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Next Tuesday, April 3, the quarter-finals for the UEFA Champions League kick off at 2:45pm ET / 6:45pm GMT and with just a quick search on Google, you can track the tournament in real time! Now you can keep your eyes glued to your favorite team and still check in on the status of other games. You can also read a quick recap and see the box score of any game you missed. Search for [UEFA Champions League] for a list of past games and then click "Show more games" to see the schedule for upcoming matches.

Give it a shot (pun intended)!

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We are not in GMT anymore Google. Its BST. 
By the way, for those who won't be close to TV those days, streaming is actually excellent. It'll put you back $4.50/game. Not bad for the world's best football!
Awesome addition. Used it yesterday to keep track of the ac milan-barcelona game.
I hope that this kind of service will be available for the TOUR DE FRANCE
can Google just put the games on Youtube to watch live online?
+Brian Gauspohl It would have to get licensing from FIFA. I'm not sure if they are still selling them and it may conflict with standing agreements with other licensees.
It would be awesome to have people across the world on various hangouts in different languages! Imagine a bunch of fans watching the game together live thousands of miles away! It would be even cooler if they had former players hangout with fans. Like Ronaldinho watching the Barca v Milan match!
Luis Flores - what if in a Google Hangout a person has their computer video live feed facing their big HDTV where the games are broadcast in their home country and other people from across the world in the Google Hangout just watch that instead of looking at that person sitting in front of their computer for the Google Hangout?
+Brian Gauspohl My guess would be that Google would have to shut down the Hangout. Most sporting events have strict retransmission policies. If you live in the US you have likely seen a disclaimer at the beginning or end of sporting event broadcasts stating that the NFL or MLB or NBA have copyright over the broadcast. The same is true for FIFA or in this case UEFA events. You need their permission for any broadcast of even a part of a game during or after the match. If Google is aware of any copyright enfringement they become liable for that content. Also, Hangouts only accomodate about 15 or so people at a time.
Luis Flores - realistically how would Google go about managing millions of live Google Hangout video feeds for any sort of illegal sharing and viewing or pirating of video copyright material. How would they go about policing that all over Google+ in real time in a 2 hour long game? It just seems logistically impossible and with the growth of G+ it will just get more daunting.
+Brian Gauspohl I see your point and if you go on YouTube you will find hundreds or thousands of copyright infringing material, especially sports highlights. From what I understand Google has a sort of "crawling" system that looks for keywords in the services and flags content that could possibly be violating copyright laws, its then reviewed and taken down. They also rely on users to flag content as well (often these concerned users are people hired by law firms specifically to scour the web for copyright infringement)

These days sporting associations even have P2P live streams to try to control. for example now shuts down any live matches it catches being shared through their service.

I think this could be an interesting opportunity for Google through YouTube to ramp up to TV subscription services. I know that if I were to live in the US I would get rid of cable or sat tv if I could just use Hulu and had a competitive sports offering online!
Luis Flores - I agree that Google should try to incorporate and integrate Youtube as much as possible into Google+. I think the instant and convenient content delivery of Youtube is underestimated as a future resource of Google in general and Google+ specifically.
+Brian Gauspohl You think it's underestimated from within Google? I think it's more of a battleground with users. From what I've read YouTube users have been the most worried with the Privacy Policy changes, not wanting to fold into Google+. I think Google would be eager to integrate YouTube with G+ because the potential for Interactive broadcasting is ENORMOUS! Imagine a live show where the end is dictated by people's comments? The technical aspect though must be a daunting task! If you want to keep discussing this feel free to add me to one of your circles. I have a feeling I'm hogging the comments space and we've drifted a bit off topic. Cheers!
Thank you Google!!!! Hala Madrid!
Give us back the old colourful '+1' button, and the blue '+1' display!!!
Can we add support for other leagues like npower Championship please?
Ula K.
Doesn't work for me :( Are there any requirements?
Only for in English
Ula K.
That's not fair! Good thing I am not such a big football fan
+Google My AAC files (encoded as 320 CBR, q127 TVBR, or 320 CVBR) are being transcoded to 320 MP3. Why? Lossy to lossy encoding is something that should never be done.
Please stop transcode my AAC files.
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