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Brave Kekec is leaping over the Alps in our doodle in Slovenia today. Children’s author Josip Vandot first featured this fearless shepherd boy in his 1918 novel “Kekec na hudi poti” ("Kekec on the Hard Path"). Over the years, the character became a cultural icon in Slovenia. Happy birthday to Josip Vandot!

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Do you guys at Google, Google all this information ? I bet you do, I do at times. Actually for times on the other side of the World !!:-) DFD Australia ★ Dave
Looks like the mountain climber from "Price is Right". 
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+David Algie you are stupido becouse the KEKEC is v one of the best movies I ever watch.
Srečno kekec.
Ljubim slovenijo
Para ter tv o que se tem de fazer com as vossas borecr asias
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