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Attention all Moog doodle fans! This year’s annual Moog Circuit Bending Challenge put on by Moog Music Inc. challenges you to create a circuit bent sampler using the doodle created for Robert Moog’s birthday in May. 

Here's what you need to know: This year's contest challenges you to create a circuit bent sampler. Then film your process and a musical performance with with your final creation. The device you bend does not have to originally be a sampler—it just needs to be able to sample external sounds after the bends and mods have been put in place and it must be able to take samples on the fly with no computer interface needed. The sampler must be solely populated with sounds from the Moog Doodle, which you can find on our doodle site: 

The Grand Prize winner will be chosen by  Joey Hurst (Google Engineer), Ryan Germick (Head Google Doodler) and Andy Hughes (Moog Custom Mod Specialist) and will be chosen in October, on the final day of Moogfest 2012.

Full contest rules:

Happy synthesizing!
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There were huge chunks of that first paragraph that I do not understand.  I suspect you are not speaking to me.
I loved it, it would be cool google would make it come back :)
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