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We hatched an elaborate doodle for the 166th birthday of Peter Carl Fabergé, the Russian jeweler best known for making eggs using precious metals, enamel and gems. The most famous Fabergé eggs are those made for the Russian tsars; it was Tsar Alexander III who in 1885 commissioned the House of Fabergé to make an Easter egg for the Tsar's wife, and dozens more Imperial Easter eggs were made over the following years.
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I have a Fabergé pencil... Amazing!! :) and soooooooooo expensive... :DDD
I just saw this sketch, and I love the color. It looks so real!
29 mayısı hatırlamıyo (1453) fermuarı hatırlıyo
why is Life so full of drama?? ant where i go its more and more drama
This is beautiful, love fabergé eggs.
That is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. And that is awsome
this is really nice
Nice sketch, please do it again next year!
those spleens of the rich by then ;-) Relating to the Tsars, the money would have better been invested in attending expensive courses on good government, makro economics and liquid democracy ;-)
what??? you think its nice right?? Thats what your saying?
well, nice indeed, but not the best economic/political choice, esp. for the last Tsar, ending in "red" gunshots with his family...
ohhhhhh gooogel lol i gust noticed that
ohhh as in you like it or you dont like it?? Im just wondering
Lol nice Porfiel picture
Ashish das what do you mean by So??
I Think thats what they are what do you think they are?
A million ways to say Google. One of the Faa ones.
I love the eggs. As a child I wanted one so much. I go see them at the Forbes Museum when I can, and have a mini enamel egg I wear around my neck.
Mikey S
Wow this is really cool with the eggs
Amazing !!! -- must be nice to be that talented.
ya it must be nice. I know that i could never do that!!!!
Mikey S
I could never do this!!!!!!!!!
lol ya i mean its cool but it is strange
your pretty and i mean that as a friend
BEAUTIFUL! ♥ That's a drawing! Crazy!!!!! :)
google always has theese weird things :)
I did too. Is itn't beautiful?
ya it is. wish I could do that :)
I sometimes wish I could cuddle up in one of those eggs.......sigh
I love the Fabergé Eggs, viewed them while on exhibit in the New Orleans museum a few years back. They are exquisite.
they are?? Ididnt know that
the g isnt like there...well it is but u cant really c it tht well
You jumped the shark on doodles a long time ago.
I agree plus I already saw this.
No offense Google, but these look kinda weird. If anyone agrees, please +1 on this post!
If i had one of those eggs - i would probably keep my weed in'air
hey joe - you look kinda weird. +1 that b i t c h ;)
Personally I find it offensive that google creates fancy doodles for people who died a long time ago...people most of us never knew & on Memorial Day all they put on their homepage was a very small yellow ribbon! Most people HAVE either lost someone or know someone who gave their life for this country's freedom! PATHETIC :(
Personally I find self righteousness pathetic and offensive. They are a company who gives a fuck what they think about Memorial Day or anything else Cindi.
what is that suppose to spell?!?!?!?!?


Great! I like this doodle! Thank ! By the way, real in world?
ya its nice looking wish could do that
i have an egg like that!

SO grand and beautiful!!!
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