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You asked, we listened—having the ability to save search settings in a way that provides a more consistent search experience was one of the top requests we heard from our users. 

Now you can save your search settings, such as your language preference or having Google Instant on or off, to your Google Account, enabling you to search with your preferences wherever you're logged in, even if you're searching across different browsers or computers.

You can save your search preferences for your Google Account at Read more about search settings in our help center:

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It can be frustrating to save your search settings only to find different settings the next time you search on Google. To get the same search settings on any computer, save your search settings to you...
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I hope date context can be fixed.  It's so annoying looking up the latest information on something only to have results come back from 1995 etc.  There has to be a way for some better AI here?
Can we fix the notifications button, please? It's still getting stuck.
What I want is to be able to say "Always search within 1 year".
Nice one guys. The move towards account based browser is excellent and sync between devices is excellent.

I'd also echo the requests to be able to define a tune range for a search.
Good I suppose, though I do like to have 'safe search' on at work and off at home.
There's always one, I know! Sorry!
Switches are nothing more than indicators of AI yet to come :P
I can't recall ever needing to save search results. I usually find what I'm looking for and move on.
I save searches to go back to for further in-depth searches.
+James Allen is right +Marcus Sant'Anna . What you (and I) are looking for is to share with certain circles, perhaps even all circles but then to minus some. Public would be.. Public! Anyway, not the place for this, more something for a +Google+ post!
First time I have had a problem on here but my photo I have as a cover photo keeps disappearing and one of yours gets put in its place. I have had that photo of 2 bracelets on there for awhile! Please fix!
I loged out and loged back in and now picture is back!
ALL settings should be this way. It's so frustrating using a different computer and having to change all the settings around. Although I usually only change a search setting or 2, I hope that all services will adopt this principle, and also store user data in the cloud (for example, video game saves).
I love this idea, but I tend to agree with +Jonathan Seyghal . There needs to be some way to override some settings on certain computers, safe search being the best example.
Let's say I visit UK, would it still be giving me Danish search results?
It would be good if on Google+ when viewing photo's in full screen you could zoom in on the photo. I find it hard to see sometimes when viewing on the Xoom tablet. - thanks
Interesting to see if the preferences still work when switching to "incognito" mode? will try later.
Giving up on Google.
Set setting to open search results in a new window, save, click on a search result and it opens in the same window. It used to work properly before upgrade.

And of course switching to incognito and settings get reset.

Why bother Google? It's a simple thing to implement. Does your team test these things before release or are we your test bed?
Lets try first. And if I use saved settings search, how can I see search innovations? Is this break Google cloud investments?
So you want to go incognito BUT you want to google know who you are and set your preferences in search accordingly? That would be nonsense.
What I really want is for the icons to STAY WHERE I DRAGGED THEM on my Google Chrome browser's home page. I must have re-dragged them 88 times now. It is extremely aggravating.
next on todo list: hi-res contact pics!
Use the swipe to delete for all of your Google apps
+Julian Maytum Have you had any luck with users finding a solution to this?  I'm in the same boat as you.  About 90% of my searches I always  set the time frame within the past year.  I'm sure there are browser extensions out there....  But that's one more bloated piece of software that may or may not play nice with any programs/extensions already installed.
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