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Do you have your own WiFi network at home? Make sure you use a password to secure your router. If your router comes with a default password, change it. And make your router password different from your network password. If bad guys access your router they could change your settings, snoop on your online activity and even lock you out. #staysafe
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Thank you so much for your kind recommend
Lucky that I just use Internet via mobile phone ^__^
Filip Weiss
And put openwrt or ddwrt on it. 
Thank you very much... Your tips will go a long way...
Bell FibreOp guys come and set up the router with a new secure password. Plus super high speed #sweet
And remember: never take sweets from a stranger!

Google, please... 
How can we protect our wireless data to make sure you don't steal it again? wink wink nudge nudge 
that post is hilarious because of Google 'WiSpy' case 
Zhou Jie
Username : admin
Password : admin
When I see an unsecured wlan I sometimes go in and change the password to something secure... As a lesson for the owner. 
I may have once changed an SSID to "FreeWiFiForDummies".
D Stone
Yeah, but each time I turn off or restart the reuter, the password will just turn to be the original one
I really kind of like these little Google tips. They are like some alternate kind of fortune cookie which tells you not what will happen but what you can do to influence what happens.
With friends like you who really needs an enemy ; staying classy +Google .
+Jurgen Bastiaansen google search Google Knows your Wi-Fi password... it'll come up from more that once source... i just pulled the top one.
You all agreed for Google to back-up your passwords for your convenience when Google ASKED you and you said: yes, please. As far as irony goes: +Simon Cousins +Yuriy Bilousov , one of the rulings in the wispy case was that Google would set up projects to inform people about how to better secure their networks and internet related affairs. Hence these posts.
Of course they do, I asked them to back it up. And now what? When they are near my living room they can use my internet connection for free? Be my guest. (very old news anyway, BTW, I think the whole stir up about this settled weeks ago already)
He will be the dumbest man who don't set a complicated password to their Wi-Fi 
Then there is Time Warner which periodically remotely resets their provided modem/gateways to a known state - including passwords. Sigh...
Google think we are retarded! I think it's a disguised test to search for Smart-ass for a job at +Google then leave the retarded behind! 
And you can link routers to boost signal strength in large homes or offices.
Also, make sure if you have friends that come over and use your Wi-Fi are good people. Last night my roommates girlfriend came over and downloaded a bunch of videos without letting anyone know and slowed down the whole network. So in turn...I changed the whole network name and passwords so only I have access now.
Yes, the name of my router is AndroidEatsApple
Or go the other way completely. As +Kevin Marks and others have suggested, embrace the open Internet and use the guest network option on your router (if it has such an option) to set up an open Wi-Fi access point with the SSID -- which also serves as a description of the rationale for the open Wi-Fi movement and a terms of service for using your open access point.
ZZZZT. Openwireless good. Taking action to offer free Wi-Fi Internet on your home router is bad. Read your service agreement with your Internet provider. In all commercial Internet service providers I know of, permitting others to place traffic on your Internet access line is prohibited.
What's the point? The NSA is still saving up my data.
No no no... if you use a strong password you've no plausible deniability over whether it was you who downloaded that Hollywood blockbuster for free and after watching it wished that you hadn't since someone really should have paid you as it was so bad.
+Gene Gaines It is not as simple as you suggest. While many (most, even) ISPs offer home ToS that are hostile to the open wireless movement, lists ISPs that are known to support open wireless.

My point in posting my original comment was to advise that while preventing random people from accessing your admin settings is obviously good advice, there are alternatives to locking people out of your network altogether. That is to say, broadening the conversation.

A simple ZZZZT may feel like a satisfying public performance response to someone you don't know, but it doesn't help advance the dialogue.
I thought Google stored my Router details for me .. now they say I need to secureit myself?
Best password I have seen was...... "what is your password?" "enter" what did you say? "enter, just hit enter" 
If you use the internet, who do you think you're hiding from? Nothing is secure. Quit fooling yourselves.
Yep even if you use TOR and Encryption - NSA is working diligently to crack both! In fact if you are a user of TOR - NSA probably has your file with an Asterix next it ! LOL
There was a cool joke going round here a couple of weeks ago suggesting you change the name of your WiFi network to "FBI surveillance van". That should shake up the neighbours. :-)
+RICHARD NEEDHAM it's not just about the Internet. If I connect to your wifi i could try to hack all your local devices, not just sniff on your Internet traffic. Maybe flash a buggy firmware to your smart tv or bad things like that. 
Secure your router - Street View cars are out! ;)
+Stuart Kerrison or you could change it to  "The Matrix" and whenever someone connects to the internet from your WiFi network, it will show up like this "Connecting to The Matrix..." 
Got any tips how to keep the NSA out of my router?
So, We have a new Terms of Service update that says for example "...clarifying how your Profile name and photo might appear in Google products...", "...You can control whether your image and name appear in ads..." what are You social sites thinking on these days? are You thinking at all any more? can You just stop all the mess on users privacy?
Is not too much about that, it is about a little more respect.
Let me know when +Google bakes in support for WPA2-Enterprise into Chromecast... Security advice from companies that don't fully support the high end security standards.. Priceless...
That's common sense •_•
Make sure that a large internet corp doesn't make use of it...
to the guy that suggested a MAC filter: they dont do jack shit, you can spoof MAC addresses easily,
Time Warner Cable Routers use your phone number as the password. 
Me Be
Good information +Google There are other tricks to use so people would not hack your router.
Couple years ago my Password was: 12chachacha
Sean S
Someone I know is able to run a program to find out people's wifi password and then view their activity.  So passwords are useless if someone really wanted to get access to your router.
Have some fun with your WiFi...

Give your router a default name such as "Netgear" or "Linksys"
Open security
Assign your machines an IP
All other IPs are forwarded to
What about share the connection, make it free access wifi, while you encrypt all you traffic on the net, I don't know any case where someone who try to hack a wifi already open. :) 
SSID: NoPassword
PASSWORD: 4r3y0UfR34k1nGk1dd1ngM30fC0urS31h4V34p4sSw0Rd4nD1ts4r34LlyFr34k1nGl0ng0N3t00 (translation: are you freaking kidding me of course I have a password and it's a really freaking long one too).

Not my actual setup but somewhat similar. 
I'm naming my wifi's routers in scary names: "virus.exe" or "trojan.exe" to push away people.
This is standard security for anyone with a Wifi Router.
These facts can't be over-emphasised enough.
why would you use wifi in your home, when its better, faster and cheaper to just hardwire 
+Paul Stavley, not sure I can hard wire my apple and andriod devices but maybe you can
Force of habit because I bought a Netgear a few years ago, friend of mind liked it and bought one. I noticed we had the same default code. Didn't think all of them had the same code just the two. Maybe they did.
Thanks Google, always coming out with new ways to help us!
thanks a lot google for alerting I'm doing the same mistake now i'll change password
+caroline russelle no i don't live alone i have the spiders in the bathroom and my imaginary friend. +Simon Duane if ur using apple and android mobile devices  why read this post?  its already too late for you !!!!!!!!!!!      
I wouldn't be shocked to hear the hundreds of thousands of home and even business networks that have weak Wi-Fi.

In NY Verizon typically outfits small businesses and homes with their routers using WEP as the security. And both business and home users don't even know it.
+Robert Main - Absolutely right. Don't waste time with MAC filtering - it barely poses a speed bump to anyone who can break WPA2, but it causes confusion, annoyance and unnecessary work when the owner wants to add new devices to the wi-fi LAN but forgets he's enabled MAC filtering. It's just a pain in the ass to the owner, and no problem at all to the attacker.

And while I'm on the subject, there's no magic to long "passwords" for WPA2, either. Unless you enter a 64-character long hex value, it uses an algorithm called PBKDF2 to recursively hash the entered string thousands of times over to come up with a 256-bit AES key. Common words result in easily-guessable keys, but quite short non-dictionary random strings contain sufficient entropy to defeat moderately determined attackers.

The moral of the story is that these security old wives' tales just make life harder for the network owner while hardly making it any harder for the attacker at all.
+Les Bell yes, and if you go one step meta, it's just another example of the folly of "enumerating badness"
One more reason to secure your makes it more difficult for google to hack it when the google maps car drives by your home. 
I always reccomed having the wireless key and admin password to your router be the maximum number of random charecters, saved into text files, inside of a true-crypt File-volume. I of course recommend to do this on Linux. You could easily encrypt a GPG folder, locked password database. You would only really need 30-50 megabytes really.
You may also enable the MAC address filtering in your router for another layer of security. You may also want to stop the router broadcasting its SSID. At the end of the day however, someone really committed can hack it anyway :)
+arela leidy See your router's manual for this, you can access your router's admin page by opening a web browser and going to either or or something similar. It's here that it asks for a user name and password to change various settings. Most of the default ones are admin, admin for both the user name and password. Your router manual will have specific details.
+Shah Faisal - Here we go again, with the old wives' tales. MAC address filtering is completely ineffective as it is trivial to bypass. The same applies to disabling SSID broadcasts. Just Google on "MAC filtering ineffective" and you'll turn up articles dating back to 2005 or earlier explaining this. It's just an annoying waste of time for the network owner.

Just choose a good, random string to use as a WPA2 key, and just stick with that.

(In fact, I'll save you the effort of googling. Here: )
+Les Bell Thanks :) As I said in my post, most of these steps are for casual hackers, anyone committed enough can break through, after a bit of work.
+Shah Faisal - A hacker would have to be as casual as a box of rocks not to know how ineffective MAC filtering is. By contrast, he'd have to be very committed and very well outfitted indeed to "break through" WPA2-PSK with AES.
Thanks I will check it now. I didn't knw that. So thanks
Good point. I have a 30 character password of gobbly gook 
Thanks,,, good info
I did accessing my neighbor router and did lots of stuff in 4 years back. Google please give me some new trick 
Don't open attachments in email from people you don't know 
Good basic tips, on top to be on a safer-secured side use VPN connection, tunneling and encrypting every bit/byte of traffic - desktops, laptops and mobiles; OpenVPN protocol being the choice, next best being L2TP/IPSec.
Google snoops on unsecured wifi and then warns world of danger.
Syria gasses own people and then claims chemical weapons bad. 
Wanna real gag - rename your SSID to "FBI Surveillance Van Number 7"
after setting up your router, do not forget to connect to it with android device so google can have your wifi credentials properly assigned to the user.
Y'all are so smart! How am I supposed to make heads or tails outta that? My house doesn't even have wi-fi nor any internet cables. Forget Pimp my ride.. How bout someone pimp their geek and tech gurus and send them my way for a tech hook up!!! Seriously. I only have a "Dark Side" mobile device, that is the extent of my technology at present time. 
I have been sensitive to all E M I emissions and profoundly affected by
them. I have experienced that my palm of hand burns and fingers get affected and goes numb when using a normal mouse. Whilst on my computer my hand will get burnt on my small finger middle finger first finger and thumb also the bass of the palm of my hand, this has been the case over the 20 years, I've worked with numerous computers, and get affected by all of them. in fact it happens  on my laptop.  If I move the cursor with my fingertip the static burns. it and overtime  it makes my fingertips slightly hardened and slightly less
sensitive according to the amount of time I am on the computer,
A computer I bought had a radio mouse and keyboard 
Again after finding problems with the EMI to my hands even my body absorbed them, I changed to wired mouse and key board it did lower emissions only duo to no wireless coverage, But the EMI was certainly still coming off from what was plugged in, In the instructions was a part that spoke about if you feel aching shoulder, cant think straight burning hand tingling sensation in hands do not use the device, 
One day back seven years ago I incorporated Wi-Fi systems
Into my office this was to link two or three computers for the children, it
was not long before I found out the effects of the wi-fi around the house these devices, I sat down in my office on the computer working on the my website, within ten minutes I received headaches aching shoulders, I left the office, make a cup of coffee, then when I felt a little better and my head  felt clearer headed and re-entered back into the
Office, to find out within ten to fifteen minutes my mind was again been
Affected by these extra emissions which E M I,  After realising, I was being seriously effected by these devises, within the week I had dismantled all Wi-Fi units from the office and the children’s computers
Replacing it with hardware systems, I realized right away that the devices
We were being affected by have greater consequences than one can imagine and mobile companies will play down the idea of any problem of health issues, mobile phones wireless networks,
Our children at home weather or not you realise are now being cooked slowly most youngsters have mobile phones let’s look at the situation, we all
Know that a mobile phone whilst in your hand  you become the
Aerial this effect on the body is well known, 
Because of the money losses that will be involved for companies if the public was aware of it, ,
+Yuriy Bilousov +Adam Connell  Not really so hilarious.  That case is all about accidental data capture.  Google didn't go out searching for secure wifi networks to crack.. .they drove around in a wifi enabled vehicle, and intercepted data from people too lazy to fill in the "password" blank on their router config.  What is hilarious, is that Google actually has to prod people to do what they should have done in the first place.

I ran and ISP for 17 years, and still work for one.  I deal with people every day that can't believe they could possibly use that much bandwidth.  1 in 10 of them have a secured router.
accidental may be part of actions by unprofessional companies, definitely not google
No ' ajj I have is my droid radr HD by Motorola.
If that happens then just turn off your router, now what bad guys?

My aim is firstly to bring awareness to the EMI problems that affect all of mankind of all age groups, all ethnic groups, Male or female, even pregnant mums to be.
Where ever there is mobile coverage. Everyone will be, and are being effective,
There are a large number of people that do not realise what is going on and probably are unaware and not heard about
We have Yi-Fi in our home, in our schools, in shops most cafes EMI Emissions. We carry the phones very close to our persons, Shirt pockets, trouser pockets, tucked in a women’s bra,
There is a lot of information on the web relating to these things I will highlight clips and web sites that you can visit to find out for your selves.

 Problem identified places
Mobile phone Eye phones Electrical Note books, all produce Emi emissions, and we act as an Ariel for these devices   
 We have Yi-Fi in our home, in our schools, in shops most cafes, in fact you would be hard pressed to find a zone that you will be safe at.
What can we do for ourselves to help?

(1) Disconnect all Wi-Fi devices, replacing it with A Hard wired system.
       This dramatically reduces its effects; on hubs at home you can access Your Hubs to disconnect the devise.
(2) Mobile phones I pads Mobile devises. Use any devise off of your selves, keep them away off your body, use on speaker phone, do not place to your ear for more than 15 seconds. I place my mobile if I need to take a call on the arm of a chair and speak from a distance, 
A handheld cell phone operates on about 0.75 to 1 watt  ...
a wireless router can range from a typical 15 dBm (30 mW) strength to 27 dBm (500 mW) on the high end
Lee Duffield
i need to monitor and show all data transfered through my router from  all mobiles or pc connected to my router ....

how can i do ? any software dose this ?? 
i have wifi to my cable box don't know who to hook to my cel phone
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