at least the option is there.

If I could have my preferences saved I would have them set to basic view, no infinite scroll. Why can't Google give us users that option?
I HATE the new version of Google Image Search. I believe I've posted my feelings elsewhere on the Google forums so I won't go into it here.

After the shock wore off a little, I started trying to find ways to get my old tools back. The help pages were less than helpful, requiring multiple clicks deeper into the page hierarchy before I found anything useful, and even then it was not very useful at all. Very poor organization, Google. Very poor.

ONE MORE THING: The new version has a button on the top bar called SEARCH TOOLS. Click it to get back all the tools Google took away. It's not the same as having them in a side bar on the left, but it's better than nothing.

BUT why should we settle for 'better than nothing'? Google insists it's striving to give us what we want, insists on giving us the best. We are getting neither.

Who is Google talking to that they believe these changes are what we want? What think tank, special team, user group, etc. is convincing Google that these changes over the past 18 months are desirable? All I know is they are not talking to ME, a Google platform faithful.

They are taking away iGoogle--just when I have it set up with feeds and widgets to keep me on top of all my interests. They have screwed up the functionality of  my search engines.

This is not service, this is obstruction of service.

Google, please take note: I love the PC and Google platforms, but you are "improving" your product at your peril. I just might have to go over to Mac and Safari if you keep this up. And I'll curse you every day I use them. Please don't let it come to that.
I dont think i can hate this enough. It's bad enough that i can't set the image search to default to "large" every time, now its extra clicks and the various extra search options are gone, or buried where i can't find em. Terrible, terrible, terrible.
Who cares what it looks like when it doesn't do what it used to do?  Google seriously needs to reintroduce the ability to specify an exact size to image search results.  If it's there now, I sure haven't found it yet.  There's greater focus on the answers/images for which I'm looking?  Too bad I can't find them now, period.

Plus, if you're going for better design, it really doesn't look much better, if it looks any better at all.  It's not like I was sitting there before going "man, this sidebar is sucking up all my breathing room, I wish Google would give me some breathing room by removing (or, at least making it virtually impossible to find) my favorite feature(s)."

It seems to me we're actually getting less breathing room...

I started using Chrome, in the first place, because it didn't eat up a lot of space horizontally across the top of the browser window.  Now, on the search results page, by the time I've drilled down to the Search Tools bar, there are so many horizontal sections across the top of the screen that the top 310px of my 1080px high screen are taken up by horizontal bars I don't even really want to view.  That's almost 30% of my screen given to useless horizontal bars, so how does that put the focus on "the answers I'm look for".  Plus, on my 1920px wide screen in a normal web search, there are nearly 1000px of empty horizontal space (I guess there's our breathing room).  

What's with all this trend now to make desktop devices more like mobile devices, anyway?  Soon, I'll probably be sitting behind my 24" widescreen monitor, browsing on Chrome desktop at it's max 2"x4"  dimensions, the ultimate in "[consistency] with the mobile and tablet design."

Honestly, I don't care that much about what it looks like, it could be a diagonal-upside-down scroll for all I care, as long as the features I DO care about aren't being eliminated.  Even if I do what user Mary McKay-Eaton describes and "Switch to Basic Version" my favorite tools are gone.  

To summarize:  WTF!!!  Give us back our Exact Size filter in image search results.  
I use Google search extensively for graphics and for content best identified by associated images. Having the preview of image results on the left has saved me hours of research time over the years. It was this feature alone that moved me from Bing to Google. For my purposes, you have diminished Google's usefulness by 80%. 

Seriously guys... Unless you're smoking crack, you have to see the wisdom of at least allowing the users to choose their layout. This is like forcing someone who needs a truck for hauling cargo to drive a Prius because it's the "in" thing. Stupid, stupid, stupid.
I have never used bing before, but I am now. I see the commercials on tv and I thought they were just bs, but after google pulled this stunt bing is the only way to go for me. I use google image search for all of my graphics work I do online and each client needs different dims for each image, without this feature there is no point in using google. See ya later googles. :)
Just to remind you all Bing uses size in their image results, it will do for now.
I figured out how to get the "new" Google format to show sizes and tools.

1) Type in your search item and scroll to the bottom of the results page and click on "Switch to Basic Version". The tools that have gone missing are back at the left hand side and the thumbnails of the images have their sizes listed..

2) Type in your search item and when the results page comes up, click on the "Search Tools" button on the top row & choose "Standard View">>"Show Sizes"  to show size.
As for Bing? I find the page organization less useful than the basic view on Google image search. I'll be sticking with Google. For now.
Bad, bad, bad! Much more inefficient for doing image searches. Please stop making improvements that are actually moving backwards! Yuck!
Wow this just completely sucks.  If you want to move it fine, just don't take away the functionality duh!  Dam this is horrible, going to have to start saying Bing is your friend, instead of Google is your friend.  I hate Bing btw.
What if we all report this google post as "harassment or bullying".  I think it's pretty close.  They're forcing me to use a fucking stupid top bar.  That's bullying.
+Google I feel that "Search Tools" bar should be turned on by default because it was widely visible in the sidebar format.  Without it being on, many users will not notice it.
Mary Lamb
OK, this new design is clearly ridiculous. While there was always some overlap between duplicated links in the black bar and further down the page in the sidebar, having the two links sets separated like that allowed you to navigate from different areas of the page - and to choose which area was best and most comfortable for you. Plus the advanced search tools were in the less visible spot (the sidebar), which made sense from most user's perspectives - as in, don't crowd the most visible areas with too much visual clutter.

But now! Now you've got two sets of mostly duplicate links an inch apart from each other up top. And to get to the advanced search tools you now have to click the Search Tools button, then wait for the JS to lower another bar that works exactly like a dropdown, then click the tool you need, then mouse down and select the exact search tool you want. Four steps! Four. 4. And to get rid of that secondary dropdown bar, you have to click the Search tools button again. And you'll want to get rid of it when you're done using your advanced tool of choice, otherwise it will annoy the crap out of you laying on top of the search results as it does now.

But of all pages to take this functionality away on altogether, you chose...Image results! The one damn page where you constantly need to refine results by date, size, color, file type, and so on; it is indeed an inexplicable "design" choice to make since it kills usability on those pages altogether.

For those saying Google did this just to make room for more ads, every Google design change does exactly that, but this one is even worse in that regard; if you visit this page: with your adblockers turned off, you will see iPad ads now take up the full length of the page across the top. Without any sidebar in the way, Google can use the full width of the page - any page, not just the Image results pages - to run as many ads above the fold as they want. They are only limited by your max screen resolution, but they can always just add scrollbars to work around that problem.

If any of you have noticed, Google is still running the sidebar of old in many instances, such as when you visit Google with Javascript turned off, when you use the Basic Version of Google on Image results, and also when you visit Google Shopping and Google Products result pages.

As any of you more tech-inclined folks have probably noticed, the CSS for #leftnav remains intact within Google's source - but rather than use "display:none" Google is just generating the new topbar and hiding the old sidebar on the fly, page by page, using plain old JS. All of which leads me to conclude that there's no reason Google can't offer an option to toggle the sidebar ON, since there's still room for it where it was originally, and to toggle the sidebar replacement up top OFF. It's not like Google will need to re-create the original code for the sidebar - it's still there and still in use in many instances (and in most other countries, as of this writing).

I don't like the idea of a design change this massive that decreases usability as much as described above being forced down all user's throats with no option to toggle any part of it, old or new, on or off as desired, nor do I think it should have to fall to the userscript and add-on authors such as myself to have to code things back to the way they were, when the way they were was vastly superior to the way they are now.

Also, make sure you're registering your complaints about the missing sidebar and other missing functionality in this thread:!category-topic/websearch/xcv50_kJ9Pc

--Marah Marie
There are plenty of people expounding on why this change is terrible, so I'm just going to go ahead and use my two cents on a hostile vent.

I can not understand the logic behind reducing efficiency for some inane idea that effectively equates to "It's prettier this way!". The incompetence involved in deciding to force this down everyone's throat is just mind boggling. Did you even consider making it an option? Or was it just a decision you thought would work despite the clear, and enormous reduction in efficiency.

If this has anything to do with Bing, then I'm even more irritated. Most Google users do not like Bing, so copying them is just ridiculous.

As for tablet layouts... It's very hard not to use harsh expletives when I think about the completely moronic idea that a tablet layout would be good in a desktop environment. What on earth would be appealing about a design meant for condensed display on a widescreen monitor?  How is empty space and severely reduced functionality more appealing? ,

Dear Google,
Please remove your collective heads from your collective asses, and put the side panel back. Don't let pride make you an ass; It's ok to admit when you've made a mistake when you actually work to correct it.
old one was better this is not fast and good it confuses us and its not FAST so please change it google
I'm all for change, but removing existing functionality, I'm not.

Please restore advanced IMAGE SEARCH IMAGES LARGER THAN XX feature.. 

Your making your service like BING.. Dont copy, innovate instead.
Hey there, +Jason Lyerly (from yesterday) EFFIN' A! I AGREE WITH YOU! I want the old Google Image Search engine back with no stupid horizontal bars hiding our tools three or four clicks deep. Until Google pulls its collective head out of its you-know-what, I'll have to do what I can with what they've left us to work with. I AM NOT endorsing this latest Charlie-Foxtrot of theirs by posting my work-arounds. I think we should COMPLAIN, SCREAM, CRY, DO WHAT IT TAKES TO MAKE GOOGLE UNDERSTAND JUST HOW BADLY THEY SCREWED UP ... and in the meantime, help one another until Google fixes things. Here's hoping Google gets the message soon.
Why Google? Why do you take a perfectly good and functional product and muck it up for the less IQ level fortunate users? WHO EVER SUGGESTED THIS NEEDS TO BE FIRED AND HUNG!!!!
Google was awesome the way it was. If you want to destroy it in favor of a new look at least give us the option to use the old format. NEVER remove functionality. Where the hell did you guys learn to do business if you expect removing functionality to improve ANYTHING?! Google Images is now completely useless aside from looking for cats dogs and scanty women. NOTHING good has EVER come from removing functionality EVER!!!!
Not that it matters, I've learned, but I hate the design. Too much wasted space, tools "hidden," ... Change for change's sake is really getting out of line on many sites. I tire of sites telling me that these improvements are making things better for me, when quite often their not!
It's absolutely god awful.  It's annoying from a usability perspective, It takes three clicks to filter something that used to take one.  It doesn't float so I'm having to scroll back up past results to modify the parameters.  It has the feel of something a bunch of designers sitting in a room came up with.  It may look effective in your A/B testing of it, however people love their inefficiency.  

This is something that designers routinely miss and don't understand.  When Microsoft took away the start menu in Windows 8 based on research into its use, they destroyed a popular inefficiency.  It may be rarely used, but it is used.  It's also familiar.  It's been there (and useful) for over a decade.  You're also going to see the flop of 8 on the desktop (if you read between the lines) in MSFT's next quarterly results.  When Gnome migrated to 3.x, Linux users ran screaming away from the interface.  Again, it may be more efficient in testing, but people love their inefficiencies.  As soon as Ubuntu made Unity their default, everyone including Torvalds screamed bloody murder.  Mint's popularity skyrocketed costing Ubuntu users.  This isn't to say that things can't be changed, or modifications to inefficient use of an existing process or element can't be made.

But, when I saw that my handy search tools had migrated from their dedicated spot on the left side of the screen (that has plenty of space for that kind of thing) to the already cluttered top bar of the page and were buried... I had a very ANGRY response to that.  So it would be awesome if I could opt out of this change.  Honestly I switched to using Bing for a while after that change was farmed out in a/b testing.  In a word, it's dumb and there was little to no real reason to change it.  Except: "well this is the new efficient way as proved by testing"  
If you weren't ironic, you can add the image size after typing in the name of your search (ex: "Audi A4 1024x768").
For a few days after the change, I could get around the departure of the "Find images larger than..." option from the search tools by using the "Advanced search" page instead — but now everything to do with image size except "aspect ratio" has disappeared from that page too!  Isn't the whole point of Google search to make finding things easier?  Why then is Google playing hide-and-seek with basic functions within its own pages?
I want it changed back! less clicks are better than more!
Sean K
This is why my old Android phone is in a drawer and there is an i{hone on my belt. Google turns tools into toys. Autocratic design changes withouy even asking the customer what they think or giving them a choice is bad business all around.  Bottom line: When do we get our old search results layout back?
Not only does it now take an extra click to search for videos; the options to search for videos on specific sites other than YouTube are completely gone. And the first X pages of results are pretty much exclusively YouTube. This is a slap in the face of all people in Germany for whom YouTube is next to useless because every second video is blocked, and the rest is prefixed with commercials, some of them unskippable and up to thirty seconds long. (Why do you think I am searching for videos on Google in the first place, rather than just going to YouTube and searching there?)

Others have already highlighted similar issues with image search.

And what on Earth is with that unused white space? It's as wide as my index finger is long. What am I supposed to do with it, pray tell?

Everyone I know hates the new layout with a passion. Everyone who still has the old layout and to whom I show the new one immediately goes "thankfully I still have the old layout".

Disheartening, unusable, and plain dumb on so many levels.

Wouldn't have happened on Ms Mayer's watch.
I want the left vertical sidebar back! I don´t like to be clicking more times. In addition, I use very frequently the "news" option,  so I want to customize the search options that I used the most. Thanks.
What happened to the ability to tab directly to search results. I used that feature constantly. 

Please introduce some keyboard shortcuts, like what we have in practically every other Google application.
I keep looking for the "go back" or "poweruser" option.  More clicks, more waits for dropdowns, fewer options - not a good change at all from my perspective.
I dislike the change - especially the removal of the advanced image search tools on the left panel.  The changes slows my productivity!  Please add the option to have it back the old way.  Thank you!
The movement of search options from the left side to the top (below the search box) is annoying to me - I prefer it on the left hand side, where it was separate from the top black bar. Now when I want to search news.. I end up clicking on the uppermost black bar 50% of the time by accident and it just goes to the news category without searching the term I have in the box
I have never seen an update is moving backwards. CHANGE IT BACK! NOW!
One word: Dreadful!
Remember, if it's right don't fix it.
Give users the option to revert to the old interface.
What happened to being able to search for specific image sizes? That was a feature that I used all of the time. How is giving users LESS options ever good when you're talking about fine tuning search results and data. This is a big step backward.
you know what i find interesting? That google says they welcome feedback... and i suppose tht's true. HOWEVER they pay no attention to it. Every single place where feedback for this new design change is allowed there is an overwhelming cry for google to just go back to the old design. Yet has that happened? I've been reading through the product support groups, same thing, those few where there is someone monitoring/responding to users are  completely ignoring that the users are saying "We hate it, change it back" and are instead asking questions about how they could imporve this interface. And you know what i see no possible way this interface could be a better option.  

I tried to defend it at first, but I can't anymore, the experience of this layout is cumbersome and unsatisfying...  I actually found bing more useful, and i've always hated bing, and never found it a suitable option.

If you hear nothing else google hear this:
When i move from my mobile device to my PC, why do you think i do that? Do you think i am seeking the same experience from my pc as i do from my mobile device? HELL NO! If i'm not getting better performance and usability from my PC, i might well stay on my mobile device. 

Or have i just stumbled on to the Modus Operandi? Are you intentionally crippling the pc experience to sell more Nexus Tablets?
Ha, like Windows, they can't leave well enough alone. Nobody seems to have heard the saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" I think I will buy a large external hard drive and just use public computers. Why bother owning one and trying to have a personalised experience? They are turning off the personalised picture and then they change the search. Nuts is what they are, plain nuts. A person wants to feel "at home" with their own computer, and if someone else just comes in and redecorates, well, bah-humbug...  they are forcing us all into tents. I want a palace,
Give me back my sidebar!!!! I've been reluctant to switch to Bing, but it's looking better every day!
Without allowing the user to easily make detailed search choices (e.g., exact image size search in the new Google image search layout), you lose your core strength: simplicity in design for all, but control for advanced users.
TL:DR because all the good arguments are taken:
wat r u doin?

So much for that not being evil thing guys, GG :(...

New Rules

#1: If you would LIKE to make a significant UI change,
do not force the change; offer it as a choice.

#2 If you feel you MUST make a significant UI change,
offer "settings" that allows reversion to the previous UI.

#3 Remember that the UI is not just a mouse (or finger)
and a screen. Provide keyboard equivalents for ALL commands.

#4 When you infuriate your users with a big mistake,
accept responsibility and fix it. NOW, not later.

#5 Clicks are bad. Minimize them.
Isn't this the very first UI rule?

This is the worst move I've ever seen Google make.
Best of luck fixing it, and your reputation!
I agree +BC Crandall I would like have a view as SEO at glance above the fold and not to scroll down to see all these organic results after a bunch of Ads that are relevant but not useful for me !
I agree with everyone that dislikes this change.  Every available vertical pixel is precious.  Why waste them? 

With the gradual shift from 4:3 to 16:9 aspect ratios, even if you have a huge desktop monitor that can do two full pages side by side, this vertical land grab causes reduced productivity and increased irritation.  Visualize constantly scrolling down and up and down. 

Google please consider a little “Screen Ergonomics” for us poor LCD workers.  Why don't you allow ALL of your bars to be optional or auto-hide, at least the ones that waste valuable vertical real-estate?  

Is this a situation where it is ethically challenging to DO THE RIGHT THING ?   Google are you greedy for $creen $pace ?
Do you think there's a defense for what they did?  Most companies are doing a better job of helping people be more efficient and use less clicks to accomplish a task.  Google hires some idiot who does the opposite.
no good. Simple gestures take ages to achieve usual tasks.
Annoying that filtering a search takes more clicks. And, sadly, more vertical space occupied by bars...
Thanks for the extra size search but I still feel it takes to many clicks. Can we maybe have the option to pick what items we see under the image search? 
First of all it does not look nice.
Second, I guess the empty white space will also be filled with ads. (isn't that the reason why you did this in the first place?!)
But most important: this is not workable. I use more than just one option, "within 24 hours" or when that doesn't work I change it to "within last week", or "last month" in my own language, in my own country, etcetera. Now i have to scroll back up and instead of just one mouseclick on an additional option, i have to roll out the options first.
Please give us the url that we can use so we will see the old layout.
So:  not workable and a nightmare for image searching! I still use the old image searching, where there is lots of white space between the images and where you can see the sizes of the images and what kind of files they are.
Also, a few years ago when you searched something on google and reached the end of the page, there was a second bar in which you could change your search. Now you always have to scroll back up to change it. Not a good thing. My opninion is that you do not care about your users, and are solely interested in making MORE money.
You removed the "+" option and now we have to use these  stupid " ".
If you search five words, then instead of 4 + signs you have to type 10 of these:  "  and press spacebar 4 times.
changes+google+why+sidebar+inefficient is now:

"changes" "google" "why" "sidebar" inefficient"

One more thing about the latest change: I can not see the number of results!
What a disaster. 1) It wastes vertical space; 2) The "cleaner design" translates as fewer options on the screen, which means you have to do more clicking through menus to find the ones you want; and 3) It's not customisable.
Furthermore, sometimes in Firefox the "Search tools" in image search doesn't work at all: the options appear and instantly disappear, in this way is impossible to use them
I don't understand why you have to change something that works perfectly fine while leaving many other most-requested features unattended. 
Disimprovement. This change decreases the usability on desktop-pcs for specifying the search results. One step back please. Verschlimmbesserung.
Ghastly and irritating.  Needs several mouse clicks/taps etc to get the options back.  Or at least make a permanently "maximised" option.

Edit: Stop 'fixing' things that aren't broken.
You know i feel technologically raped.... no one asked what i thought, no one gave me an option, just pushed me over the pinball machine and had Kurt hold me down while all the everyone in the google design team had their way with me in the back room...  (for those who don't get it, whatch the movie The Accused)  i kept running trying to get up calling out to various google sites for help... (first the german site, then consecutively other sites) and at first it looked like i would be saved, but they just took their turn, and left me feeling even more violated!
RUBBISH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please Revert to the old set up
Some commonly used options are now several mouse clicks away. I'm based in the UK and often wish to focus on "Pages from the UK" - this is a) no longer obvious and b) a few clicks away. We all resist change, it's natural, but it does seem as though you've missed a few tricks here.
I ahsse the new version!

I'll look around for alternative
This is a step backwards, more button presses to do the same thing. Please include an option to revert to a desktop friendly version.
I want the "old" interface back !!
Can we vote to decide???
From a simple sidebar click to a click orgy with the new top bar.
Google became really complicated with the new interface.

-1 for the new interface, please give us an option for the old one.
I strongly believe that the google staff do not use google search, otherwise they would not do this change.

When you give us the old versioin? Is it still not enough dissenting voices?
Wrong move Google.
Was really fine until now,but like always,Google broke things.
Was usefull when searching let's say only for result from your country.
is there any way to recover the old UI by using JS or CSS or Cookies?
New search is terrible !  So hard to access everything now !  Please return to some form of old layout !
This truly screwed up my workflow, searching for videos and images have been made so difficult now. Not even to mention when you want to be more specific then i have to click even more times, and making my eyes move away from the "main focus" to deal with a drop down menu...

Before i could always just click quickly to the right when i wanted large, small images etc without concentrating to much about it.

I must admit this does not work for me, i have to try other sources to search now as i can work with this. Customers above money Mr G. remember that ;)
Very bad that removed the settings panel for image search.
Can't see competing pages for results within Aust, as the options bar obscures it
This is really disrupting my day. Having the options moved from the left slow me down and there's no option to make them stay open. A bad move! Please can we have an advanced option to put it back how it was?
Please have the option to revert back to the old "Search Tools". This is just bad UI for those that frequently use the filters on a daily basis.
+Jeff Pan You have to move around less often than in the old UI when trying various combinations of option settings (mainly scrolling and the distances your mouse has to travel)

I'm all for an option to move it back, like you can disable endless scrolling in Google Images.

Hey, something's been added. Check out the image size options.+Robert Brucks Are you happy now that they've added "larger than", or do you still also need an exact size. What about +Tomasz Detyna, I guess you still don't have what you asked for, but is the situation at least a bit better for you with this addition?

To make a suggestion myself, I think they better add aspect ratios, with a custom option to enter 2 natural numbers, a numerator and a denominator for H to V.
Put back the search tools in the sidebar, or at least have the option. The changes seem like a waste of time and ressources.
"Don't fix something that's not broken"
Stop messing with us, or we'll abandon you as quickly as we joined you. Other options exist.
OK I have 1980x1080 display so only 30% of page is now fully in actual use. It's good change if you are using computer from 90's, cheap laptop or tablet/phone which already have their own search sites. So make it an option/make it only change if screen size is actually low. It's almost as you don't have proper screens there at google?
There should at least be an option to revert back to the old Search Tools. Especially in this day and age when screen resolutions are getting higher.
Really cool: What used to cost me 1 click now takes 3 clicks to achieve and I have 70% of blank monitor spaces for my post-it notes.
But come on Google - you can do better than that. What about hiding all search options under the Gear - icon: Wouldn't that be cool and make for an even more uncluttered design (and more mouse clicks)?
We really should have a choice, would not be hard to do and Google does always say put the user first.
Jade V
I am very disappointed in you Google.  I have long been a huge Google fan.  I use it many times a day casually for my own personal use, as well as for my work as an Information professional.  I am a “power searcher” (as Google themselves would say), and let me just say I am not happy with this redesign.  It seems completely unnecessary to have redesigned the User InterfaceI don’t like this new  “dumbed down” version of what used to be great. It worked really well before, and now it is only harder to do that same things.  Sure, it is fine for basic, easy searches, but once you try to do something more, the flaws in the new design become apparent. 
I agree with Robert B. in his previous comment who said “I expect this sort of myopic marketing driven foolishness from Apple and Microsoft, not Google. Handicapping your product? That seemed like a good idea?”
This new design took away elements of functionality that the left sidebar made really handy.  Filtering, especially for images, is much more difficult.  And why can’t we filter images by an exact size, or a “larger than” anymore?  Why take away features?  Before, all our options were visible on the left, and now they are all hidden in inconvenient drop down menus.  Everything takes more clicks now. Boooo!
Not good at all. I'm heavy user of time/content filters, now it always takes three clicks instead of one. Another thing is the wasted space on screen - some people still use notebooks or other devices with horizontal screen, believe it or not!
It is just plain annoying for users. Who is the target audience? The users who hardly ever use the internet and won't know how to use the advanced search tools, so you hide it so it doesn't confuse them and then they never learn to use those tools because they are hidden? Or is the target audience your advanced users who now have to click around the place multiple times to find the tools they use every day? Was the new design created just to annoy them? Makes no sense either way.
One thing I will say, it has certainly made me start looking at other options, as I am sure it has for other avid Google search fans. As much as I hate Bing, might start using it to see if it has got any better ...
You asked for feedback, you got it.
Question: what are you going to do about it now?
The biggest problem I have with the new Google is that when I do a search and want to restrict the results to a limited timeframe the number of search results disappears. This did not happen with the old script. Could you please fix this?
bring back Exact Image Size filter.
Okay, more consistent with the tablet and mobile design? WHAT ABOUT PEOPLE WHO STILL USE COMPUTERS. Quit fucking shit up that's not BROKEN. As Arpit Tawat said bring the damn Image Size filter back. It's so annoying. 
Dont like it its so hard to find the option for your country,s search results. Why does google do this its only takeing local trafic away from search. If google can jsut optimize each country,s google site just for its country,s website then there is no reason to the use of the search by country search resluts. I mean you are already in your country google site : EX: now you still have to click search for south african website,s. Old look it wasnt a problem but now you have to battle to find the option to search for site per your country... Please any one please comment if you think im wrong !! 
How told you that this new search is better? It does not work! I always thought google was incredible and now I just hope someone comes out with somethling like what you had before! I am a translator and I konw what I talk about, I search all day in different languages and combinations and the results I get now are not clear at all, it is useless!
now if only the search actually still worked... even looking to spend money all I can find is forums discussing a topic.
Come on google, practice what you preach. Desktop and mobile should behave differently. I don't want to have to dig down 3 levels in a menu when I could do it in a single click before. Whitespace is fine as long as you are not punishing the user interface as a result.

Put the filters back on the left sidebar please. As much as you can lie to yourselves about the motivations behind the redesign, its very apparent that it is nothing to do with usability on the desktop version.
Ag they wont listen to us there is only a handfull of people thats complaning ! They didnt even reply to any of our questions, dont know why they even bother asking for our opinions ?
Wow, what a surprise. People bitching about wanting that horrible sidebar crap again that most google users have been bitching about NOT wanting since they first forced it on everyone with no choice a few years ago.

Sidebar always was nothing but useless and pointless clutter that was completely redundant with options that already exist on the top of the page. If you're too lazy to scroll up, that's YOUR problem. No reason the masses need to be subjected to annoying eye cancer because of it.

I for one am glad they finally responded to the years of complaints and sorta removed the garbage.

The problem now is it's just a second bar at the top!!???!!! In case Google forgot, there is ALREADY a bar at the top with the exact same crap.

What is it with Google the last few years and this asinine insistence on being redundant and repeating the same options multiple times?

Really, why can't google just go back to being a simple clean search engine like it was years ago. No sidebar, no google bar, no learning my search habits and trying to filter my results accordingly. Just have a damned search entry box and show me the damned results for my query.
The new 'clean look' is not clean. Where is advanced search.?
go nads
I use to be able to do search queries for my country only now when i use the location in the search option I always get non local results I have to type my country name before or afterwards but the results is not as good as the left bar use to be so will now try to find an alternative to Google.
You can't please everybody all the time especially when billions of people use the product.  I do however as a Google obsessed user (live, eat, breathe everything Google) using a laptop 18/7 I find the new appearance an improvement but functionality is worse.  It feels like more clicks are necessary to get what I want.  For the first time in my life I find myself pushed to use a hated microsoft product but their Bing Images seems to work better. 

Tablet and mobile device use may be growing but power users are still on laptops and desktops.
Right off I don't like it, Searching for anything and half the google page (split down the middle) shows adds. if they are going to keep it this way they should allow you to pick the size of the adds listed.
I can't get to websites through google images anymore.   This new Google stinks.   If I am researching a certain product I want to see it through images and then click to go to the specific website carrying it.   Now it does NOTHING half the time!
NO GOOD GOGGLE!   Is this how you force people to shop through Goggle?   I am going to look for a different search engine now.
go nads
using mainly yahoo search now because i can search in my own region like i use to be able to on google.
More people need to complain this is only a drop in the bucket !!!
I HATE the new google image search.  Particularly on mobile. If google is going to make drastic changes like this, at least give us a heads up so we can figure out how to use bing (which makes me equally mad since bing sucks).
I totally agree with ALL of the negative comments above. Google has once again killed the KEY functionality in a product & called the change a design upgrade. In the FORMERLY FUNCTIONAL Google Images, global users could browse/hover over the wealth of images & explore the proven FIRST WHO of who > what > when > where of communication. With this change - the only identification info seen in browsing is where the image was last published - which is relevant ONLY if you FIRST know what image you are looking at or looking for.  *WHY does Google pride itself on shaving micro-seconds off SEARCH and burden other products with click after click after click after click to clarify what you're looking for or looking at???!!!* Google is losing credibility as a coherent company & seems fragmented into turf teams that - as in the case of this Google Images change - do  not show any evidence of working in or understanding work roles in the vast world outside the niche of re-designing Google products. New is not = better. Excited is not = exciting. Functional TOOLS are = new & exciting. I hoped & am still hoping for A GOOGLE SUITE OF TOOLS. Google HQ - that means all your product teams have to adhere to the same standards of functionality as Google SEARCH.
Yeah, as much as I love the fact they got rid of the stupid sidebar crap, everything else has gotten worse. Image search is pathetic now and nearly useless.

I'm switching to Bing. Their image search is much better (sorta like how Google's "USED" to be when it was good). Also, according to the Bing challenge, Bing finds more directly related results nearly all my search queries. Not to mention, Bing gives you points that you can trade in for things like store gift cards and junk, just for doing regular searching. Bing is a win-win-win situation.

Bye bye Google. Though I will keep my gmail account. That is the one I use on sites that I know will try to spam me so my real email address doesn't become cluttered.
Teclado a voice mail se puede desbloqear como?
Well +Google  I like the old format better.

Why is the instant preview gone for all listings but the Google local listings? 

Why is the instant preview for the local listings the full length of a page and why is half that space going to mentioning other similar businesses?

Why is there no more instant preview of the actual website? This was a nice feature that saved going to a site that was not worth going to like some crappy site trolling for traffic with no real content.

I am in Canada and noticed that some but all of the recent changes on are on In Canada we do not yet have the personal listing result icon. When will the personal result function be coming to Canada? That seems like it could be an interesting feature.
So I hope i only have to "goto" search tools and select "all"  once!
and not for every search i do.  Is that true?  Can you make it
clear on the menu that my choice if forever until i change it?
You know, it might have been spiffy if Google had let the USERS decide which version they prefer? Seeing something designed for mobile on a PC is like being the 5th person to use the same tea bag.
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